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richie: …and yeah i think it captures, love, life and loss in a deeper way than anything else really has been able to do before and that’s what makes it so powerful. 

stan: yeah, yeah definitely.

eddie, walking into the room: what are you guys talking about?

bill: a-africa by t-toto

The myth(s) of North Africa, the Middle East and the « MENA »

In this post, I’d like to debunk a few myths about North Africa, the Middle East, and, overall, this « MENA » region that people are always talking about. Long story short, those three terms are inaccurate in various degrees, and behind them hide colonial and imperialist ideologies. They’re not neutral, nor are they factual — they send a message, and you should be aware of their meaning when you use them.

This is a long post so I’m putting it under a “read more”; I would also like to thanks @movingtospacesoon for being kind enough to correct my (numerous) English mistakes.

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Most of Africa is still very hugely poor, many of those countries are arab majorites and lots of those photos are simple hotels of the tourism industry and golf clubs. Africa still has the poorest infrastructure in the world and the Lagos NIgeria photo which is the "biggest' is only a proposed plan - it doesnt exist just like the photo shows. All those photos are cherry picked and but a very few, and a small percent of a continent that is mostly underdeveloped. Sorry to rain on your parade

I’ve been to Africa.
Those places exist.
You didn’t rain on my parade.
Nice try though.

The majority of the worlds natural resources come from Africa. If Africa was poor and worthless - no one would bat an eye at it. The truth is, Africa is kept in poor conditions, (conquer and divide, diseases, war, corruption funded by overseas governments), so the west can continue robbing Africa blind, while leaving the Africans distracted. Colonisation is why Africa is in the condition it is.

Let’s no pretend this isn’t happening.
So don’t come into my inbox, talking about Africa, like it’s poor for no reason.

If you’re going to rain on my parade, take responsibility for why you’re doing so in the first place.

Africa will rise again one day and they won’t be docile about it either. Every dog has its day.

I don’t know how to queue so this is your nightly reminder at 8:20 pm that

you are the most important person in your life. you are the driver, not a passenger. you do not owe the world anything. you are a complete person. you can do it, or not do it, for your life is your own and nobody can take that from you. fight those that try. you have every right.


“Sometimes, a woman really challenges you and it makes you want to run away. Because it’s terrifying. And the worst part is… I did meet an incredible woman here and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. But I ruined it. And I’ve regretted it every day since. I just wish I’d tuned everything else out and followed my heart.“

Remember the heated date/almond North African debate that my girlfriend @gothhabiba and i blogged about back in September? I finally took the time to get all the 47 answers together and this is the result! Dates win~

Without surprise, it seems that the closer you get to Morocco the more likely you are to enjoy almonds over dates. Except in Morocco where more people prefer almonds and in Algeria where there’s a tie between the two, dates are winning in all the other countries. 

We can also note that 42,55% of all answers were given by Moroccans people, but that wasn’t enough to make almonds win. 

Thanks to everyone who answered and congrats to #TeamDate <3

Young Love - James Delaney

Request: you and james delaney are forbidden to be together as your family is very well liked in the community but that doesn’t stop you two from starting a relationship :) thank youuu

Could you please write a fic about James Delaney whispering “I have a use for you” as he takes the reader to bed? - @wildchildair 

Young Love - James Delaney

The Delaney’s were mad. That was what everyone in the community said about them. The mother had tried to kill her son and had been locked up in Bedlam. The son was a wild thing, even before he joined the army. James would act out in certain ways just to see how people would react. His moods could be vicious like his mother and you had witnessed them a few times as a young woman.  

Once in particular, at a party that your parents were holding.  

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Jaal Ama Darav (accent)

So it was pretty clear right off the bat that the angara have at least 3 notable accents, and that Jaal’s really stands out from the rest.

When Ryder asks an angara about it they say it’s because the species lived sepparated from each other on different planets for so long.

So I started to wonder if I could figure out what planet Jaal was from based on his accent, which to me sounds much more distincive than any of the others (is it like some kind of african maybe? I’ve heard people from africa talk and the accent is beautiful). Anyway I figured he was from havarl based on it.

Turns out yes. He is from Havarl. The Aya… was she a governor? Anyway the Aya leader says so much and I think also says that the resistance leader is from Voeld.

But I was kinda proud of myself for getting it right before characters in the game confirmed it for me.

Seriously, though. His voice is fucking devastating. I could listen to it all day.

Tbh, racists are making these trash ass excuses about Black Panther because everyone and their grandmother knows if white people hadn’t infested and ruined Africa, it and its people would be the greatest on this planet . And yes, I’m talking about reality.
Africa was and still is rich in gold, silver, oil and many natural resources. The riches person to ever live was a a west African man worth an estimate of $400 billion. Behind a majority of the worlds greatest discoveries and contributions to the planet are from people of African descent. For fucks sake, black women made it possible to go to the moon and you want to tell me that the success of Wakanda couldn’t be reality????
White racists and pretty much everyone who isn’t black knows damn well if it wasn’t for slavery, colonization, selfishness and greed you would be insignificant…
Your hatred for this movie is bigger than it being “unrealistic”. A two minute trailer has brought more black people around the world together than ever before. This generation of black people are more aware and informed about their history and themselves. And your intimidated. Your scared. Cause you know damn well if we TRULY wanted to,black people as a whole can make a fictional empire like Wakanda a reality….
Your intimidated by the fact that, maybe not as advanced, Africa was Wakanda, blessed with fearless people who took pride in their home, geniuses improving their way of life, black women treated like the queens they are, and a fair and just king,all for a infestation to take everything they hold dear to their hearts.
So to whoever it may concern, whoever has a problem,fuck you and your fake kings and queens and your fake nations run on stolen land. Fuck your animalistic laws and your white supremacy.🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

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I remember reading when it comes to article in EW we'll get that they talk about South Africa filming and we'd be getting new pictures. Are those pictures supposed to be just new posed cast photos or are they going to be new episode type photos like we've been getting in other mags where they put Outlander.

I’d say a mixture of both? The cover image will probably be posed from the photoshoot they did while Lynette was there. I’m sure additional images will also be released online with some sort of video of the photoshoot. Apparently the photoshoot was inspired by a classic Hollywood movie. Lynette Mother of Attention Hoors, Queen of Thirst stated it would be hotter than last years, then of course later backtracked on that. That’s fine by me. The last thing they need to do is write checks they can’t cash—which is exactly what last year’s cover did. I’m thinking it’ll have a more star-crossed lovers vibe and probably include a lot of ships. They’ve (Starz) really been playing up the separation angst and I’ve been eating it all up. 

There may be stills from the upcoming season within the article spread. If there’s not some sort of feature on filming in South Africa and those sets, I have no clue why Lynette traveled all the way to begin with. 

I have mixed expectations for this feature. I can only hope the article will be coherent, unlike last year’s hot mess (it’s important to have hope in this world). I hope she doesn’t take quotes from Caitriona, butcher them, and slip them into the article where they either seem out of place or don’t make sense. Sam will probably get pull quotes and entire paragraphs dedicated to his insights. And some more blah blah blah from RDM. I can only hope even further that this contains new information about the season. This issue is dropping the week before the premiere and as much as I loathe Lynette, Entertainment Weekly does have a lot of reach. One of the primary goals of this feature should be to attract new viewers.