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some of you been wondering about the changes that been happening to some characters and been asking me if It’s my art skills that are improving?

No, not at all, I’m not improving, I’ve been purposely slightly changing stuff here and there, 

only these three have changed over time though!

(the reason of Mug’s change is because of his official design from the game, that was a little detail I used to overlook)


seein how popular m lil ace kitty got, i made a few more so other identities could have a kitty! if theres a specific kitty you want, just ask n ill be happy to make you a kitty!!

edit 1: added genderfluid kitty for anon + polysexual kitty for @notimportantn1 !!

edit 2: i cant add any more images to this post, but i was asked to make an aro kitty which can be found here ! if i make any more kitties in th future i will make a new post to put them in, along with th aro one, n i will add that link to this post !

edit 3: pride kitty masterpost 2 here !!

Some things never change

Pre timeskip

Nami is working with grace

Go Zoro! Protect Usopp’s pants!

Robin, our queen, is gently playing with pink crocodile

Usopp is laughting his ass off at their captain’s antics

Poor Chopper… what happened to you? Luffy, isn’t it?

Luffy is working hard at destroying all hard work of his friends

Sanji is done with Luffy

Post timeskip

Brook is asking Robin to show him some panties from laundry basket

Robin gently but firmly refuses

Franky has time of his life with water launchers

Usopp cooperates with monkey to fill the launchers… and apparently to clean them

Nami is trying to control typical strawhats chaos (good luck girl!)

Yeah Zoro, laugh at Sanji’s misery as long as you can, but you should know that you are 1 sec from getting you face smacked with Luffy’s cardigan

Smol brother Chopper is busy with picking bad habits from his bigger smol brother

Luffy like alway is enjoying himself and bringing element of disorder

Sanji is done with Luffy

+ how cute is it that crew have buckets with their jolly roger and name?!


“Maybe… year…..?” 

*VIPs Shooketh*

“👀👀 wha- wha- what?
Well… if I can…If I could, I will…But I can’t promise anything…I mean.. future…
Someday & somewhere definitely we’ll meet again. 
Please don’t forget me again 🙏” 

*Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin sitting down at lunch*

Gryffindor: My Ravenclaw is so freakishly intelligent! She has four masters and a PhD! She’s also a humanitarian, it’s so cute!

Hufflepuff: My Ravenclaw is such a romantic! He knows a soliloquy for that and knows what to say when I’m feeling blue! Swoon!

Slytherin: My Ravenclaw must be broken…

Gryffindor: Why do you say that?

Slytherin: He’s weird as fuck! All he talks about is serial killer movies and experimental medical treatments. Then, starts verbally sparring about food…

Hufflepuff: Food is good!

Slytherin: Not when it involves arsenic…

Gryffindor: So, when are you two taking over the world?

Slytherin: … After the honeymoon…