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“Sometimes, a woman really challenges you and it makes you want to run away. Because it’s terrifying. And the worst part is… I did meet an incredible woman here and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. But I ruined it. And I’ve regretted it every day since. I just wish I’d tuned everything else out and followed my heart.“

I posted about this on the -r/+r group but for everyone else:

right now I’m trying to sort out Toto’s body language and motivation behind his behaviors. He is really receptive to being approached and will follow me around a bit. When I met him in the pens he was very curious in the same way. But now, I know that he’s had a few weeks of -r NH type round pen work where he’s been taught to stay with the person despite apparent liberty. So it’s tricky knowing whether he is tolerating my scratches because he’s interested and just a little spooky still, or if he’s freaked out but doesn’t feel like he has an option to leave.

I don’t think it’s a trained behavior, because a) he was already curious and following us around in the pens b) he was only with the TIP trainer for a short period of time and I doubt she was able to instill that stickability so quickly and c) I gave him treats last time I was there, and he definitely remembers, and knew they were in my pockets, and was lipping at my fingers.

But because he’s such a chunky, green horse, and because I am a tiny, fragile person I definitely don’t want to create a situation where he feels trapped and freaks out and tramples me. So we’re going to take things very slow. That’s why I didn’t push it today and halter him - that and it was cold.

I think he’s settling well in his pasture (I saw him eating off the bale with the others, so, props Toto! took Zeke much longer than that lmao) so I will probably just let him keep settling for a while. All I’m gonna do is catch him and let him go until I know I can do that reliably, practice some leading so I can get him into the roundpen, and once I can get him to and from the roundpen in a nice relaxed way I’m gonna start videoing and clicker training. I could start now out in the pasture probably but I want a more controlled space.

Jaal Ama Darav (accent)

So it was pretty clear right off the bat that the angara have at least 3 notable accents, and that Jaal’s really stands out from the rest.

When Ryder asks an angara about it they say it’s because the species lived sepparated from each other on different planets for so long.

So I started to wonder if I could figure out what planet Jaal was from based on his accent, which to me sounds much more distincive than any of the others (is it like some kind of african maybe? I’ve heard people from africa talk and the accent is beautiful). Anyway I figured he was from havarl based on it.

Turns out yes. He is from Havarl. The Aya… was she a governor? Anyway the Aya leader says so much and I think also says that the resistance leader is from Voeld.

But I was kinda proud of myself for getting it right before characters in the game confirmed it for me.

Seriously, though. His voice is fucking devastating. I could listen to it all day.


December is so close we can TASTE it. So it’s time to start thinking about it! 

Remember all the prompts we had for Dinoween?

Time to do the same thing but for the December holidays! 

- If you have art prompts (ie, dinosaurs doing Christmassy things) for Dinomas, send em in! I take anonymous asks, I look at every reply to a post, my blog is a multi-person blog so I still get fanmail, etc. 
- If you have Christmas Song Parody ideas, also send ‘em my way! 
- If you are Jewish and have prompts and ideas for Dinokkah, send ‘em my way! I already have one person with some ideas and hopefully we’ll get more people on board! 
- If you celebrate Kwanzaa, for the love of everything please message me. Otherwise I’ll just reblog/talk about dinosaurs from Africa again. Sadly, Dinozaa and Dinokkah overlap this year.
-  For Dino Solstice (December 21), draw dinosaurs in wintery scenes! Snow, obviously, is a requirement for this prompt 
- We should have some sort of party on the 31st! 2016 is finally over even though I don’t really want 2017 now ah well

And most important of all: If you want to be in the Secret Santa, let me know. We’ll be exchanging dinosaur art, stories about dinosaurs, whatever can be shared electronically (and yes, birds are valid for this prompt. Any descendant of the most recent common ancestor of Megalosaurus and Iguanodon is fair game):

Basically you have to sign up by December 1st. On that day I will do the switcheroo (mostly involving the power of math) and send out to everyone who they have (so you have to have ask and/or messaging turned on. I need to be able to contact you. Also it would be really helpful if you didn’t change your tumblr url again until after this is all over.)

