talk talk cover album

nothing else matters right now bc fate has given me, a jungkook stan, after being doubted by everyone that I am not loyal, after being deprived of having any of my biases pcs, my first jungkook pc aND I HAVE ACTUALLY DIED AND ASCENDED INTO HEAVEN GOODBYE

imagine the Winchester brothers having youtube channels.

Dean runs a varied sort of channel. There are cooking videos, videos of him talking about new albums or old albums, talks about movies, songs he’s covering, driving videos; there’s a bit of everything on there.

Sam’s is more focused on health and wellbeing. He does work out routines, rates restaurants/food reviews, gives food advice or life advice in general. He’s focused more on a positive and healthy channel.


face painting of famous album covers - Natalie Sharp, also known as musician Lone Taxidermist, turns some of her favorite album covers into face paintings!

“I stupidly thought I could knock these out in a day. Three days later with a bleeding face and being accused of racism after posting my progress on Facebook, I had to stop. These are not my top eight albums, I don’t believe in that crap, but they are eight very inspiring and spectacular albums that I keep returning to. Each face took between 3 - 6 hours to paint. I cried after finishing grizzly bear, I thought it had broken me. I don’t use any stencils its all freehand.

I forgot to do literally everything I said I would do at the signing, but I still got this cute picture with Ryan & Jeremy