talk like yoda

Okay but the first thing Yoda does when Luke makes to go to Cloud City is threaten him with “If you go, you’ll single-handedly bring down the rebellion,” and then, when that delays him for like, maybe a day, “you’ll single-handedly make anything that has/will happen to your friends have been in vain.”

As excuses go, they’re flimsy as all get out. And fail to make much of an impression on the poster child for the power of friendship.

But it’s interesting how terrified Yoda (and Obi-Wan maybe) are of losing Luke. Not Luke-the-person, but Luke-the-chance-of defeating-the-Emperor.

(This is the first time I’ve noticed Yoda’s silent gasp when Luke goes “I understand,” and carries on prepping for take-off when Ben says they won’t be able to help him.)

If you’re still thinking about Genosai teacher au….. Saitama lending his sweater to Genos and him having trouble focusing in his classes because he can smell Sensei all around him.

Saitama getting it back, now having it smell like Genos, and not wanting to admit that’s why he’s insanely riled up that night.

Saitama going out to a club with Mumen and Sonic the same weekend that Genos gets a fake ID to let him in… It’s dark and they’re drunk and they start making out with the first person that catches their eye, not realizing it was each other until they got to a better lit corner of the club.

Neither knowing how to face the other that Monday.

Both meeting up long after school is out that Friday.

The awkwardness of trying to figure out excuses for why Saitama missed dinner with King that night, and why Genos didn’t go home until the night after.

The two of them sneaking onto a playground at 2 AM, and just….talking.

The two of them staying on the phone until 4 AM, just…talking….

The guilt they both feel for putting the other at risk, and knowing they won’t stop.

The relief when Genos’ 18th birthday finally hits, and the following shame when they have to explain why they’re so close already.

Waiting through college.

Waiting through first jobs.

Genos cleaning his wedding band as they sit at the dinner table, thinking back on how exhilarating and terrible and odd the start of their relationship was, only to have Saitama blush, and nod, and mutter into his tea, “It was all worth it, though…”

Genos putting the ring back on, smiling to fight the flutters he still gets sometimes, and answering back, “Absolutely, Sensei.”

Han refusing to let go of Luke’s hand in that rotj deleted scene because

‘hold…..on…. luke. this. doesn’t feel right. this isn’t your hand, lUKE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAND’

and luke letting out nervous laughter before he grabs han’s face, plants a kiss on his lips and runs off


Dad!Steve Rogers Would Include


  • Okay so you had pretty much always known you wanted kids with Steve
  • But every time it was brought up it just didn’t feel like the right time so you said you wanted to wait
    • Of course he was completely okay with that bc our baby Steve is pretty much perfect
  • Until finally one night you came home from a mission and found Steve on his laptop, with tabs pulled up for browsing cribs, baby toys, and articles on baby-proofing and the best diets for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • And he just looked at you like a lost little puppy before you pushed his computer aside, climbed into his lap and hugged him
  • That’s when you realized there would never be a good time to start a family
    • Especially since he was the leader of the Avengers and you were a top-ranking SHIELD agent
  • “Steve, I want a baby.”
  • “What made you decide, darlin’?”
  • “There’s never going to be a good time. I finally realized that. So we’ll just see what happens”
  • “Sugar, I can’t believe it! I love you so much”

