talk that talk deluxe

what your mario kart main says about you
  • mario: you are lazy as hell but somehow you get shit done
  • luigi: youre a nice person
  • peach: you either have a crush on peach or you play completely or both
  • daisy: you dont fuck around
  • rosalina: scum
  • metal/gold mario: you dont understand what friendship is
  • yoshi: you complain when someone else picks yoshi
  • toad: youre a casual
  • koopa troopa: you have accepted your fate
  • shy guy: you play to have a good time but end up raging too hard
  • lakitu: youre a bastard
  • toadette: youre a casual that pretends youre not a casual
  • bowser jr: you have a deep love for nintendo games
  • any of the babies: you really like that dumb stroller
  • pink gold peach: youve stopped caring about what others think of you
  • bowser: you play for fun
  • donkey kong: you play for bloodlust
  • wario: you know your true potential
  • waluigi: youre a lesbian
  • iggy: too much salt
  • roy: youre afraid to be judged
  • lemmy: you want to be bowser jr but you dont have him unlocked
  • larry: youre not afraid of anything
  • wendy: you dont really exist
  • ludwig: you appreciate that mozart guy
  • morton: youre afraid of love
  • mii: you are the folly of man
  • tanooki mario: you think the tanooki suit is cute
  • cat peach: isnt it obvious
  • king boo: you love the background characters more than the main characters
  • dry bones: youve played the first mario kart as a kid
  • dry bowser: "he's hot"
  • inkling girl: you like splatoon more than this game which is fair
  • inkling boy: youre insecure
  • link: you think youre unique but youre right you are unique
  • villager: you dont play by the rules mr bad boy
  • female villager: your self esteem is at an all time high
  • isabelle: YOU ARE S C U M

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out - Panic! at the Disco

Tarot cards of tracks 8-13

reasons Marinette would be fucking ripped:

  • fights crime every day?
  • has to carry around Chat’s dead weight (I’m kidding son you do a great job)
  • propels her own body weight across the entirety of Paris
  • literally does a chin up every time she climbs up to her balcony? check that shit, there’s no ladder or anything
  • flour & sugar bags are HEAVY
  • that’s not even talking about the mega deluxe shit you get for bakeries, I’m just talking personal kitchen use
  • have you ever kneaded bread?
  • I’m serious, I just spent the last 10 minutes kneading bread and the knowledge that my muscles are going to hurt like a bitch in the morning is what prompted me to make this post
  • you have to knead baguettes for like 1000000 years before you bake them

In conclusion: miraculous ladybug? more like MUSCULAR ladybug am I right

i held a copy of as you were in my own two hands but it was at a really fucking expensive store, so better luck next time i guess

in better news it looks really, really good irl, so that’s nice. 

one of the more striking covers of the year tbqh.

and not just because liam’s got a nice face, it’s just a really well done photo and cover, so kudos to the photographer and graphic designer.