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As I’m sure many of you know, the mineral garnet comes in many different colors. Because of this, I think Garnet from Steven Universe became a new form of the mineral after the episode Jailbreak.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s Garnet from before Jailbreak:

Primarily red, which could mean that either Ruby was primarily in control, or something else. But you know what this Garet looks like?

You guessed it. Red garnet.

BUT, this is what Garnet, the character, looks like after Jailbreak:

This Garnet looks more purple, and brightly colored, definitely. But.. Not like purple garnet, which looks like this.

To me she looks more like violet garnet, which is slightly brighter. (Below)

In conclusion, this makes me believe that after the episode Jailbreak, Garnet became a different form of the mineral, and in my eyes a better fusion. You wanna know why? Red garnet looks a lot more like ruby, which would make me think that ruby is more in control. But if she’s now violet garnet, and we all know violet is a combo of blue and red, this makes me think that Sapphire and Ruby are completely sharing control and in turn, more close and better fused. In a better relationship.

Okay but so like that one episode of SU

Jasper called Amethyst over done and stuff, and I think I know why.

Quartz is a VERY common type of gem. So common infact, many types of gems people consider individual, are actually types of quartz.

It’s pretty common knowledge that amethyst is just purple quartz. This could be what lead Jasper to calling Amethyst over done.

and we know Amethyst is REALLY self concious and doesn’t like to think about herself or things she may have done.

But of course


Is a type of quartz.

So maybe she’s just trying to cover up something.