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  • It takes a while for you actually get pregnant after you decide to start trying
  • But when you finally do, oh boy are you and Steve excited
  • He picks you up and spins you around and kisses you, places his hands on your abdomen and presses a kiss to where your tiny child is growing
  • You’re laying in bed that night, reading or watching something, and he climbs in next to you, placed a small kiss on your tummy and rests his head there, perfectly content
  • There’s a grin on his face for the next few days even in his sleep
  • When all the morning sickness starts, he’s always there to hold your hair back and rub your lower back as you kneel on the bathroom floor, and he makes sure to have saltines and ginger ale at the ready to calm your stomach
  • In fact, through all the crazy symptoms you experienced, Steve was an absolute angel
  • He gave into your every craving, took your mood swings in stride, massaged your back or feet when they were sore, and consoled you when you were feeling a bit insecure about yourself
  • He thought he was going to have a heart attack when you called to say you were in labor
    • He was called into HQ for a meeting while you stayed at home to rest
    • It usually took 15-20 minutes for him to get home but he was there in less than 5 after you called
    • He found you just chilling on the couch, perfectly calm on the outside but internally kind of freaking out, meanwhile his heart was pounding and his chest was heaving and his mind was running a thousand miles per hour
    • But just a small smile from you had him calming down, even though he knew he was supposed to be the one supporting you right now, but that’s the way it always was
  • Once you were settled in at the hospital, the entire team popped by to say hello
    • When they were all heading out again to go back to the tower and wait for the news, Bucky and Nat stayed behind to chat a while longer
    • Bucky was almost ready to cry when he hugged you and thanked you for being so good to Steve and allowing him to be in your child’s life
    • They decided to wait at the hospital so they could see the baby before the entire team came
  • It was honestly almost annoying how supportive and helpful Steve was throughout labor and delivery
  • Part of you really wondered why you wanted a child while you were dealing with the worst contractions and pushing
  • But then the doctor was saying “it’s a girl,” and the nurses were congratulating you both, and someone placed a tiny little girl in your arms and she was screaming but quieted down when you placed a hand on her back and held her close
  • And suddenly there were tears and you looked at Steve
  • He was smiling, tears in his eyes as well
  • He placed his hand over yours on your daughter’s back and leaned down to kiss your head
  • “I’m so, so proud of you, sweetheart. Your strength and beauty astound me. I can’t believe how happy I am right now, and it’s all because of you”
  • “I love you, Steve”
  • And of course the first time you hand her over to Steve he’s just completely in awe of her - her beauty, how small she looks in his arms, the very fact that she is his to take care of and raise and protect

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  • You have three children - Amelia Margaret, Jack James, and David Grant (each 2 or 3 years apart in age)
  • Steve had officially taken time off, coming in only when necessary, and you had gone part time so you could both take time to raise your family and get away from the craziness of missions
  • Steve loved taking care of the little ones and playing with them each day, as did you
  • Those kids know everything about WWII before they even step into a school - the stuff about the Commandos anyway!
  • There’s also a hint of 40s Brooklyn slang in their vocabulary
  • Steve is basically the ultimate soccer dad ok
  • He takes them along when he does workouts at the tower so they can hang with Uncle Bucky
  • You both love to take them to the park for the afternoon, complete with picnic and games
  • All the kids love to do anything interactive - baking, making up a new game, camping, going to the beach - but they also love to read
  • Both you and Steve had family traditions galore from growing up, and you manage to combine them beautifully as well as come up with new ones
    • Honestly you’ve got little celebrations planned all the time
    • Puppy day is in March, and you always take them to the animal shelter to love on some puppies. Amelia was 6, Jack was 4, and David had just turned 1 when they finally convinced you adopt a little golden retriever puppy
    • In late May is talk like Yoda day… best day of the year
    • At the end of July is lasagna day. You make a different kind of lasagna for every meal.
    • And you make a big deal out of half birthdays, as well as random milestones (like when your dog joined the family) and accomplishments
  • Steve is the one who cries at milestones (first day of school, first day of high school, last everything in their last year at home, helping to move them to the next stage of life on their own, etc.)
  • Both you and Steve make sure to have monthly dates with each child individually (sometimes with one parent, sometimes with both)
  • You always encourage them to do their best at everything, even if their best isn’t the best of everyone
  • You’ve always taught them to be self-sufficient, resilient, hard working, courageous, and all-around good individuals
    • Having Captain America as their father helped with that
  • Your family dynamic is like no other family
    • You suppose that comes from having a superhero and secret agent as parents
    • And the Avengers as aunts and uncles
  • All in all, you’re convinced you’ve got the best family in the world
Sick batkid headcanons:

* When Dick gets sick he tells everyone he’s going to go crawl into a hole and die. Which he proceeds to do. In his terrible, messy apartment in Blüdhaven. Cue Alfred making someone (read: Bruce) extract him from the toxic environment. There’s only so many bowls of cereal and half finished microwave dinners you can be around before you’re seriously considering just buying a new apartment instead of cleaning this one up.

* Jason tells no one. He stays in a safehouse, and lives on aspirin. Because he called someone for help once, when he needed it, and he didn’t come then, did he? He knows it’s ridiculous, but ever since he’s come out of the pit, he just feels so angry all the time. A strep throat doesn’t always make it better. Tim finds out eventually, because the Red Hood just doesn’t show up for the drug bust. He half drags him to his apartment, and cue a week of awkward bonding till Jason gets better.

