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Do you have any advise on weddings?

I am going to assume, Anony, that you are asking about how to write a wedding scene. Please do not ask me for advice on whether the roses match the table cloths. Color scheming is not really my forte. However, writing is, and I am more than happy to help. Since weddings are such a broad and complex topic, I have narrowed it down to five key elements of the average wedding ceremony. So without further ado:

“The Five Necessities for Here Comes the Bride”  

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Weddings are the climax of a relationship. Your couple has been dating for X years and now they are tying the knot. Naturally, the couple’s family and friends all want to be there for the wedding and possibly in the wedding too for bridesmaids and groomsmen. But depending on your couple and their relationships with others, their audience dynamic may be different from the usual proud parents and overjoyed friends. The element of the audience may seem unnecessary, but it plays a part of showing the emotions of the couple by how their families are reacting. For example, if the bride’s grandmother openly dislikes the groom, this may put the groom on edge and make it uncomfortable for others attending. By adding the body language of dislike and discomfort (e.g. side glances, awkward shuffles, whispers, and fidgeting), you have added this undertone of emotion for your reader to pick up on and for your bride and/or groom to observe and add to their wedding jitters. Or your audience can be all smiles and constantly aw-ing at the bride and groom as they happily exchange vows including sweet moments from when they were dating.

Do you see what this image has done? You have imagined a happy setting and then contrasted it with the awkward feeling from the previous example. All I did was change the reaction of the audience, yet the reader has comprehended the scene and it’s tone differently.

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The March

The march is the bride walking down the aisle. Your audience will most likely rise out of respect and watch with tears in their eyes as she passes by. This part can be written from either the perspective of the bride as she walks down, or from the perspective of the groom watching. Either way it can be written very tearfully and emotionally. Here, your audience’s level of emotion will be evident by both bride and groom as they now are looking at all their friends and family who have gathered. However, you will now want to turn your reader’s attention away from the audience and onto the couple. As the bride walks down the aisle, eye contact will be maintained with her groom at the other end. Their eye contact is filled with smiles and possibly happy tears from both. This is a silent conversation that the reader understands. Now, by highlighting the anticipation and happiness of the bride and groom, you have moved your reader’s eye off of the audience and any pre-wedding jitters and onto the couple themselves.

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This one is spread throughout the wedding ceremony. Traditions vary from culture to culture and even family to family. What is included in the ceremony itself entirely depends upon you and what your world is like. I strongly suggest you do a bit of research into different cultures’ traditions. Not only are different traditions very interesting but, you could find one that is what you want to add to make this wedding special or different. For example, I knew a family where the daughters wore their mother’s wedding dress on their special days. Each daughter had it slightly altered to fit her and her style but the dress was still their mother’s. Talk about taking something borrowed to a whole new level! Which reminds me, any added traditions do not necessarily have to be something between only the bride and groom, though they usually are because of symbolism, they can also include the couples’ parents or family.

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The vows are very flexible, but should be very personal. This part is emotional for both the couple and audience and should be written carefully. Your couple is promising “Till death do us part” which is very serious, but do not be afraid to bring out the deep love and affection that the couple has for each other. A promise for forever is not something to fear, so do not add fear to it. Your couple is happy and publicly stating that they love each other. Whether you have the couple write their own vows or repeat traditional vows from your world, remember to write it with smiles and happy tears and holding hands. I suggest again, doing a bit of research into the different versions of the traditional “In sickness and in health” vows and finding what works best for your couple. You could even through in a line or two that the couple has told each other often that is the equivalent of “I love you”. Not only, does this remind your reader of the close bond your couple shares, but it also reminds sneakily reminds your reader all that they have gone through and brings all sorts of FEELS.

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The Kiss

Now, your couple has said their vows and they are sealing the deal with a kiss! This maybe their first kiss or their 100th, but that doesn’t make this kiss any less unique. As with any written kiss, do not be overly descriptive and ruin the sweet moment. An overly passionate kiss during a wedding is extremely uncomfortable for both the audience and your reader. If you find the kiss difficult to write, try writing it without using the word ‘kiss’. This forces you to think differently about describing it. Or you could revert to the audience again and have them react to it with clapping and aw’s. The audience’s happiness at the kiss will give your reader the satisfaction that the wedding took place and your couple (and their OTP) will live happily ever after.

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There you have it, Anony! I hope these were helpful to you as your couple takes the next step together. Remember that weddings are serious, but they are also full of joy and fun! Keep the mood light and full of happiness. Also, if you occasionally switch from the perspective of the bride/groom to the perspective of the audience, you will be switching it up so that your reader does not get bored from the repetitiveness of the wedding. Do a bit of research and have a bit of fun with it!

