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keith: i just. i love my boyfriend so much. he’s so beautiful, and kind, and he’s such a good person with such a good heart and i’m so lucky to be dating him and i’m so lucky that he’s a part of my life. i think, if he was never a part of my life, i’d probably be a really sad person. he’s the best. he makes me so happy and i’m so happy he exists and!! i love my boyfriend

lance, blushing: babe!! i can hear you!!

keith: i know :)

lance, hiding his face in his hands: aaaaaa!!!! i love you too!!! aaaaa!!!

Ok, but guys listen: platonic Kaworei interaction. They’d have so much to benefit from each other. They both have a lot in common + I think they’d both make good friends.

Rei can teach Kaworu that even if he values humanity, he himself needs to know he has value. She can also teach him that life and death do differentiate from one another (Kaworu believes personally that life and death hold no differentiation, that death is the only way to achieve freedom). She can teach him that free will isn’t so skewed, that pure freedom can be achieved in one’s life. It’s hard, especially when people use your identity for selfish reasons.

Kaworu can teach Rei that she isn’t disposable in any way. He could teach her that its ok to space yourself out from the world + no one should tell her otherwise. It’s ok to herself first. Rei doesn’t owe anyone anything.

But best part is they both understand parts of what it means to live. Kaworu knows the physical + metaphorical usage of the Absolute Terror Field. He especially knows how to shut things out (again, literally and figuratively) from everything else. He knows that pain is a necessary part of living but that demands endurance. Rei understands identity to realize that loss of identity=metaphorical death. With that comes no pain, however the catch is is that one’s feelings cannot be validated. Rei understands that reassuming one’s identity leads to all the pros and cons of living. Imagine the two having talks about what it means to live to each other, if either felt down. I think they’d be supportive on those issues.

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So.... hello I've be following your blog for almost 2 years and finally worked up the nerve to say it's beautiful, uplifting, humour and very inspirational (makes me want to try playing the Sims again). Love your characters and the way your brain works. And also wanted to ask what ever happened to Freddy and what is he up to? Is even more known now for his work now? Sorry if this is long but I love getting to know more about your characters.

omg dsdskah first of all ilyyyyy for sending nice things like this but most importantly how haven’t you blocked me yet ;-;;;;;;;;;;;;;..

seconddddd zsdkjhsdkf.. i love you even more for asking me about Freddy and that you even care about him when i’ve only showed him like twice. he’s still my precious pure babyyyyy. the only thing stopping me from posting him is finding a home/world for him and Benji because they’re suppose to be roommates. realistically they should already be settled in somewhere or at the very least in the process of looking for something that can accommodate both of their needs. 

right now they’re in Angel City but that world has become increasingly laggy for me so i have to find another “city-type” environment for them. i lowkey want them to be based in NY though because they each spend time back and forth between there and LA, Brooklyn is Freddy’s hometown and there’s nothing really keeping Benji in Cali anymore that he can’t do elsewhere or hop on a flight real fast if he needs to visit. Freddy is actually subletting his studio in NY to one of his friends, however, the lease will be up soon so he’s gonna have to figure out additional living arrangements anyway and Benji feels it’s time to move out of Wes’ home soooo yeah i’m thinking NY ^_^

as far as Freddy’s line of work.. he’s pretty popular behind the lens at this point but genuinely didn’t start coming into his own success until about age 23, he’s 26 now. he’s a street life/fashion photographer and his preferred specialty is working with musicians as their personal photojournalist. he’ll often travel on the road with the artist and photograph them, their entourage and any behind the scenes and/or onstage work they might do. this usually will last ongoing for about a month or two or however long the artist is on tour for and then he’s back home working on his other side jobs which include various publications, still life and other personal projects he might be experimenting with.

i headcanon that despite every vampire in the ONS world saying they don’t have feelings, they have that one very human emotion deep buried inside them all. which is what makes them a vampire and not complete demons

A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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Noah fence but if you think Angelina Jolie's head photoshopped onto a Brazilian woman's body on whom you've used a psd to whitewash to oblivion is somehow less problematic then honey you've got a big storm coming.

Noah fence but if you think that all la.tinas are brazilian then you really need to 1. fact check 2. reconsider everything because eriana is actually cuban lmao. repeat after me folks, not all poc are interchangeable !

ok so the first time i read this i was Legitimately worried bc i’d never thought about it as whitewashing because i’m literally only using her body (and, the last time i checked, certain body silhouettes / muscular structures are not exclusive to race? like … they really aren’t), and i still don’t think it is, especially after consulting a bunch of my friends (who are all woc), two of which are in fact, cuban. both of them said that they saw absolutely nothing wrong with it, and i’d really rather trust their word over an anonymous asker who can’t even get their ethnicities straight.

but i’d also like to explain exactly why/how i use her? eriana is STRICTLY a body reference, and in no way, shape, or form do i have the intention of somehow exploiting the fact that she is a woc. i don’t use her face / facial features, i just use her body, because it fits the most to what i’ve always imagined nat’s to be. (also shoutout to @vrooms for actually finding her for me after I Quit looking for body claims bc i couldn’t find any myself.)  irt to the ‘whitewashing’ though, both of the aforementioned cuban friends who i spoke to both said separately that they are very fair skinned, which is very common for white-latinxs, which eriana most likely is. the thing also is that she’s a fitness model / body builder, and they often, no matter what race they are, tan themselves to accentuate their body / muscles. again, i can’t stress enough that i’m Only using her as a body reference because no one else works. & even then, she’s not EXACTLY how i imagine nat’s body to be, but she’s the damn closest.

but if anyone else wants to talk to me about this privately then i’d be very open?? like at this point i’m convinced this Lovely anon is a yt s.jw and it’s rly off putting but i’d love to discuss this with anyone who shares their views, i really don’t want to offend anybody who actually knows what they’re talking about (and would be willing to direct you to everyone i talked to about this before replying)

I kept thinking about how good I felt today when I read all those comments and reviews on my chapter and I thought about all those brilliant writers out there who can miss getting acknowledged because they didn’t get the right blog to reblog their story or their story is still a WIP that people are holding off on reviewing on Ao3. Writers spend such a long time and so much of their energy, time, and creativity in their stories and it just seems heart-breaking that this happens.

So here’s an idea, still in a beginning stage: How about forming a reviewers group/blog? I know of people who love reading and prefer it much more to writing, those who crave to read more stories and sometimes don’t find them. How about all those willing to read stories, WIPs included, form one group where people can submit their stories and get reviews that they can use to boost themselves? Every writer deserves a confidence boost, and every writer loves people talking to them about their stories. So how about they have a place where they can get assured reviews because people want to read? A Reviewers Club of sorts?

What do you guys say?

Ran a pedagogy workshop last night, and one of the participants said she wanted to be more confident.  I asked her what being confident would look and sound like, and she just wound up mimicking me.

On one hand I’m flattered but on the other hand I feel like I’ve pulled the greatest con in the history of academia.

sometimes “doing your best” is being top of your class, straight As, etc. sometimes “doing your best” is just showing up to class without your homework and sleeping through half of it because that’s the best you can do. be proud of yourself either way.