Then you make something fun - either art or writing or whatever you can send via the internet. You can even anonymously ask your person, say, what their favorite kind of dinosaur is, so that you can depict it!

Then, on December 25th, you send it to your person - either through the submit box, or by mentioning them. You should also mention me because I will reblog most of the gifts in an effort to help people see them!

And I’m working on the Project for Awesome Video! Get ready to do some shit for CHARITY! 

~ Meig

Dating Josh Pieters Would Include...

Requested: “"Dating Josh Pieters would include…“ please? Love your blog btw!”

Dating Josh Pieters would include:

  • vacations to South Africa to meet his family and childhood friends
  • having to listen to him talk about South Africa non stop when he gets back
  • late night brainstorming sessions for video ideas because he wants to be original and values your input
  • the rest of the boys flirting with you to mess with Josh
  • Josh getting super jealous and pissed off at the boys
  • putting sunscreen on his back all day every day
  • helping him dress for the weather when he forgets how cold it is in London
  • hugs where he lifts you off your feet
  • hugs where he literally engulfs you with his giant long arms
  • hugs where he rests his head on top of your head and rubs your back
  • “Josh you don’t have to get the flour down for me, I can just stand on a stool.” “But what kind of boyfriend would I be then?”
  • piggy back rides
  • having to take care of him after he does stupid things for videos like eating chili peppers and not sleeping for 60 hours
  • him being incredibly supportive of everything you do
  • being friends with the entire buttercream squad
  • having an amazing boyfriend because let’s be real Josh is the most boyfriend material out of all of them

A/N: I know this was requested like ages ago sorry! I’m finally starting to catch up on requests though!

childofasphalt  asked:

hey! do you have some good resources or blogs to follow to learn about non-western gender politics? i've been super super frustrated by how western-centric most north american discourse is and am looking to find some other stuff!

African Women’s Movements:transforming political landscapes by  Joy Kwesiga, Isabel Casimiro, Alice Mungwa

Talking about Feminism in Africa by Elaine Salo and Amina Mama (Mama critiques ‘African Feminism: The Politics of Survival in Sub-Saharan Africa’ by Black American professor Gwendolyn Mikell and she put into words how I felt about the book when I read it) 

Read up on Maman Jeanne Nacatche Banyere, she’s such an amazing Congolese woman, she’s head of the Federation of Protestant Women in Goma, Eastern Congo. 

Les femmes sapeurs au Congo. I’m sure you’ll find English resources 

RDC : une communauté LGBT dans l’ombre (translate this maybe?)

There are a lot of interviews with Congolese lgbt where they talk about gender, but they’re in Lingala. I said I’d translate some of them but I forgot lol sorry 

I stand with the revolution. From Trans rights to Mizzou, to Mike Brown. I stand with those who are hurting in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, South Korea, Lebanon and the countless other countries and places forgotten but still in the eye of a storm. I stand with Paris too. But when world is on fire people tend to leave brown and black folks in the flames.

anonymous asked:

I have a Colombian colleague who finds the expression "Latin America" super offensive and she HATES being called Latina, she hates people calling South America Latin America and she insists on her Colombian identity. I mean the word Latinx always sounded very us centric to me, so it's an intersting input/

well in theory latin america is already a fairly colonialist-ish term in itself because i mean latin = spanish/portoguese colonization and while it includes most people from central/south america in the US I highly doubt people outside it identify themselves like that without blinking but then again latinx for me is a linguistic…. well, let’s say interesting neologism but that x at the end makes me want to weep because that’s not how latin/romance languages work so idek but in general the US have a certain tendency to put everyone under one umbrella (ie people talking about africa as if it was a COUNTRY and not a continent) in the name of sticking together as immigrants/second gen. immigrants who come all from the same continent sooooo *shrug* it’s very us centric indeed

Echo Dances

The vast majority of Rylyn Dances are solo or pair dances, though there are some for groups as well.

Echo dances are something of a mixture also containing elements of the Real Life Talking Drums of West Africa and “call and response” songs. They are both a form of communication and an important aspect of the spiritual observances of the Night-Side Cave-Dwellers.

