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In 2016, KM were obsessed with arm wrestling. More specifically, Jimin constantly “challenged” Jungkook even though he clearly knew he would lose every time. And JK just went with it because of course he would.

By late 2016 into 2017, Jimin retired the arm wrestling shtick and started looking for other excuses to hold JK’s hand.

And as you’ve already mentioned, if you look very closely, you can see Jimin’s small hands kind of..lingering sometimes. I’m not gonna say outright that they’re doing this intentionally just to hold hands but.. I mean, come on.


Namjoon: Can be very protective over him; have good style/into fashion; make it v obvious they bias Nams; usually very focused ppl, know what they want; very fair/impartial; they look mature but are actually total nerds; give super confident vibes but can be insecure; clumsy and adorable

Seokjin: love food almost as much as they love Jin; also tend to be motherly; LOVE to see pictures/videos of him; actually very creative ppl; very kind but can be hella sassy when they want to be; very passionate about their love for Seokjin; would create a holiday in honor of sj if they could

Yoongi: loud online/quiet irl; love pastels; passionate for #saveyoongisscalp; they pay attention to small details; lowkey really nice; they like to stick together; sleepy/docile most of the time but will roast u hard if you give them a reason; talk big and will usually follow through

Hoseok: loud online/loud irl; very very nice people; love to smile and laugh; are ok with 2nd hand embarrassment; give really good advice; full of love and not afraid to fight you; very good at edits; like to live in the moment; Hoseok is their sunshine; hard for them to talk about their true feelings

Jimin: very passionate in general; love cute things; emotional/will cry over Jimin; very accepting of others; sharing is caring; talk big but usually harmless; dedicated/loyal friends; love everything about Jimin; can sometimes take things too far; supportive to a fault

Taehyung: have all accepted their fate; they love so much it hurts; very nice; usually love/own some animals; very excitable; lowkey sad all the time bc taehyung; will tease you; family-oriented; usually love fashion too; will always stand by your side/won’t let you do stupid things alone

Jungkook: love/hate relationship w/ jk; try to be lowkey but always end up highkey; will fight u, their mom, dog, uncle, etc.; super creative; will ALWAYS protect the ppl they love; easily embarrassed; usually very cute ppl; love memes


Happy 26th birthday, Thiago! (11.04.1991)

Role Reversal AU

Where Ran is Detective of the East,

Kazuha is Detective of the West,

Annnnd Aoko is the phantom thief.

Anyone done this yet?

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Can you please explain this "one word fic" on ao3 to me? I am totally clueless tbh. xx

Okay… you ready for me to go #deep into the conspiracy ;) Let’s look at “The One Word Test” by “””””Dale Pike”””””

S & M… are Sherlock and Mycroft…. and Mark and Steven.

M briefly sees S’s smile, before it’s quickly covered again. To be fair, S isn’t quite the actor that M is.

Mark is the actor. (As Mycroft).  Steven has already joked before, and most recently in the Cambridge Q and A that he can’t act. 

Ever since that train ride — Do you know what I’ve always wanted to do…? Ah, yes, and do you know what would be unforgettable? — they can often communicate near-telepathically.

That train ride. …What’s that famous story of Mark and Steven first talking about Sherlock on a train hmm….

Mrs/Ms Pike is a mixture- foreshadowing Mary (her jewellery, the wedding ring, her saying “wet job” (as in Mary’s wet jobs for the CIA), her Mary head tilt…

But, she’s also S & M’s client. She is us.

She expresses fear to S & M about “what she thinks is going to happen.” Their “plan.”

“Ms Pike, would you say that you know what this case is really all about?”

Her eyes turn fully to him for the first time. “Wouldn’t.”

Odd phrasing. Things that are oddly phrased usually have meaning. “Then wh—“

She holds one finger up to her lips. Shhh.

M actually chuckles now. “Well. We’re in a locked room at the moment. The secret is safe with us, don’t you think?.”

Pike is worried about the secret getting out. But M says ‘we’re in a locked room’ (the heart of the conspiracy?), and ‘the secret is safe.’ And here’s the most damning bit about who she represents for me:

Furrow gradually shifts to frown. Frustration. She wants to get this.

M sighs. Don’t be too upset. It was fun. But now the game is—

Pike looks up sharply at S. Begins to grin again, just perceptibly. Everyone in the room knows what the case is about; she doesn’t need to say that. Cocks head to the right. Another angle, then. Her eyes scan, reading inwardly. Text, text. It’s all in the text. Her lips part in remembrance of things most passionate and most pure, her fingers spread into a five and she silently counts through them, down to the last word.

She wants to get the game. M is about the say the game is over, but is cut off- as she makes her deductions. Text, text. It’s all in the text. Right there, the true story. We were told…

And then she says their Plan is a Big Mistake. (Reichenbach-ing the show? Leaving us in turmoil?) She hints that people will talk (badly) and S is frustrated:  “People do little else,” S snaps. He doesn’t say That’s half the bloody point. The point is that people will say nasty things in reaction, a great backlash….

Also see @avimicah’s meta here on the ‘one word’/Pond/Doctor Who connection…very telling!

But then, we end on a more comforting note….

But M had seen the door crack open for a moment. She obviously didn’t plan showing this; it’s the one thing in her manner that has not been carefully controlled since her entrance to the flat… but there it is. Why this case matters to her.
Oh, Mr Holmes. I owe you so much.
M hasn’t done this sort of thing as much as S has, but he can tell when a client just needs a little reassurance. Talk them down from the ledge, softly. Softly.
“People will talk, Dale,” he says, with gentleness. “What should they talk about?”
Her faint image in the glass is a shadow that crosses the world outside. “Truth.”