Happy writing!


P.S. I did some research for this and did you know the average wedding cost around $31,200? Maybe have your couple start saving early for this? Or just have a really small and adorable wedding?


thats a question i hear a lot! because all i do is infodump about this show to people!! oops.

anyways, gregory horror show is.. just that! a horror show, revolving around an old hotel and an equally old rat who runs it (bet you can guess his name HA)

its in a first person 2-3 minute short clip style, and takes about 30-40 minutes to watch the whole first volume! (theres also volumes 2 and 3 but ill talk about those later) Theres also a manga out, feel free to ask for a link !

every episode follows a different guest, as you the character try and escape this freak show! every character represents a different fear, and while some are obvious (needles, making the wrong choice in live) others are more complicated and scary to think about (death, not being good enough)!

Its a really neat little show, and has a super interesting visual style exclusive to things naomi iwata has done! (those things being Pecola, Midnight Horror School, and this!)

its a very fun cast of characters and a really neat visual style! 

anyways, for the real reason i made this post.

as this is a pretty serious show sometimes, and has a lot of triggering things in it, i made a little trigger list for each episode! If a trigger you have isnt mentioned, just send me an ask and i will make sure its not in any episodes!!

so, i implore you! check out gregory horror show, and stay safe and happy while doing it!



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“What’s up, rockstar?” You direct towards your beautiful, hot as fuck costar.

“Just being my bad ass self, Y/N.” Jensen replies wiggling his eyebrows.

“Right.” You giggle rolling your eyes. 

“You must be happy they are having Dean play around with a guitar, huh?“ 

“Hell yeah. It’s about time. And the leather jacket too." 

"That was confusing as shit when we shot that yesterday. Dean and Sam looked exactly like Jensen and Jared. Talk about a mindfuck. I’m usually attracted to Dean so it was really weird for me." 

"Wait, what?” Jensen’s head snaps up from the guitar in his hands.  


"You weren’t attracted to Dean yesterday because he looked like me?” Jay furrows his brows adorably. 

“That’s correct.” You smirk, getting a kick out of his reaction.  

“Wanna explain?" 

"Well…Dean’s style is different obviously. It’s more rugged, he just looks manly and hot. Military style jackets, boots, henleys, etc.” You shrug. 

“I wear all of that!” Jensen exclaims dramatically. 

“Well yeah but your personality, even your voice changes the minute the camera stops rolling. The whole vibe." 

"I don’t know what your talking about, Y/N.” Jensen replies in his best Dean voice. 

“See. Keep talking like that and I’ll find you attractive.” You wink before leaving him dumbfounded sitting on the couch. 

“Son of a bitch.” You hear Jensen growl behind you, making you silently giggle as you walk away. 

You just love fucking with him.

Is That My Shirt? - Kentin

So after a request for this piece to be about Candy and Kentin training, I decided that this one would take place within in a gym. Not only that, but this is the final piece in this series. It’s been a lot of fun exploring the different ways I can use the same prompt, and I’m honestly amazed with what a positive response it’s had from the community.

It was a hot Summer day and Kentin was more than pleased that he was indoors where there was air conditioning. Not to mention, he had some of the best company there was in his opinion. He and Candy had decided that instead of spending their day together out in the heat, that they would instead go to the gym.

Most people probably wouldn’t ever consider going to the gym a date, and this wasn’t exactly being labelled as a date by either of them, but they were definitely having a good time. It seemed like most people had taken the opportunity to exercise out in the sunlight, leaving the pair almost entirely alone within the building. Perfect for Candy who had only recently decided that she wanted to begin exercising on a regular basis. It was part for her own benefits and part so that she could spend more time with her boyfriend. Both reasons were more than enough for Kentin to happily agree to training her.

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Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 63: Designated

Honestly, the title was such a huge giveaway. But still, let’s ogle the colored pages with our fave boys (bonus very small Maezono in the corner, poor Zono)

but most importantly, the most shoujo manga-esque page in Daiya, ever.

I can imagine how over the moon all the misawa shippers with these panels (most likely an understatement :D). It can be interpreted in many ways, but as I am not that much of a misawa fan and currently doing analysis, I am seeing this both with and without shipping goggles. 

