talk dirty to me

Talk Dirty To Me [6/?]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language? Angst // Fluff //Sassy //witty Banter // it gets ugly guys, sorry!!

A/N: Just let me know if you want to be tagged. This is the sequel to That Connection. Hope you enjoy!!

Rewind, start over

Life as Tech Analysis for the Avengers is perfection, dating Steve Rogers is a 24/7 high. But when you’re in a foreign place, what’s a girl to do when you’re cornered with no chance of defending yourself? Repairing the rift in your life, accepting you are no longer the same person, it changes things, can your life be normal or is everything going to change for you?

Startled by the door opening of your hospital room, the light coming from behind the figure in your open door. Your heart rate picks up on the monitor, your breathing hitched in your chest as fear spikes through you.

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Imagine dipper going up to wendy and saying “talk dirty to me” and then playin it on his tuba - imaginegravityfalls

I literally stopped everything I was doing at the moment to make this.

Nice try, Dipper, nice try.

Edit: (Throught the power of love, Dipper made his sousaphone sound like a saxophone and called it a tuba.)