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You know what hits me in the heart that I always feel like Im having a heart attack? The way Jungkook stares at Yoongi when he is talking. JUST. THE HEART EYES. HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS THINKING ABOUT KISSING HIM RIGHT HERE, RIGHT THERE. If youre reading this, Im probs dead by now. Please bury me with alot of yoonkook pictures surrounding me.

the ‘so much staring, so much fond’ caption in this gifset i made has never been more accurate 

THEY BOTH STARE SO MUCH, ALWAYS FUCKING HEART EYES AND FOND (they both have quite expressive eyes, that’s where they hold most of their emotions in my opinion) 

but jeongguk is honestly so much more obvious about it… he forgets the meaning of subtlety sometimes 

im ded too after looking for these moments 

Underrated* but extremely good shots of Yuuri from episode twelve:

There are a lot. There’s so much Yuuri I put it under a read more starting about halfway through. 

Yuuri please stop honey you are too good and too selfless. HE WANTS TO STAY WITH YOU FOREVER. PLEASE TALK TO EACH OTHER YOU HELPLESS DORKS. 


Hamster hat only adds to his preciousness, honestly. 

This shot, animated is one of my favorite bits of animation in the series. It’s so good?

Sweet as can be.

Yuuri, probably: I doubt I have many fans…


Is it the costume sparkling or is it Yuuri himself?


My longest yeah boi ever. 

look like hell I’m not including this gorgeous moment.

when he literally SCREAMS and it’s wonderful.

I’m not crying you’re crying (we’re all crying).

you are an absolute angel.

precious Yuuri so nervous for his scores after the skate of his life (his eyelashes continue to be amazing). 

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Stanning Kim Namjoon can be bittersweet. He gets a lot of hate and people are unwilling to forgive him or give him a chance to redeem himself. Even though he’s the leader, the member who can speak fluent English, addresses international fans at every opportunity and helps write songs for Bangtan (and now Homme), some still mock his accent (when he taught himself English), still disregard him, and he has very few active fansites.

He’s an intelligent guy, thoughtful (late night musings on the fancafe) and a complete dork. My references? His excitement catching that damn crab, befriending a frog and a dragonfly, his immeasurable love for Ryan and forever being rejected by his dog (which he named Rapmon, bless his pure heart).

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Hey everyone! So it’s been a year since I started this blog, and I have to say, out of the almost 6 years I’ve spent on tumblr by now and the many, many blogs I’ve run so far, this blog is the one that means the most to me! 

At first, I want to thank all my followers for making my tumblr experience this amazing! I’m going to close my birthday gifts “project” now, but within the next days/weeks, I will post something about a new thank you “project” for you because of hitting 2k+ followers, so keep your eyes open ~

And besides that, I’m not a big fan of real “follow forever”s, but I also really want to thank my awesome mutuals and all the amazing friends I’ve made over the course of the past year! So yeah, if you’re tagged in the following, we’re mutuals, I consider us friends (I still do, even though I might have not replied to you in forever because I suck at being social T_T), or I’ve made a mistake^^ 

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I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! And since I haven’t talked to some of you in a while, it might be that you only know me from my previous account, so if you don’t know who the hell I am, feel free to message me :D


i hope you all know that i am heartbroken that i didn’t know enough about ballet companies to set tangled ribbons in an actual ballet company. my ideal ballet story takes place with during winter because ballet during the winter is an aesthetic and also because 

marinette and adrien in the nutcracker

You know what I’d love to see? Some Starkie edits with Star in her Blood Moon Ball dress and Jackie in her Echo Creek Dance dress. Cute girlfriends in fancy dresses on a date.

I’d love to do it myself but I’m gonna be traveling to my brother’s wedding soon and there’s still a lot I need to do before I leave.

