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Daniel talk alot to Captain John, who can see that he obviously has a crush on his son, so John gives Daniel advice on what Jasper likes and what he doesn't like. After trying and failing to catch Jasper's attention, who keeps going after David, Daniel gives up hope and just mopes around. John appears to Jasper and smacks his son for being so thick. This can either end fluffy or angsty, you choose my dood.


lis te n,,,,, jasper catches on to what’s happening and he’s like oh jeez so he finds daniel and tries to tell him that he thinks he’s cute too but daniel’s like you’re just saying that to be nice lmao and then they start fighting and jasper kisses him and it’s Gay

would david walk over and see them or would it be ok and then they all start dating bc i don’t know if i could handle that angs t jhgbhk

mhmmmmmm i cant shake the feeling that the quintessence keith absorbed at the end of s1 has more significance than just galra!keith foreshadowing, like in s3 we saw that even a little drop of quintessence could become an infinite power source, keep a cat alive for 10,000 years, turn zarkon and haggar into literal zombies and look how much keith came in contact with???

he’s covered in it???? (obviously its not anywhere near to how much zarkon +haggar came in contact with but still, ) will it effect him past the obvious “galra” patches of skin on his hands???? (also we have seen much of galra keith’s significance past the BOM–maybe this and galra keith are related???) i just feel like now that we’ve seen what quintessence can really do, that this scene possibly holds more significance than we originally thought/keith’s exposure may prove helpful in unexpected ways 

Signs as children

Aries: Always running around, having fun, play fighting alot and somehow has a bad attitude at 8. A really happy child.

Taurus: Always eating snacks their parent packs for them, doesn’t like listening and prefers to eat and sleep.

Gemini: Always laughing and joking, running about with the Aries child and talks to everyone. Really likes drawing.

Cancer: Very sweet, shares their things when asked, always gives stuff they find to their parents, but can also be very jealous and possessive, likes sweets.

Leo: Ruler of the playground, usually leads a group of child followers, teachers love them.

Virgo: Sits with a small group of friends either playing hop-scotch or talking quietly. Blushes alot and quick to learn.

Libra: Always doing everyone’s hair and wears coordinated clothes. Can either be really bubbly and social or steers clear of everyone and sits alone.

Scorpio: Very quiet at first but with their friends they talk all the time. Teachers think they’re evil and quiet but they’re really smart for their age.

Sagittarius: Always exploring the playground and asking questions. Very curious. Has a big group of friend but strays on their own alot.

Capricorn: Both quiet and loud. Argues with the teacher alot. Respectful to the ones they like but throws temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. Very smart children.

Aquarius: Also very smart, has a few close friends and makes up rumours that people believe 10 years later. Like to pull stupid faces and are very expressive.

Pisces: that one kid who comes to school in their pyjamas. Likes doodling. Very nice and polite but can seem a bit weird to some.

I feel like she would be the short haired twin? I guess cause all the fire spells having long hair would be a problem? Tho I cant decide if she should have like wavy medium/short length hair or like short hair like this? I also wanna give her like blue hair dye too? She is also definitely the buff twin. I’ll draw that content later tho-


This is Ravus.

He likes reading stories with his sister.

(Previously on ‘This is Ravus’)


simon + needing space away from clary (aka clary approaching simon when he clearly doesn't want her to multiple times)


i wanna make somethin REAL CLEAR!!

you see this??

YE IKR yup thats a p happy ending ya got there! or is it?? notice some of the debtors are missing from the scene?



Goopy Le Grande’s final phase’s literally a fckin GRAVE!! this counts him dead


even Wally Warbles died during the fight as the two paramedics cook him up, its already shown earlier that he was weak because he molted a lot of his feathers and also because of this scene

he was literallly sick in the first place and we fckin made it worse and beat him to death with it

not counting Dr. Kahl tho cuz he was shown to be still alive when we knocked him off

THATS CONCLUDES MY PERSONAL THEORY!! that Cuphead and Mugman canonically KILLED some peeps

Left this in my drafts for a bit ..woops.

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Mbti types as I know them


- sinnamon rolls
- will legit not let you do anything yourself
- looks constipated when can’t give advice
- food is joy
- will probably die early from Se impulse
- the sleepy drunk


- soft spoken
- omg get a backbone pls
- that mile long stare though
- your soul will be touched, you have no say
- smart as heck but struggles with delivery
- needs hugs often but won’t say


- please chill
- explanation (excuse) for everything
- the humor, the banter, it’s glorious
- gets jealous
- best gift giver
- closet romantic
- actually change their game plan often
- so impatient, why haven’t they exploded yet
- self destructive, pls stop that
- all or nothing mentality
- you’re under their protection now
- no substitutions, exchanges, or refunds
- their confused face is adorable
- many funny faces actually


- knows best way to kill everyone they know
- sharp fashion sense
- your suffering is their life force
- death threats = affection
- judgement stare is default
- will probably die an ironic death
- clumsy af, how are they still alive
- is convinced everyone hates them
- your friend for life, deal with it
- low key worries about everything until ill
- refers to sleep as “death practice”
- catchphrase “NOBODY LISTENS TO ME”


- is known at work as “the mean one”
- roadrage
- low key loves dramatic flare
- so. many. poop jokes.
- actually v cuddly
- doesn’t need you but wants you around
- always has an escape route
- is either everywhere or asleep
- fantastic cook, like damn
- “it depends”
- invented the shoulder shrug
- “stop helping, I’m capable!”
- at least 30 mins late to everything


- contagious laugh, goodbye oxygen
- ask them why to everything, they hate it
- even more poop jokes
- hardcore foodie
- gets randomly deep it’s great
- actually super shy at first
- brunt of everyone’s jokes sorry/not sorry
- prone to near death experiences


- golden retriever personified
- you’ll ask “who are you talking about” alot
- dumbest bestest memes
- devious
- easily disturbed
- brush everything off
- but still judge you
- lots of judging
- take a break pls


- nerd. geek. all of it
- pretty chill
- true old soul
- adventurous
- sassy
- always looks amused?
- everyone’s dad
- v broody


- brace yourselves for feels
- slut for depth
- seriously it’s in everything they say/do
- “fight the man!”
- self proclaimed savior to the world
- your eternal biggest fan
- free spirit hippies man
- radiates positivity
- arch nemesis is monotony
- gets shit done…​eventually
- parties all night long
- loud laugh
- falls asleep anytime, anywhere

I just wanted to draw Raz with stars…also I love his new outfit. I’m sure it’s a normal jacket on Sasha but on Raz it almost looks like a cute little tailcoat :’> I love it.