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Imagine being Riley’s older friend and Josh having a crush on you

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You sat with your friends at Topanga’s, Riley and Maya sat together as always with you across them. You were three years older than Riley and Maya. Even though they were younger than you, you still enjoyed their company and high school drama. You were all talking about their classes and the somewhat triangle when you hear someone comes in. “Hey kiddies.” You look up to see Josh. You looked over at Maya, a giggling mess. “Uncle Josh.” Riley greets, giving him a hug. “Y/N.” He smiles at you, sitting next to you. “Hello Josh.” You smile, his cheeks slightly turn a rosy color. “So Y/N, do you know what college you’re gonna go to?” He asks, hoping he’d be able to spend more time with you but you shrug. “Not sure, why Matthews?” You ask, a small smirk on your face. “No reason, just wanna let you know I’m gonna be here.” He smiles nervously, hoping you buy his lame excuse. “Yeah well, I’ll keep that in mind.” You smirk, leaving Josh with tinted cheeks and a smile on his face.

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i love your blog so much and i always enjoy your answers! but my question is, if the members would be in a high school teen drama, what kind of roles do you think they would have? like the queen, the nerd and so on? ♥

I’ve done, Twice as high school students before here:

But if we’re talking about a high school teen drama then that’s a little different so I’ll play around with my original idea a little

Nayeon: The Queen Bee

No doubt, Nayeon would be the one in charge, the most popular girl in school that everyone is in love with. Can be kind of a bitch but is loyal to her friends and would probably eventually learn the errors of her ways

Jeongyeon: The Classic Nerd

Just a giant nerd. Probably has three or four close knit friends. Talks animatedly about her most recent nerdy passion, always answers questions in class. Probably ends up tutoring one of the popular kids at one point

Momo: The Jock

Every teen drama has one. A jock who is devoted to their sport of choice. Since this is Momo we’re talking about, she’d be the good hearted jock who sticks up for the underdogs. Still be top of the school in terms of popularity though

Sana: The Cheerleader

Kinda ditzy, not necessarily the smartest student in school but she is definitely one of the most popular. Frequently seen in the company of the popular squad, hardly ever seen on her own. Everyone’s hype man.

Jihyo: The Class President

Extremely popular, extremely well mannered, extremely nice. Everyone knows her since she’s friends with everyone. The head of at least three rec clubs in school. 

Mina: The Popular Nerd

A pretty girl, who also happens to be a nerd but is a part of the popular group at the same time. She doesn’t frequently participate in conversation and when she’s not with the popular squad she can be found studying.

Dahyun: The Drama Student

Just an over the top human being in general, quotes Shakespeare in everyday conversation just to be Extra. Messes around with drama class props, close with all of the artsy type kids and can only either be 0 or 100 at any given time

Chaeyoung: The Art Student

Quiet, probably reads poetry for fun. She either thinks about the vast expanse of the universe or the structural integrity of Twinkies. Spends most of her time at school cooped up in the art room. Gets ink on her hands a lot

Tzuyu: The Outsider 

Wears leather jackets and hangs out “under the bleachers” while skipping class. Avoids people but will end up accidentally befriending someone and then will become ride or die for them.

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but just in the new episode we got alec saying that if jace wants to talk about his high school level love drama then he is here for him and we got .. nothing from jace? no "yeah if you wanna talk about how you (temporarily) lost the love of your life i'm here too" or anything like that? jace doesn't seem to notice or care how bad alec is feeling bc of magnus .. not this episode, not in the last (izzy did though!) no hate but jace really needs to step up his game and be there for alec for once!

ok friend see here all due respect you’re already coming in here with a little bias so let’s see if we can work around that i mean i get that you likely don’t ship c/lace and that likely m/alec is your otp, but right off the bat you’re dismissing jace’s emotional life and problems as “high school level drama” without a second thought but validating alec’s as actual emotional problems. i’m not saying you shouldn’t validate alec, but if you really want to look at it from a slightly more objective point of view, you probably shouldn’t be so dismissive of jace’s emotions going to the discussion because that’s where everyone usually is, where alec’s emotions are more valid because you personally are more invested in them, which always, always makes jace come off as the bad guy when he usually isn’t 

and, continuing to talk about bias, we could shade both jace and alec all the livelong day (i know, because depending on who i’m defending on the day, i’ve done both lol) – for example, while jace was languishing in the city of bones potentially awaiting exile in 2x04, alec was ready to skip off to marrakesh for dinner with magnus with hardly a second thought. does alec need to step up his game? (disclaimer: i don’t actually believe this, in fact i defended from such accusations back in the day, don’t @ me) but the point is that it’s easy to build up a case against both of them, people just do it against jace much more often because they like alec (and, usually, m/alec) much more. i mean, has alec asked jace once how he feels knowing who his real parents were and how they actually died? has he asked him how he feels knowing he had a kind of quasi-brother that valentine was raising alongside him  so that he meant literally nothing more to valentine than as one half of an experiment? no, he didn’t, because they can’t always have jace and alec having heart to hearts, because there’s not always  space for that - i wish there was, but the point is, i wish it for both of them, not just one of them

like i’ve said before, jace and alec are in separate spheres of the narrative in 2b for the large part - alec (and izzy! which is why she’s often more ‘aware’ of what’s going on w/ him) is in the politics/downworlder aspect of the valentine problem (with magnus, izzy, luke, etc), whereas jace is in the more personal, sebastian-oriented side of the problem (with clary, seb, and valentine). so narrative structure - because the show services the plot first and foremost - has, in the second half of the second half of the season, kind of kept jace and alec from having long meaningful interactions. again, i wish it were a bit different, but i can’t really complain knowing all the constraints they already have to work with and i love the way the season is unfolding plot-wise, so i’ll accept the sacrifice grudgingly

finally - the clary/jace scene just happened, in the episode, whereas viewers have had time to like….marinate with the m/alec “breakup” scene - we saw the aftermath in the seelie queen scene, we saw the aftermath in magnus looking at the japan photos, we saw it even in the lingering shots at the end of 2x18. but the clary/jace one just happened and we didn’t get to see a lot of aftermath since the plot started going just as soon as it happened - so it was much more necessary, from a writing standpoint, for that one to be addressed in some way or other. i mean, this is a writing thing, not really a character thing which is what we were talking about so it’s a bit of a digression really, but it makes sense why that was mentioned there but not the m/alec thing 

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You can be a shitty, racist person with a successful career. How does the success of his movie change anything about his character? Or lack there of?