* Tim is maybe the most responsible about it, taking his meds and a break from patrol. He doesn’t want a repeat of the Great Panic of ‘07, which involved 3 cans of energy drinks mixed with lozenges, and a trip to the emergency room midway through patrol. Nightwing had literally had to say “Red Robin has a really bad cold and I think he made himself iller”. Yikes.

* Damian. Oh, Damian. He lives completely in denial. “A *sniff* COLD AFFECTS THE SON OF THE BAT NOT!”
“why are you talking like Yoda?”
“SHUT *sniff* UP, DRAKE,”



“Master Bruce, stop your nonsense and drink this tea.”

so about Project Kuron

((this contains spoilers for season 3 of Voltron so if you don’t wanna see ‘em keep scrolling)) ((also sorry if someone already made a post about these already))

okay so everyone’s already put out the theory that the Galra Empire is making clones of Shiro (we know this is probs true because “Kuron” is literally “clone” in Japanese), but we don’t know why exactly or how many. (People also have theories that maybe the Shiro we got in S1E1 isn’t even the real Shiro, and the actual one is still trapped in space prison somewhere, but that’s a theory for another time.)

Here’s what I’m thinking (it’s not really a theory), and what I want to see happen-

So there’s going to be multiple Shiro clones, most likely. The Galra wants to destroy Voltron from the inside out so they only send one to the team and keep the others to send off to terrorize planets. But all Shiro clones have the same memories as real Shiro, so they have no clue they’re clones and they’re all just trying to get back to the Castle and the Lions. They won’t do what the Galra says. 

Galra scientist: Shiro, I cloned created you for this purpose. Listen to your father!

Shiro: (spongebob mocking voice) LiStEn To yOuR fAtHeR *jumps off space ship*

So eventually, like, 4 Shiro clones make it back to the castle in addition to the original, and they all have the similar quintessence to the actual Shiro so the Lions pick it up and mistake it for him. Well, eventually they have like, 5+ Shiros in the castle and none of them are really capable of any harm because they have no desire to assist the Galra Empire, so the Team agrees to let them all stay and help out.

Idea 1) The team just keeps adopting Shiros as they find them. All Shiros in the castle have their own style of jokes and/or speach that drive the other Paladins and Allura crazy. The original Shiro just makes death jokes, another makes ONLY dad jokes, another just makes puns every other sentence, one only speaks in memes (”lions are just boneless voltron”), one only talks like Yoda, etc.

Idea 2) The team feels bad for the Shiros who aren’t the real one bc they’re just a “clone” with no other real purpose, so the team uses Voltron to get into different realities where that reality’s Shiro is dead or never existed, and the Shiros get to go to those realities and help people out there and fulfill their duties and be happy.

Idea 3) The paladins step aside and let all of the Shiro’s pilot Voltron instead. Every lion has a different Shiro in it. Together they form SHIROTRON! They struggle to agree on who is leader so they switch Lion’s periodically.

I’m sorry

Signs as Dumb Holidays
  • @astrologenes | ig
  • Aries: Take your Plants for a Walk Day
  • Taurus: Fish Fingers and Custard Day
  • Gemini: Talk like Yoda Day
  • Cancer: Nothing Day
  • Leo: Cow Appreciation Day
  • Virgo: Wave all your Fingers at your Neighbor Day
  • Libra: Emo Day
  • Scorpio: World Rat Day
  • Sagittarius: Tortilla Chip Day
  • Capricorn: Wiggle your Toes Day
  • Aquarius: Weed Appreciation Day
  • Pisces: I Love Horses Day
What dating Stiles Stilinski would be like?

You sleeping over at his house whenever the Sheriff has to take a late shift at the station. But you’re pretty sure the Sheriff knows about you and Stiles’s little arrangement, he trusts both of you enough to say the least.

Helping him look through unsolved cases that might be linked to the supernatural, staying up late nights, talking about other things and drinking enough coffee until you don’t even feel remotely human.

Him throwing crushed notes at you in class just to get your attention to wink at you.

You picking up his habit of carrying pencils with you wherever you go (whether tucked behind your ear, in between your lips or in your hair)

When going to confront a bad guy, Stiles tells you to stay behind him so he can protect you with his baseball bat. “ I can’t afford to lose you Y/N, you mean too much to me.” He doesn’t tell you to stay home though because he knows that to some extent you can protect yourself and you wanna help your friends as well.

