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shit i just realized you actually wanted a prompt from the list. So of course: “Surprise! I’m your Christmas present.”

And He Smiles

AN: NOLA but with none of the vampire/hybrid reproduction-related canon stuff. Also, I know this prompt kind of screams for smut but I decided to go with Christmas cheer.

So this is for both Luce @lclrgsl and Paula @howeverlongs,  I hope you will feel better soon, my darlings 💕

It’s goddamn impossible for vampires to get a headache - and even more impossible for the Original Hybrid - and yet Rebekah and Kol’s bickering over the Christmas decorations is nearly causing Klaus one.

Why his siblings insist on keeping up with those pesky human traditions is beyond him. If the point is to annoy him into murder, they’ve succeeded - the thought crosses Klaus’ mind, tugging a corner of his mouth into a half smirk as Kol’s lifeless body hits the floor.

One Santa Claus joke is one too much, brother.

“Really, Niklaus - “ Elijah steps into the living room ready to lecture him while Rebekah’s too busy decorating the tree with blood-flavoured candy canes to notice or care about Kol’s snapped neck. Before his older brother can finish the sentence, a doorbell resounds across their mansion and gives Klaus an excuse (not that he really needs one) to flee from the talk about manners and holiday spirit he’d probably be given otherwise.

It’s only halfway to the door - and he blames those horrible scented candles Rebekah’s insisted on lighting - when he catches the scent.

Honey, tangerines and a hint of spice.

Her scent.

And despite already knowing who’ll be there, there’s still a breath he has to catch when he opens the door. Because the difference is there, between the knowing and the seeing, and what he sees makes his heart pump the stolen blood in his veins faster and faster.

She’s here and as beautiful as ever.

And there’s a giant suitcase by her side, a neat red bow adorning the top of it.

“Hello, Klaus,” Caroline drawls, her blonde curls bouncing as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other, the only sign that gives away she’s a little nervous. “Surprise,” she goes on when his eyes dart to the suitcase questioningly, “I’m your Christmas present.”

“Elaborate, sweetheart.” His tone is tense when it should be happy but why should he get his hopes up when this just seems too good to be true?

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Her words set a weight on his chest. “I’m not here to be your last love or move in with you, I am not ready for that and to be honest, I don’t think you’re either. But there’s a new year coming in just a few days and I’ve decided I’m done with my hometown drama so here’s your actual Christmas present that’s also a present for me,” she rambles, handing him an envelope.

Swiftly, he opens it and can’t hold back a chuckle at the two plane tickets to Australia inside.

“I want something warm for now. Figured Rome, Paris and Tokyo can wait a few months?”

“Indeed,” he nods. “So you plan for this trip to be a longer one?”

Caroline bites on her lower lip, recognizes the question for what it really is.

Is there a chance you will stay with me?

The moment is charged and air sizzles between them when their eyes meet over that fucking large suitcase.

“I don’t know,” she finally says, the words etched in the raw honesty of her voice. “For now all I can say is - show me world, Klaus. What do you say? In or out?”

For a quick second, he wants to say no, to say it’s all or nothing for him - because it is with her. But he’s the Original Hybrid and there are plan games to think of and opportunities to take and here she is, this little blonde vampire that’s so much more than that and she’s practically throwing him a gauntlet.

Show me the world. Show me that I can trust you. Show me yourself.

So he’s letting the only word he can past his lips.

“In,” he says. And he smiles.

AN: Happy holidays! This post will be a bit different than what you are all used to, so just let me explain; I have been getting A LOT of Christmas prompts, but I can’t get around to all of them. SO, I made a decision that I will just make one giant post with various little tiny Christmas fics in them ( all inspired— but not directly following— the prompts sent in). This will be my ONLY Christmas post, seeing as not everyone celebrates Christmas and I don’t want to clog up their dashes with imagines they don’t relate to.

So, please, don’t send any more holiday prompts in— this is the only one I am posting! Thank you for understanding!

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“Christmas”– A collection of short stories (Various Marvel Characters X Reader)


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Is it too soon for Christmas themed imagines bc if not then I need watching Christmas movies WIH Luke while wearing Christmassy pajamas and drinking hot coco and eating cookies and omg please help

You’d begged him to take one day off prior to the Christmas holiday’s. He’d complied only because you’d looked entirely too adorable standing in the middle of his glass lined office with a red and white had perched on your head while screaming about his lack of holiday spirit. 

“It’s your day off,” You propped your shoulder into the door frame, “Why are you wearing slacks to sit on the couch most of the day?”