The case matters to us, because we ‘owe’ the love story ‘so much’. It’s important. Representation matters. Who we are matters. And M knows this. Has to tell us. SOFTLY, SOFTLY.
People will talk, and we know that, in the end, they must talk about the truth. The true love story.

Now, who the exact author of this story is, is up to you… BUT I’d say the author’s notes become much more funny if you see them as being written by a real writer….

Apologies for:
1) Spoiler alert for Series 4. Or 5. Or whenever they get around to it.
2) Atrocities. I could probably be a good writer; if someone would just teach me how to use ellipses properly. And…


Update: It’s been over a year and two episodes since I posted this. And wow, does it ever still hold up.

Nice grammar joke. Who does that remind me of….and a jibe about how long “they” take to get around to series 4 and 5…. making fun of the writers?… or teasing, self-deprecating, self aware humour……

And then, some gems from the final footnote:

4) Watch that unforgettable adventure narrated by Peter Falk.


Dear S & M (& ST… sorry, but you were hard to work in):

S & M…. who has the initials ST? …Ah, Stephen Thompson…. and he was much harder to work in because this was S & M’s plan, cooked up on that train…. 

Basically, read that story. Welcome to the heart of the conspiracy. ;)

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hi! what are your thoughts on Magnus using Bahasa, whether in fanfic or on Shadowhunters? (didn't read the books so don't care about them) - @defender-and-destroyer

Hi, there!

First of all, bahasa means language in Indonesian. So “speaks bahasa” is literally translated as “speaks language” which is pretty weird. Unless you say Bahasa Indonesia, which means Indonesian language or you can just use Indonesian.

(I have to say this, because of non-Indonesian—mostly white people, tbh—love to refers Indonesian as bahasa and I get frustrated because it literally means language. Just use Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia.)

I have a lot of feeling about Magnus speaks Indonesian in fanfictions. I’m not going to lie, they’re mostly bad. After Magnus’ ethnicity was confirmed in City of Lost Souls, I found a lot of fanfictions with badly google-translated Indonesian. I stopped reading fanfics after that because I couldn’t stand it. I only started reading fanfics again after season 1 aired. Some fanfics with sloppy Indonesian are still here and there and they still make me want to pull my hair honestly. Usually, I immediately close it since it really is ruined the mood. However, I once read a fanfic with really good Indonesian and I was like, “wow, whoever write this did a good job, I love them!” and I’m definitely not upset.  

As for the show, I don’t mind if they want to make Magnus speaks Indonesian. But I really can’t trust a bunch of white writers and producers in doing this, especially after a lot of things go downhill this seasons. Not to mention that most of western TV shows or movies rarely do justice when they make a character speaks in another language. Have you ever heard a character in TV/Movies speak in your native language but you don’t know what they’re talking about until you read the subtitles? I don’t want it happens.

In short, I’m completely okay with Magnus speaking Indonesian as long as it’s done correctly.

If you want to write Magnus speaking Indonesian in your fanfics for whatever reasons and you know zero Indonesian and have no one who knows the language to help you, I really don’t encourage it. Especially not with google translate. (If you try to translate a full sentence from English to Indonesian with google translate, it definitely ends up in a clusterfuck. Trust me). But, If you insist, maybe you can seek a help. There are few of Indonesian fans here. I don’t know if they’re willing to help you, but I prefer help you with some translations rather than seeing sloppy Indonesian in your fics. I’m tired of seeing that.

Oh, while we’re at it, in the book, Magnus only speaks one sentence in Indonesian and I guess everyone in Malec fandom know that.

I appear to have caused some minor controversy on the Schipperke facebook page… I have been sharing quotes from sources I’ve been reading about schipperkes and it seems people disagree! I’d be happy to be corrected, but nobody can provide a source for their information.

If Iris West was played by Danielle Panabaker instead of Candice Patton, and Caitlin was played by Candice instead of Danielle, this stupid ship war would not exist...

…The existing SB shippers would ship Westallen.

…They would never complain about Barry putting his fiance, his future wife and the mother of his future kids before a friend.

…The existing SB shippers wouldn’t be mourning Caitlin’s death.

…The existing SB shippers would actually ship Caitlin with Cisco, someone who has consistently shown love and support for her.

…Iris would never be slut shamed for what she wears.

…Iris would never be erased from the narrative. There would be so much talk about the importance of family and friendship and history and true love and blah blah blah.

“Being a doctor doesn’t make Caitlin’s life more important than Iris’. That’s his soulmate and the MOTHER of his kids.”

…Caitlin would get called out for all of her incorrect medical terminology and procedures. Her schooling and medical liscense would be questioned every episode.

…Iris would never be called selfish. She would get coddled and be given every single consideration a person could strum up.

…Patty? None of the existing SBs would have shipped Barry and Patty.

… That karaoke scene that Sbs cling to so much and after when Caitlin was drunk and offered Barry a “peek of her goods,” OMG Caitlin would have been demonized as being thirsty or slutty or irresponsible.

I could literally list 100 more things that would be different, but I’m not in the mood.

When my kids ask me about my first true love I want to be able to look at you from across the table and smile. I want to tell them about all the adventures we took and all the miles we survived. I want to tell them about all the experiences we had and how lucky I was to find my forever at just 18.

But if itโ€™s not you across from me when my kids ask about my first true love, I will still talk about you. I will still tell my daughter how you and I were a lot of bad timing and that although it didnโ€™t last forever you and I had the greatest love story to ever exist. I will tell my son that if we had our forever his name would have been Alexander not Dallas and I will tell them how we tried to brave many miles and when my daughter asks why itโ€™s not you sitting across the dinner table I will tell her that sometimes all the love in the world isnโ€™t enough to make someone stay and thatโ€™s okay. If youโ€™re not the one sitting across from me at dinner itโ€™s okay, we still had the greatest love story to ever exist.

—  To my first true love