Echo dances under the light generally appear jerky and disjointed, very much lacking the characteristic grace of the Twi’leks. to the Twi’leks’ echolocation sense however they give an impression that is, according to all accounts, quite pleasing. (As I am not a Twi’lek and posses no such sense I have to take their word for it.)

In addition to physical movements, Echo Dances are made up of a combination of clicks, stomps, claps, and low whistles that comprise an elaborate language of their own. Echo Dancing is an art that requires years of intensive training, though there is a shorthand, simplified version that most Rylyn are at least passingly familiar with.

In the Caverns, there is a system of relay stations set up (think the beacons of Gondor) that are used for inter-clan communication via Echo Dances. This is a form of communication that requires no visible contact whatsoever. It is a dance where visual movement is irrelevant. The primary sense of the Twi’leks is not vision or even hearing, it is a sense that gives them impressions of the world around them that are perhaps best described as a combination of sound and touch.

In addition to long-distance communication, Echo Dances are an important spiritual practice. Each clan of the Rylor’ys have at least one trained Echo Dancer and a handful of traditional Echo Dances that every member of the Clan knows even if they aren’t trained it exactly what it means and how it is constructed. And each Clan has one Cavern; wide with a high ceiling, where the acoustics are just right…The Dancer, usually a priestess, dances and the Clan responds as an Echo of the echoes.

gitgey replied to your post: Ugh. Why do I even bother.

What crazy shit did they say this time

JonTron released a video where he gave the weakest apology on the planet and skirted actually going into detail on what he meant in the several egregious statements he made during the debate.

antis took it and latched onto it for dear life, claiming people blew his statements out of proportion, how Destiny (the guy he debated with) “made him look stupid” (even though the only thing that made JonTron look stupid were his own paranoid “preserve the white race” arguments), and how JonTron’s statements “actually had a bit of truth to them” and weren’t that bad.

Keep in mind JonTron made statements regarding immigration “diluting the gene pool”, made several comments about black people and crime and made loose and extremely questionable statements connecting it back to “black people in Africa”, talked about how white people “have every right” to talk about preserving their heritage (again, literally white nationalist rhetoric) and went on and on in a “totally-not-racist-just-stating-the-‘facts’” fashion that would make even the most hardened /pol/ basement-dweller raise their eyebrows in amusement.

Ok but really, nothing pisses me off more than when people talk about Africa like its one giant fucked up country, its fucking continent, with multiple, diverse countries, filled with different groups of people, and whole place isn’t one giant fuck fest, there are parts that are really nice, and developed. Yes i think that there are a lot of problems in a lot of african countries but that doesn’t excuse dehumanizing the people living there.
Paris climate talks: biggest polluters back tougher warming target
US, China, Canada and EU among big carbon emitters at UN summit supporting 1.5C target to protect most vulnerable countries such as small island states
By John Vidal

The world’s biggest climate polluters rallied around a stronger target for limiting warming on Monday, saying they were open to the 1.5C goal endorsed by the most vulnerable countries.

In the final push to a climate agreement, the US, Canada, China and the European Union declared they were now on board with demands from African countries to adopt an even more ambitious goal to limit warming.

“We can’t go home and say ’we saved the planet, check.’ This issue will continue to be a top priority for the president and the White House coming out of Paris heading into next year and for remaining time that he is in office because there is more work to do,” a White House official said.

Small island states say the current temperature goal of 2C would bring doom, drowning low-lying areas, and forcing mass migration.

Anti-Social Justice people: My world view was fine until I come across this site. This site makes me lose my faith in humanity with all these race baiters.

Anti-Social Justice people months later: Look at what’s going on in Africa. WHY ARE YOU NOT TALKING ABOUT AFRICA?!?!?!

Me: I understand there is injustice everywhere, and not just the US. But can I ask you why you think referring to something in a place, that you have no knowledge of other than it’s geographical location and the color of the people that lives there and the absence of the complicated historical problems, have to do with the fact that I’m addressing complex situations right here in the country you live in?

Anti-Social Justice people: Because Malcolm X says “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” and you should listen to your brother Malcolm X.

Me: That’s - that’s - you said a Martin Luther King quote there.

Anti-Social Justice people: AFRICA HAS SLAVES!