Luke looked sheepish as he meticulously creased the folds on the khaki brown, gently slipping them back to the silk of your bed sheets. He stood in sweats and an ironed white button up that was only half done up the pale planes of his torso, his pout entirely too innocent as he scratched at the unshaven shadow adorning his jawline. “Habit, m’sorry.”

You ducked for his shared side of the open closet, immediately retrieving one of his early Christmas presents from you; an ugly yet endearing sweater made of scratchy blue fabric adorned in light grey splotches of holiday shapes. Luke was watching you when you turned in triumph, your smile giddy as you all but skipped to him. 

“Dress clothes are no way to get into the holiday spirit,” You tsked at him. You tossed the sweater to the sheets before busying your fingers with popping the few closed buttons on his shirt. 

Luke’s iridescent blue eyes shimmered as he inspected you beneath hooded eyelashes. He cocked an eyebrow, “Ah, right. So you’re telling me your attire is quintessential holiday?”

You glared at him, purposely dragging the frigid tips of your hands over the warmth of his skin as you drew away the nearly transparent fabric tightening across his biceps. He hissed, shrugging away the shirt to the bed before grabbing your wrists and pursing his lips against them. “Not that I don’t love it when you wear my clothes. However, I don’t think you’re one to talk about your attire screaming holiday spirit.”

One of his grey tees hung loosely around your thighs while a pair of shorts hid beneath the hem. Sighing, you wriggled your fingers to poke at his nose, cheeks, dimple, bottom lip, “Maybe if you’d release me I could change. Then we can start making the cookies I have thawing in the kitchen.”

Luke’s eyes brightened at the mere mention of sweets that weren’t something made by one of his receptionists who so dearly wanted his up most affection. A lazy smirk danced to the far corner of his mouth as he nipped at your darting keratin. “Awe, but love, I can think of so many fun things to do up here. Without ugly, itchy sweaters and the threat of burning down this ridiculously expensive house.”

“I dug for every Christmas themed movie in the glass case in the den and left them on the coffee table-”

“Things that don’t involve ridiculously cheesy pickup lines or the term Hallmark,” He drew you closer by the wrists he still held, dropping his lips to the crook of your shoulder. 

Luke released his grip to suction his hands against your hips, fitting you against the curve of his stomach. You bit back your gasp as you smirked, drawing his chin up against your mouth as you cupped his face. Rather than kissing him, like he was obviously expecting, you squished his cheeks so that his lips protruded like a fish. With a giggle, you pecked his mouth before scampering off down the hall. 

“Meet me in the kitchen in fifteen minutes. Fully clothed. That’s an order, Mr. Hemmings.”

for @alreadymissings and @featuringluke ‘s holiday!5sos’ night! 

Day Six: Holidays

They don’t really celebrate Christmas at the Watchpoint; there are too many traditions and holidays celebrated amongst the diverse cast to celebrate just one. They end up picking a day sometime in December where most members are present and together and just hang out in the largest common room available. There are a hodge podge of decorations strewn artfully about, and on some years, there’s a tree that’s also covered in a mismatch of traditions and cultures.

It was still a melting pot of customs, though. There were Christmas Trees and menorahs, little figurines of three kings scattered on table tops and mantles, lighted candles illuminating the hallways in their orange-yellow light as they burned through the night. Zenyatta loves the thing. “All these cultures coming together… it fills me with hope,” he quietly confesses to Genji once. It’s too early to be night, too late to be day. They’re sitting side by side, closer than Genji will allow most people and closer than most people are willing to sit by Zenyatta. The warm, candle-yellow glow given off by the lights makes the moment have a certain magic of its own. Genji has shut off his running lights so that way the bright green wouldn’t conflict. He doesn’t reply to Zenyatta’s statement, but he does place a hand on the omnic’s knee.

It gives him hope, too.

As time goes on, it shows that some of the agents are a little homesick. Foods traditional to their place of origin start appearing on counters and in the fridge. Most of these endeavors are started by Tracer; she thinks that making something old with new people can help stave off the worst of it. It seems to do her a world of good, at least, as she, Lucio, and Hana make candied nuts. Genji finds himself helping in many of these endeavors, his knowledge of cooking surprising to most people. He laughs because it’s a running trend that people underestimate his knowledge because of who (and what) he is and was. Zenyatta shakes his head in fondness as Genji teases them, leaving them a little bit bashed.

The most extreme result of this actually begins with Tracer. She’s not in the mood to bake anything, and there’s no one available to bake with anyway. So she just sort of sits in the common room and starts singing Christmas carols because, well, why not?

Soon enough Mercy finds her and joins her because they could all do with a bit of holiday cheer, and the more the merrier, right? After Angela it’s Ana, and then Lucio (who brings the instrumentals and starts projecting the lyrics for those who don’t know them), and then McCree, and Zenyatta and Genji and soon enough everyone is there, singing along to whatever comes up. It’s messy and out-of-tune and not at all together, but Lena is cheered and everyone is so bright with happiness it’s almost blinding.

