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Hi I’m thebestthingisphil this is my Follow forever! I just reached 500 followers and im happy for each one of them (unless your a pornblog than I feel eh about you)!! So anyway I made this blog about a year ago only to shitpost really but I started getting followers and people started talking to me, it was a really bad time in my life too, so just having one person to talk to made all the difference. I really do love each and everyone of you even if I didn’t tag you. Also special thanks to Ryan @killerchaos15 for helping me with the header(You should follow them they’re like my best friend). I don’t have time to put it alphabetical because I’m doing all of this on my phone so don’t stress out ^~^ My Favorite blogs: @onlycatsshouldexist @onlycatsshouldexist @ourgossipyghoul @alpacalapsegirl @imjustarticulate @top-koalaty @cringe-attacks @immaghast @kissyphan @lurkinghowell @purplestreak8 @cesari0 (why do I always think your name is cereal?) @soulsivan @lawsofbiology @jorzuela @intensefandoms @stormydaylester @firstgay @amazinglyphanisnotonfire @amazingphanxx @phantastic-times @prplepixie @phan-demigod @timidhowell @grey-blogs @greenteagraceffa @serenehowell @castiel-fuckin-winchester @planethowell @raffit123 @toomanyshipsxx @herpaflurpderp @navintaoe @cyxical @just-a-random-fandom-24 @theghostoftumbrl @letthemusictakeyouaway @irrevocablys @beyondyouandme @i-craft-ladders @i-meant-it-ironically @poisonkilljoy96 @mattismatter @amaliemago @notaflowerr @papercranesinflames @nightskydaniel @nikkiecola @slimyorange @gayllamasonrainbows @gazingatstarlights (my first follower) @cinnamon-roll-phan @myweepingqueen (you helped me through a lot) @pocketcow (both RWBY fans) @iamnotgoingoutside @iam-poedameron @read-between-the-covers @my-lungs-will-phil @twenty-one-broken-people @fetus-twink-howell @starryhowell @your-imaginary-soulmate @bigenderfrank @twogaysinapod @skyyisprobablylying @koshie-kosen @classydanosaur @whiskersandcraftsmakemeokay @whatiftardis @superyoutubetrash @awkwardchemicals @phantrash771 @little-awkward-heart @blurrytown @limited-edition-trash @treetrex-socks @wonderlandcanvas @tbpphan @an-amazing-piece-of-cake (you might not know it but that one time we talked you kept me alive) @universallycycleangel @tob-iio @youarelovedrememberthat @5secondsofcalpal @unicornsbedabomb1927 @pandachibi13 @phansfrivan @youtubelanguage @pencilanime (I think you deleted all your posts but I really liked talking to you) @phan-tastic-youtube-addict @phandom-dreams @phaan @phan–tastique @sleepinglester @sleepybarakat @trashcanniballecter @brerediddy @superultramegagay @imhalfasleeprn @heya789 @cats-books-netflix @goddess-of-neptune @shes-healing @yesyoutubeisruiningmylife @ultra-phantrash @classicalphilip and last but not least @lili-nightshade (I love talking with you)