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emergency donations

Hey, I hate to do this, but I really need $100 dollars to pay for a parking ticket. 

I had no holds on my account–and you need to not have any holds to graduate–until I got this ticket. 

I’m trying really hard to appeal it, but realistically, I’ll just have to pay it before it ends up billed to my student account and becomes debt, which will stop me from graduating. 

I literally only have $2.00 in my bank account right now–not even any extra change–so I need donations. 


refrain boy. is now on youtube! (720p quality too!) surprise, surprise! 

thanks for the 69 subs + views y'all.

Voltron Ember Island Players episode

here’s my pitch:

  • The Arusians put together a HUGE production that chronicles the adventures of Team Voltron, complete with costumes, special affects featuring fog machines and LED flashlights, and heavily exaggerated but smudgable makeup
  • This production shares notable similarities to 80s Voltron
    • Actor Lance also has a mullet (Lance is horrified; Keith smirks). 
    • Actor Keith wears that weirdo red racer outfit (Keith is horrified; Lance laughs till he cries)
    • Actor Pidge has that horrible gremlin voice. Pidge hides under her seat whenever her counterpart talks. 
    • Actor Allura is beautiful but faints all the time. All. The. Time. Allura eventually gets so mad she starts yelling. “Get UP you didn’t DO ANYTHING.”
    • Zarkon wears that dorky crown and outfit and constantly shouts, “I MUST CAPTURE THE AVATAR VOLTRON TO REGAIN MY HONOR THE BLACK LION”
    • Haggar cackles. Like really cackles. Full wicked witch. 
  • When the pilots are in their individual lions, they all put on cardboard kitty ears
  • When they form Voltron, a single brave Arusian comes out in a cardboard costume on stilts. Much of the cool fight choreography is just the Arusian trying to keep his balance. 
  • Actor Shiro’s robot arm is on the wrong side.
  • Actor Hunk pukes a lot, but at completely inappropriate times (when Shiro finishes a pep talk, when Lance flirts)
  • Actor Coran’s mustache is HUGE. Everyone laughs at this, but Coran is secretly jealous.
    • He eventually sneaks backstage to compare hair care routines with the actor.
  • Black Paladin Hope Speeches™
  • Actor Allura gets romantic development with practically every male on stage EXCEPT Keith. She will always love him Like A Brother *goodnatured handshake*
  • When Actor Keith discovers his Galra heritage, he is doused in purple paint and given fuzzy purple ears. He remains that way for the rest of the show. No one comments on it. 

orionswinter  asked:

my favourite little thing about dan and phil is how much they trust each other like when phil is filming dan and goes "dan, meow" and dan meows, and then turns around and is like "why did you tell me to meow, wait, are you filming?" and like, dan just did what phil asked without questioning it and i bet they have those moments all the time like, half-asleep watching tv and dan goes, "phil, make a sound that a porpoise-goose would make" and phil makes a weird noise and dan just giggles

I know they’re so cute :((
How about in LessAmazingPhil videos like where he made Dan cringe by putting a felt tip on wood and Dan just took it. Then in the recent one he made Dan eat the hot gummy bears. Dan knew it was a trick because Phil was filming it, but Dan did it anyway. They love each other, they trust each other and they do anything to make each other smile and laugh. They’re disgusting

my problem is that i want to be liked and admired by so many people but next to one even knows i exist. the people i’ve met don’t even think about me or think anything of me because i’m nothing and i have no skills or admirable traits. i just exist and that’s all and it makes me so sad but i can’t make myself do more than breathe.