talk and talk and talk

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight

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Harry asking you to move in with him!


He knows this is a serious thing, and when he went over the thought with his mother, she informed him of how much this would entail, and that it’s a serious step forward in any relationship, and to always make sure that you, and the other person, is ready.

When he went over the thought with Gemma, the only thing she said was, “Just don’t get her knocked up.”

He kept both things in mind.

After getting a duplicate key made – just in case the world was on his side and you said yes – he slowly began making room in his closet, and quickly coming to terms that, “Yes, maybe I do have more shoes than a person should acquire in a lifetime,” and, “Does a single person need these many flashy sweaters?” But he quickly shook his head because, “Yes. Yes, they do.”

He wonders if he is this nervous to ask you to change address, he bets he’ll be shitting himself when he asks you to change your last name.

When you do go over to his house, in nothing but your pajamas and an overnight bag that you tossed precariously over his bed, he finds you perching yourself onto the counter to grab the popcorn from the microwave.

“Think we should invest in a step stool for you, love.”

“Shouldn’t I be the one investing in a step stool?” You quirk an eyebrow, jumping back down on the ground and opening up the bag. “Maybe have a second one here since I’m climbing all over the place like a monkey because you keep everything up high.”

“Or maybe I should just put everything within arm’s reach for you.”

“You’re here more than me – don’t see how that’s necessary.” Once you turn around, you have to do a doubletake as you’re met with your boyfriend – dressed in his own pajamas – kneeling down on the floor.

“Did you drop something?”

“I have a serious question to ask you.” He pauses to remove the key from his pocket, when you instantly chime back up.

“Are you proposing? Because I really didn’t want buttery fingers when you prop—”

“I love you and you love me, right? And we’ve been together for a while now, and your lease is up in a month, and I think we’re at the place now…where…we could…continue doing exactly that but from one address.”

You stare back at him blankly, your gaze falling down toward the object in his hand, and back up at him.

“You just want me to move—”

“Will you move in with me?” He reached out his fingers toward you, and as you studied the key in his grasp, you slowly set your popcorn aside and reached down to take the key. “Is that a yes?”

“It’s a ye—shit.” They key instantly dropped to the floor, and with a roll of your eye, you fall to your knees to grab it. “Sorry, butter fingers.”

  • *On the way to Dragonstone*
  • Jon: Is Sansa okay? Should I turn back? I should turn back. She needs me.
  • Davos: Your grace, for the last time, your lady sister will be just fine. She is a strong woman.
  • Jon: *huffs*
  • Davos: *sighs*
  • *Drinking wine with Tyrion*
  • Jon: Sansa thinks highly of you, ser. And I trust in her judgement. She's an amazing woman.
  • Tyrion: Yes, my wife is *laughs*
  • Jon: *angry kitten growls* Not your wife. My Sansa.
  • Tyrion: Uh....
  • *Meeting Theon*
  • Jon: I must thank you for bringing Sansa back to me. For that, all is forgiven.
  • Theon: She deserves to be safe. I only want her to be safe.
  • Jon: *annoyed kitten growls* Yes, yes and I'll be the one to protect her now. She's my Sansa.
  • Theon: Uh....
  • *Speaking to Daenerys*
  • Dany: And it is your sister now ruling in your stead?
  • Jon: Yes, my Sansa. She's wonderful and fierce and strong. I have no doubt she will be just the most amazing ruler there ever was. The North is lucky to have her. The world is lucky to have her. *sighs dreamily* I'm lucky to have her.
  • Dany: Uh....
  • *Meets the Hound*
  • Jon: *knife to the throat, angry murderous kitten growling* You ever come near Sansa, you ever touch her or speak to her and I'll kill you myself!!
  • Sandor: All I said was hello...

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IM SORRYOFIDKE I JUST LOVE DADDY!HARRY AND THE THOUGHTS OF HIM HAVING BABYGIRL TWINS YOU WRITE IT SO WELL OFDLS BUT ANOTHER CONCEPT: taking your first family vacation together to the beach with you & harry and the babies:))

Hi I’m talking to you right now so you know I’m writing this and plotting your death but here it goes

Before the two of you even manage it down to the beach, you are sitting in the living room of your hotel, double checking the bags for extra sun block, towels, bottles of water, and some snacks in case the girls get hungry, while Harry finds himself in the bedroom, tackling the task of getting the girls dressed.

A simple task, if he had four arms.

After managing one into a frilly white bikini, he works to remove the pajamas of his other little monster, but makes the mistake of taking his eyes off of her for one second, because next thing he is aware of is a shrill set of screams making their way out the door and down the hallway – a naked baby on a set of chubby legs breaking free and running toward freedom.

“Oi, I wasn’t done with you!”

Once he returns her back to the bedroom, putting her in a nearly matching pink bikini, he grabs his two girls as the four of you descend toward the beach.

The girls are more preoccupied with the sand, and how every time Harry slaps his hand down and smashes a small pile he had made, they break out in a contagious laughter, that not even Harry can stop from joining in.

Each of you will pick one up, and walk toward the shore where you let the waves ebb and flow, closer and closer to their tiny feet, until they’re splashing and giggling, sending water flying.

Eventually, Harry does try and build a sandcastle, but it ends up getting destroyed by a pair of hands and feet, mimicking Harry’s earlier entertainment.

“Oi, maybe I wasn’t done there, pet, hm? Wanted to build a nice place for me, you, your mum and sister is live in, yeah?”

She doesn’t register his words, but continues to grab a fist full of sand and reach for her mouth.

“Oh, no… no, you can’t eat that.” When he opens her first to remove the sand, she instantly recoils and drops to her bottom, an angry cry filling the air. “Don’t think you’d like me very much if I let you eat that, petal.” He pulls her to his lap and brushes her hair gently with his fingers. “Where’s mumma at? Think your sister needed a change?”

When you do return with a newly cleaned toddler, the two of you decide it’s time for the girls to go down for a nap, so you both gather your things and head back to the room.

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I think it's funny imaging where Harry and the missus' relationship comes so naturally to them that one day she looks at him, maybe a few weeks after they got engaged, and commented "You know what I realized? You never asked me to be your girlfriend. Not technically." Bc he hadn't. Harry asked her to move in with him, for them to adopt a dog and a kitten together, about their potential children for her to be his future wife, but never to be his girlfriend.

Okay but you know he’d giggle and be like “Would you like to be my girlfriend, love?”

And you smirk. “Mm… I dunno… not really.”

And he’d make his little fake offended face. “Heyyyyy. Excuse me.” He’d push you over and smother you in kisses until you’re laughing so hard and trying to push him off. “Wanna try that again?”