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oh, shit, people actually asked me to follow up on Preaching The Good Word of A Functional Alignment System, okay

i hope you people know what you’re unleashing here

(whole thing prompted by this right here, notably including the tag #unpopular opinion: the definition of lawful and chaotic has been thoroughly twisted over the years since od&d)

So some of you (the ones who didn’t request this) might be wondering: “Alterz, why would you want to go back to the old alignment method? If people generally agree on the new alignment definitions then why confuse things by trying to change them? Is this just some old system nostalgia?”

Well 1) I’m too young by far for old system nostalgia but more importantly 2) people don’t? agree????? on the alignments???????

And that’s a problem, because the whole point of the alignments is to give some rough guidelines on how any given character is likely to act. It should be inarguable. The very fact that people can have arguments over what an alignment is means that the system has failed.

If you look in the alignment section on the more recent D&D editions, they literally have to go into detail on each alignment to explain what each one means. Worse still, for a system theoretically set up as a gradient, the different alignments are basically buckets and it gets really confusing if a character doesn’t neatly fit into one of those buckets.

Some examples from characters I have actually played: a mercenary who I labeled as neutral because I could make equally compelling arguments for why he should be lawful neutral, chaotic neutral, neutral good, and neutral evil. A hermit who at any given time was chaotic neutral or neutral good, but could never reliably be described as chaotic good.

Under the system I’m about to provide you, the mercenary is inarguably chaotic neutral and the hermit is unambiguously lawful good. End of sentence, all cleared up.

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super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.


SPIDERPHIL!!! i LOVED Spiderman: Homecoming so much that i decided to do a crossover with @amazingphil as Peter/Spiderman (ofc wearing his famous science pun shirts which made a science nerd like me cry lmao) and @danielhowell as Michelle her character is so gr8 btw i love her which suits Dan very well i think!! 


Some things never change

Pre timeskip

Nami is working with grace

Go Zoro! Protect Usopp’s pants!

Robin, our queen, is gently playing with pink crocodile

Usopp is laughting his ass off at their captain’s antics

Poor Chopper… what happened to you? Luffy, isn’t it?

Luffy is working hard at destroying all hard work of his friends

Sanji is done with Luffy

Post timeskip

Brook is asking Robin to show him some panties from laundry basket

Robin gently but firmly refuses

Franky has time of his life with water launchers

Usopp cooperates with monkey to fill the launchers… and apparently to clean them

Nami is trying to control typical strawhats chaos (good luck girl!)

Yeah Zoro, laugh at Sanji’s misery as long as you can, but you should know that you are 1 sec from getting you face smacked with Luffy’s cardigan

Smol brother Chopper is busy with picking bad habits from his bigger smol brother

Luffy like alway is enjoying himself and bringing element of disorder

Sanji is done with Luffy

+ how cute is it that crew have buckets with their jolly roger and name?!

@the people only drawing michael w the philippine flag

draw 👏 the 👏 ecuadorian 👏 flag 👏 too 👏 u 👏 cowards