After Allison died you went into a state of shock because she was your best friend (besides Stiles) , the person you would go to if you were facing any problems and someone you could confide in. Stiles spend every moment with you, whether it was just cuddling you while watching a movie to distract you, holding your hand while walking along the hallways in school or sneaking into your room at night to hold you close when you got nightmares. He is someone who is always there for you.

Studying at your house for any tests coming up would be very productive for the first 30 minutes and after that it would lead to both of you making out on your bed or just hugging each other and talking about each others day.

Stiles coming by your house everyday to pick you up for school in Roscoe. Sometimes your parents would invite him in to have breakfast with them and despite the number of times Stiles has met them he is always super nervous about making a bad impression or saying something stupid ( but you think it is cute and makes you laugh) Although sometimes if you both are in a rush, you both would just grab something on the way to school at your favorite cafe on your way to school.

At lunch he would always hold your hand underneath the table.

Everyone in the pack thinking that both of you are so good for each other because you make each other so happy.

When Stiles was possessed by the Nogitsune, you were the one he thought of while fighting against the Dark Spirits mind games. You are the one who made him strong enough to fight back.

Watching Stiles play lacrosse after school whether at training (where you would do your homework ) or at an actual game, he would always be trying to catch your attention by trying to show off his skills in the sport (when he messed up though, you would be watching and it made you laugh so hard you had tears in your eyes, Stiles would just smile a shy smile and turn red. Scott catching on to what happened and ruffling Stiles hair mumbling to him that he was so whipped for you). 

 You had to admit he did look extremely good in his jersey ( especially with his lean body) . But he always told you that you looked better in it and sometimes he would give it to you to wear before a game so that everyone would know you were his and it made him feel so lucky to have gotten a girl like you. 

Going to Derek’s loft for a pack meeting and sometimes the werewolf would chat and flirt with you just to annoy your poor boyfriend. “Hey Sourwolf, why don’t you just give it a rest.” Derek would smirk and leave you two alone. And this is where you will grab Stiles and pull him towards you to kiss him. “ Don’t worry Batman, I’ll always be yours and only your Catwoman.”

Although you might not have known a lot about Star Wars, after dating Stiles for awhile, it was one of your favorite topics to talk about with him. Both of you would stay up late watching Star Wars and start talking like Yoda around each other. “Stiles, your math notes can I borrow, hmm..”  “For you Y/N anything, Yes hmmmm..”  ( it drives everyone around both of you crazy)

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There are words and expressions that you grew up with / learned in your life that, if you live long enough, nobody uses or you can have characters with different syntax or ways of speaking.

It’s why I totally bought into Yoda talking backward.

But now I’m thinking about alien species who descrives events backward.

Not talking backward like Yoda, but going from the last thing happened to the first.

A race who doesn’t care about shape descriptions and only describe in colors (and they have more definitions for colors than we do, because even the subtlest nuances are important).

Because colors are the end all / be all of their culture so by describing colors on someone / someone’s clothes they are telling you everything you need to know and that makes shapes uninfluent.

The idea of aliens in SW is so woefully undertilized.

Hutts, talking in terms almost nobody understands and everybody thinks it’s code.

It’s not.

It’s slang from when they were young, a couple of centuries ago, and they are little shits who absolutely use it still, now that they are young adults, because of nostalgic reasons and because nobody gets it anymore.

An alien avian species that gives very little importance to what you talk about but is incredibly animated when they talk, to the point of doing something that almost looks like interpretative dance.

They are actually giving you all the informations you asked for, because their race communicates in body movements all the nuances as, to them, language is so inadequate.

They may shrug when you ask them where the suspect went but a shrug from them can be read as ‘he went that way, he was on foot, he pushed me out of the way (added through the shifting of specific feathers: the asshole), go get him’.

If Bleach characters and Star Wars characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

The time has come, in my weekly crossover series, for Bleach characters to  meet characters from the old Stars Wars movies!

1. Luke Skywalker and Ichigo

Luke: …and then I found out that he was my DAD!

Ichigo: Unexpected familial revelations? Yeah, I know how that goes.

Ichigo: Not only do I have all these undead relatives that I didn’t know about, but it turns out my dad also isn’t who I thought he was!

Luke: Yeah, but did you have to suddenly come to grips with the fact that you had a thing for your sister?