Taking neutral and objective perspective, from the further interaction between Eijun and Miyuki, Eijun does seem to unconsciously put Miyuki on a pedestal. He takes Miyuki’s skill and talent much for granted. It doesn’t quite occur to him until then that Miyuki works as hard of not more than any of them. His skill and talent don’t come from the sky, it also comes from hard work. Only then he realizes his (and Furuya’s) selfishness and ignorance that by their insistence for having Miyuki catch for them outside practice, they take away Miyuki’s own precious time for doing other things he might want or need to do. 

Honestly, I don’t think most of us truly realize how much work Miyuki has being not only a catcher, but also captain and clean-up, despite Coach Kataoka giving particular mention about this when talking with the new vice captains Kuramochi and Maezono. As the main catcher he has to deal with not just one pitcher, but three pitchers with different pitching style and personality, he doesn’t just have to work on their battery but also help them grow and develop, then he has to make game plans before every matches thinking of each pitcher in mind. And that’s just some of his responsibility as a catcher, without including his duty and responsibility as captain and clean-up. As captain, he also have to oversee the whole team, he might have help, but he still have to work. He has meetings with the coaching staff, fellow captains, and Watanabe. Only the clean-up part is slightly easier, simply polishing his batting skills, but with his catcher and captain duties, how does he find time for it? That’s one helluva time management there, and that’s assuming that Miyuki has a healthy one. (hopefully he does, at least Kuramochi and the others make sure he does since they are aware of his hiding habit)

It might be rather late for Eijun to notice, but still he finally does. It is a sign of growth and maturity on Eijun’s side. Then there’s this (from right to left):

Before, this kind of calm and civil exchange is near impossible between these two with Miyuki’s tendency to provoke/tease and Eijun’s tendency to be easily provoked. But now, these two learn to listen to each other, they give time to each other to speak and respond accordingly.

OMG, it makes me so happpppyyyyy….. ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

Finally, these two… it takes you a year and the (near) end to your partnership to finally treat each other as equals?

Not stopping right there, Miyuki praises Eijun to Kataoka.

Which likely helps Kataoka to make his decision.


Remember that Kataoka said that he only picked the pitcher who was in the best condition? With this decision, he considers Eijun as the one who’s currently in the best condition, despite not having all of his numbers stabilized.

THIS, this match is going to be an important turning point for Eijun. Unlike Furuya, he doesn’t have the speed and power in his pitches that are prized in pitchers, especially Koshien and pro-level pitchers. This match will be the time for Eijun to prove his worth and standing not only as a future ace, but also as a pitcher standing on the mound of Koshien. He hasn’t had his time back in Spring Koshien, now his time has come! It’s time for the name of Sawamura Eijun is to be known for those aiming for Koshien!

♪ヽ(▽ ̄ )ノ/(_△_)ヽ(  ̄▽)ノ

Of course all Eijun can think of is that he’s not gonna pitch in more matches. It doesn’t matter he’s gonna play against the strongest team for their practice match. Oh, Eijun. Don’t change.

As if to draw comparison with Seidou, it seems we’ll be seeing Komadai next, against Osaka Kiryu whom Seidou used to have a practice match with. It looks like it’s gonna be interesting.

Some other things I also pick up in this chapter:

The grouping of the first years: Seto joining Yui and Yuuki, with Asada and Kuki seen together again. So we have two (amicable?) rivalries in the first years among pitchers and catchers. However, Okumura’s expression catches my interest the most. It’s the most expressive I’ve seen of him yet, while observing Furuya and not to mention the special panel Terajima gives them. It gives a feeling that Furuya’s gonna be Okumura’s ticket to the first-string. Helping Furuya regain his pitching, giving Seidou back their ace… that’ll certainly do. Who knows? At the same time, I wonder what’s gonna be the reaction of Furuya and Kawakami to the designation of Eijun for the match against Hakuryu?

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Do you think they give haircuts for the prisoners at the workcamps? I think i know why shiro came back with the same hair (well except that his hair color looks different, but were talking about haircuts here), because they want the gladiators with style. If they have the galrans watching, they want the gladiators to look top notch and be top notch too. I don't know about the workcamps though.

There’s a fine line between ruggedly attractive/fighting-for-your-life-sexy and ugly survivor. And I would not be surprised in the least if there’s a whole career option of designing gladiators, like in the Capitol. Designing the right gladiator can make your entire career in the Galra Empire; the person who designs Haggar and Zarkon’s looks started with a gladiator. (That would be a horribly stressful job.) 

It’s incredibly shocking to Shiro that there is this mindset because this is people fighting to the death and for entertainment and they’re worried about how he looks?? How much he can make the audience swoon when he fights?? To make his suit as tight as possible to show off everything?? It’s shocking and disgusting and…normal.