It dissolves from Christmas carols into top 40s, and from there people have to stop and eat, but they all sit together because… well, it doesn’t seem right to leave just yet. Eventually that time comes, however, and everyone leaves in singles or pairs until it’s just Genji and Zenyatta in the common room suffused by warm candle-like light.

But Genji thinks his favorite thing is when Zenyatta sends his orbs to play gentle melodies at that strange hour that isn’t quite night, but not quite day either. Genji requires more sleep than his master, his brain is still mostly biotic, but he requires less than his more flesh based cohorts.

The yellow-warm candle light illuminates Zenyatta’s form as he floats in front of the tree posed in the corner of the largest common room on base. It’s probably the most mis-matched decoration of all, having the tree strung with electric candles and three kings figures and spiderwebs and candies (and, for some reason, a plastic pickle whistle), but Zenyatta seems to adore it. His orbs chime gently, small symbols appearing as the notes ring out.

For the first time, Genji feels the holiday spirit Lucio talks so much about; a spirit of goodwill and peace. In this moment, he is not just Shimada Genji, or cyborg Genji, but also just Genji. It is soothing, and Genji sits down next to Zenyatta. The omnic says nothing, but lowers himself to the floor, allowing Genji to lean on him. The orbs expand to include him in their orbit, and Genji doubts he’s ever felt as loved as he did then.

He feels the hope Zenyatta was talking about, too. If this group of individuals from all creeds and countries could learn to live and work together, maybe the rest of the world could to as well…

The two feel hope, and really, isn’t that what the holidays are about?

(The Pachimari pajamas Zenyatta is currently wearing is just icing on the cake.)

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Salam. Please help. I am a guy and the Imam at our local mosque (UK) has molested me. I know I should tell someone, but I am terrified of the impact on our local community. Especially during Ramadan. I don't want people to hate me. And who would believe me against an Imam?! Is there something better I can do? Should I tell police, or confront him? I just don't want the community to think I have ruined Ramadan but I'm also scared he will be doing it to other young boys (I'm 15). Please advise

Wa alykum as-salaam,

You should tell your family and then inform the police.

Who cares about “ruining Ramadan”? Ramadan isn’t some holiday season where we have to talk about the “Ramadan spirit,” it’s about getting closer to God.

Being an Imam means nothing, they are people, they are not better or worse than anyone based on their title, the title means nothing, it is a trust that your Imam has egregiously and disgustingly violated.

Go to the police, seek help from your family, seek counseling, and be there to support those who may also have been impacted by this disgusting man.

You will be in my prayers, truly, I wish I could be there to sit next to you and tell you everything is going to be okay, just know that I support you 10000% and that you’re an amazing person and you’re not at fault for anything.

Just please take care of yourself, seek out help, and don’t lose your trust in God.

Mad Respect: Patricia van der Vliet

Dutch model Patricia van der Vliet can be found within the pages of Vogue and Interview, but in her off-time, you’re more likely to see her traveling the world. The Inside Source caught up with this adventurous (not to mention drop dead gorgeous) spirit to talk about her holiday getaways, what she packs when she gets away, and the year going forward. 

Jenny Bahn: Where are you dreaming of taking off to this holiday season?

Patricia van der Vliet: Tulum! I love it there. Everything is still so untouched and raw. The food is incredible. So are the beaches. Love the Mexican hospitality. And apart from mind blowing beaches you can do so much adventures stuff down there.


JB: Most glorious moment of 2013?

PV: My most glorious moment… Think it might sound stupid to some of you, but – honestly – when I reached the top of Machu Picchu.

JB: What are your top five things to pack before leaving town?

PV: 1) Embryolisse, the face cream I always use, 2) Leonor Greyl Anti-Frizz serum (girl’s gotta keep her curls in line), 3) A good book (I am a huge bookworm. There ain’t no way I’m hitting the road without a good book underneath my arm), 4) Very superficial, but my iPhone, yes.. and 5) My Starbucks instant coffee  (the Bold Italian flavour. There’s nothing worse then finding yourself with a flavourless cup of coffee. My morning depends on it. I always make sure I have one or two packs with me.)

JB: Any goals for 2014? Dare we say, “resolutions”? 

PV: 2014… I would like to cook some more. I keep on buying all these cookbooks, but for some reason I only end up cooking when I’m visiting my family in Holland. I need to make it a point to cook more whilst being in New York.

(Photo courtesy of @hungvanngo via Instagram. Text by Jenny Bahn)