  • Michael: We haven't done play pals yet, have we?
  • Ryan: You and I? No - well, sort of. We did the original play pals with Capsized.
  • Michael: Was that the original play pals?
  • Ryan: Well, I'm claiming it. Undocumented original play pals.
  • Michael: Nice. Take that, Gavin.
  • Ryan: Suck it.
  • Ryan: Should've been me in the art. With Gavin's head pasted.
obscure aus to consider!!!
  • “I’ve hurt myself and tried to call a friend but dialed a wrong number can you help me out anyway” AU
  • “We’ve both been sent to a reformative summer camp but it turns out it’s actually a front for organised vampirism on gay teens that their parents want to subdue” AU
  • “You’re going out with my sibling/friend/relative but i’m convinced you’re gay (and shit you’re hot), what better way to prove it than seduce you in front of them” AU
  • Lord of the Flies AU
  • Bugsy Malone AU
  • Some Like It Hot AU
  • “You’re a species a lot like a vampire and I’m a species a lot like a werewolf but we always get mistaken for the better known species and I know we’re supposed to be arch enemies but we bond over others’ ignorance” AU
  • Star Trek: Voyager (lost in space) AU
  • “I’m a pirate(/space pirate) who invaded your town(/spaceship/planet) and cold-cocked you because you were in my way but you’re weirdly attractive when you’re unconscious so I brought you back to my ship” AU
  • “I was trying to roofie someone else but the waiter mixed up the drinks so I accidentally roofied you” AU
  • “We’re dating and you organised a threesome but the third person you found is actually my sibling” AU
  • “You’re lactose intolerant and you’re allergic to gluten but we got the wrong orders so now we’re sharing an ambulance” AU
  • “We both fainted at the concert” AU
  • Splash AU
  • KickThePJ’s Forever Train AU
  • Literally any of the stories from Love Actually AU
  • “We’ve both been captured by a ‘superior race’ and are now being sold as a joint lot in a sex slave auction” AU
  • “I’m a government spy and you stumbled in on me killing someone and even though you’re drunk as Hell I’m afraid you’re going to have to come with me” AU
  • “We’re two different countries’ Eurovision acts” AU
Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • Radio 1 Breakfast Show
  • 27th September 2016

The team discuss Harry’s Another Man magazine cover, or as some might say, him singlehandedly saving the magazine industry.

Alternatively titled: ⬜⬜⬜👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻

Diabolik Lovers Lunatic Parade: Sakamaki Ayato (Sub scenario w/Yuma)

(Ayato-kun, just where did he go…when I realized it looked like we’d been separated…)


Yui: ….Ayato-kun!?

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Hey Bunny! I think I never properly said how awfully MUCH I ADORE your draeneis sketches, like, ooooooooooh so much? Draeneis and nelfs are just my fav races from Warcraft and your art is incredible! <3 <3 Although I'm a little lost with their background, but I'd LOVE to read some more about them - if you don't mind, of course. I think I'm already following your RP blog but I'd still love if you tell me some random bits :3


That’s… really sweet of you to say, honestly. Thank you.

It always means a lot to me to hear someone tell me they like my work. And to be interested in my characters?? I don’t have words for it. It just really makes me melt., specially at times when I start questioning myself and what I’m doing… it keeps me going when I need it most. 

Really, thank you.

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I honestly just need to make pages for my characters here on my personal, but atm I just have bios linked near their tags on my navigation since making a character page is… oof. So much work. Finding a page that looks nice has been difficult for me.

But here are basic histories/bios for Euanthe, Artan, and Mitun. Granted if you follow Euanthe’s RP blog, I’m sure you’ve probably already seen those pages lmao.

I’m not quite sure where to start with everything, haha. I don’t?? usually get asked things like this. But I guess there’s always the quick run-downs for everyone. So feel free to take a read, since… well, I’m kinda just going to go with this under a cut. Prepare to be bombarded cause… ah, I feel bad and talking about my characters in some kind of detail tends to help me mellow out. I mean, even just the quick bits do. But I’m going to end up writing in excess in my mood. I just know it.

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You've heard of Jane and Carlos now get ready for...

Literally any other shipping in the entire Descendants universe. Like honestly these two don’t even talk in the entire movie. He sings to her a little bit with Jay and they dance with each other. That’s like literally all the chemistry they had.