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Actual dad David headcannon

Okay but David would probably start buying Max things he knows Max likes, especially after seeing what Max’s parents get him. David wants to let Max know he cares about the kids interests, be it whatever, no matter how silly or strange it might be.

Imagine David buying Max comic books of Max’s favorite super hero or something cause he know’s that’s what Max likes, and holy hell, “the kid deserves more than just a hoodie!” David has probably said on more than one occasion.

Why is it so hard to tell a girl you like her??!

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you read right baby.

Long story short I see nsfw stuff everyday and Ive wanted to try it out…like officially. its always piqued  my interest but i feel i never tackled it because of a fear of getting caught and more or less feeling embarrassed. 

Also i dont just mean doodle a titty here and there. i mean showing intimate moments between characters whether on the vanilla or kinkier side. 

ive got a new found motivation for art now that ive recently picked up drawing and id like to keep this ball rolling. Plus i wanna see some waifus getting it on. 

I was thinking about ancient/immortal characters recently and doing a tally or whatever and i realized??? the doctor is (or was; idk what’s been happening in recent seasons) 900 years old? Like, what a baby? A mere infant in terms of eternity. Going on and on about time and space. He was practically a kid. 900 is nothing u pansy grow up a bit and then we’ll talk.

eren, mikasa, and armin would be the kind of people to go to the beach at two in the morning just to see the stars above the ocean before the sun rises