Ichigo: Nah, I avoid that by avoiding romance completely.

Luke: Smart!

Ichigo: Yeah, you can’t take chances when you’re us!

2. Leia and Hinamori

Hinamori: [fangirl eyes]

Leia: Um….do you want me to sign something?

Leia: As a princess / resistance fighter / all-around bad-ass, I get that a lot.


Hinamori: You have TWO buns!

Hinamori: I love you!


Leia: That’s a new one.

3. Han Solo and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: We have so much in common.

Han Solo: …I strongly doubt that.

Ulquiorra: No, it is true. Your name is “Solo.” I too am a lonely soul.

Han: Uh…

Ulquiorra: You fly the Millennium Falcon, which is named after a bird, and I am a bat, which is kind of like a bird.

Han: What

Ulquiorra: Also you wear tight black pants, and I have black hairy legs that are tight.

Han: Go away before I shoot you.

Ulquiorra: I love having friends.

4. Chewbacca and Tosen

Tosen: You are an individual who does not speak as others do.

Tosen: Speak to me. I will understand.

Chewbacca: [chewbacca noise]

Tosen: I understand.

Tosen: I have a friend with thick fur.

Tosen: I will find out what brush he uses.

Tosen: Soon you will be plagued by tangles no longer!

5. Darth Vader and Komamura

Komamura: Hello friend.

Darth Vader: [Vader Breathing]

Komamura: I hear that you are ugly. And you wear a helmet.

Komamura: I am here to tell you that you are beautiful! No matter what! Remove your helmet and be free!

Darth Vader: I need this to breathe, dude. If I take it off, I will die.


Komamura: I would like to revise my recommendation.

6. Emperor Palpatine and Sasakibe

Sasakibe: [fanboy eyes]

Palpatine: Why are you looking at me like that?

Sasakibe: It’s just - you’re old! Just like Head Captain Yamamoto! But you have lightning powers! Like me!

Sasakibe: It’s like you’re me and the head captain put together!

Sasakibe: Oooh - or our son!

Sasakibe: Hug?

Palpatine: Please go away.

7. Boba Fett and Grimmjow

Grimmjow: So a bounty hunter is like an actual hunter, yeah? You pick your prey and chase it forever?

Boba Fett: If by “forever” you mean “until I get paid,” then yeah.

Grimmjow: Can you find an orange-haired guy for me?

Boba Fett: One in particular, or will any orange-haired guy do?

Grimmjow: Oh, there’s only the one!

8. Yoda and Ishida

Ishida: I wish people listened to me.

Yoda: Talk like this you should.

Yoda: Unable to resist tortured syntax people are.

Yoda: Great success with it I have.


Ishida: I’m not doing that.

9. R2-D2 and Rukia

R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]


R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]

Rukia: ..

R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]

Rukia: You….are a tiny round robot that cannot speak.


10. C-3PO and Soi Fon

C-3PO: Hello there! I am C-3PO! I am a protocol droid!

Soi Fon: I am a woman who hates robots.

Soi Fon: I suggest you scurry away. Before I blow you to robot heaven.


C-3PO: Yeah I’m gonna do that.

11. Obi Wan and Yamamoto

Yamamoto: So you died and then came back as a ghost, huh?

Obi Wan: Yup!

Yamamoto: How did that work out for you?

Obi Wan: Pretty well. Why?

Yamamoto: Well, I’m old and dead. And my successor realllly needs some guidance.

Yamamoto: Got any advice for a successful spirit intervention?

Obi Wan: Go with blue.

Obi Wan: Nobody can say no to a guy who glows blue.

Yamamoto: I should be writing this down.

12. Admiral Ackbar and Askin Nakk Le Vaar

Askin: Hello. Aren’t you an interesting looking fellow?

Askin: Why don’t you come into the shadows where we can talk more freely?



Ackbar: It’s a trap!

Askin: ….lucky guess.

Imagine Frisk making Flowey watch Star Wars, every episode from I to VI start to finish, after the Pure Ending.

Imagine Flowey loving it and just popping up near Alphys after it’s over and just saying “Laser Swords.”

Imagine Flowey talking like Yoda during the ensuing conversation. Imagine Alphys slightly confused by this. Imagine Flowey saying “May the Force be with you” as he leaves, leaving Alphys even more confused.

Imagine Frisk having to make Alphys watch it now. All of it.