Okay first of all he is not racist, he is a performer. If you knew anything about him you would know at least. It’s like Shane said, there is stuff similar ( or even worse ) than his videos all over television      The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy , etc      but nobody makes a big deal out of it because it’s for the sake of comedy. From the arguments that I’ve seen on tumblr, people are hating on him because of “black face” and one of the screencaps  that was used for said argument was a picture of him dressed up as Wendy Williams.  SHANE DAWSON IS A COMEDIAN, HE WAS IMITATING  ANOTHER PERSON AND DRESSED UP FOR THE PART, that doesn’t make him a racist, and nowhere in his video did he make fun of her for being black. He made fun of the entire show because it was supposed to be a parody

You all need to educate yourself on what being a performer is before you go around insulting the strategy of someone so successful. 

If you feel the need to talk about Shane Dawson why don’t you talk about all of his videos?

Like ” Why was I born” a video about a man who wanted to commit suicide but didn’t because he realized the world wouldn’t be better off without him. 

Or the one where he addresses all the teens who are thinking about taking their own lives and encourages them to stay alive because the world has a lot to offer. 

There’s also “High School Drama” where he talks about eating disorders in high school and all the pressure that the media puts on people to look perfect and teaches the viewers not to take shit from anyone and to love who you are. 

You can’t judge someone’s character based on what you want to see. I understand people not agreeing with some of the things Shane does, but that doesn’t give them the right to make an assumption about who he is and spread it all over the internet  just because they’re too pissy and close minded to understand what being a performer is.

And yes, I said I was I laughing at all the haters because while they’re too busy spreading their bias opinions on the tags, Shane’s dream of being an actor/director are finally coming true. He is a hardworking, caring man and deserves all the success in the world.

Scott Mescudi

Former Shaker student Scott Mescudi, better known as rapper Kid Cudi, received a warm welcome as soon as he appeared on the stage. Cudi had not stepped foot in the high school since transferring to Solon High School after his sophomore year in 1999.

Mescudi started his speech by reminiscing on his times at SHHS — even pointing to the section he sat in during assemblies in the large auditorium. “My upbringing in this school, this district, made me the man I am today,” he said.

After Mescudi mentioned his two years at Shaker, a woman shouted “02,” the class Mescudi would have graduated in. Mescudi suddenly shouted out, “Kendra! Kendra, come here!” He then invited his former classmate Kendra Barney onto the stage for a “reunion.”
After the program, Barney reflected on Mescudi’s time in Shaker in an interview. “I remember that Scott was always really, really funny, and that he could draw really well. I mean extremely well … It was a funny feeling, because sometimes I look at him in the news and I’m like, ‘Man, Scott is really famous. Like real-life famous,‘” said Barney.IMG_3641
“So seeing him on the stage was just like … a feeling of being proud. So many people out here think so much of him,” she said.

Mescudi talked about his main concerns during high school, which did not include academics. “I wasn’t the best student. I wish I could have applied as much energy I did to music into academics,” he said. “I can’t say that I don’t sometimes want to go back and relearn some things.”

After high school, he attended film school for a year, and with his later experience in the film industry, he regrets not going for the full four years. “I wouldn’t have to go through so many hoops to be able to direct or create my own film or TV show,” he said.

Mescudi went on to talk about the dramas of high school, pointing out that none of them matter in the real world. “You go out into the real world and realize it’s just about trying to make your mark on the world,” Mescudi said.
Mescudi explained how he tried out conventional activities for young men in high school. “I didn’t play on the football team. I tried and I was terrible,” he said. “I didn’t play on the basketball team. I tried and I was terrible.”

After trying numerous activities and going through a drawing phase, Mescudi decided on his passion for music at age 15. He said, “Music was a platform for me to express myself and also realize that I’m not that crazy, that there’s other kids that might be depressed or lonely, dealing with suicide.”

“I had this fire to pursue this musical career,” Mescudi said.

That fire led him to move to New York City at age 20 to pursue his music career. “I knew I was on a mission, on a very specific quest,” said Mescudi. “It was bigger than just wanting to be musician and do movies. It was about finally showing the world what Scott can do.”
Mescudi joked about assuming the subway would be the same as Cleveland’s RTA. “I was like, ‘Okay we got the rapid, I can do this.’ I was immediately wrong for thinking that, for assuming that it was gonna be the same,” he said. “It is not the same.”

Mescudi explained that while he didn’t receive the cap and gown experience at Shaker, seeing friends from Shaker High remains a joy for him. When he returned home for the first time to give a concert, “it was the first time I saw my peers, friends I went to school with, being proud of me.”

“I’m not any different from all of you,” said Mescudi. “I came from this town, I went to this school … There’s no difference between me and you, I just really wanted this [expletive], bad. I didn’t want to be a failure, and nobody’s failure in this room, don’t ever think that.”

Mescudi emphasized the important of hard work, saying, “If I could give one piece of advice, it would be that we’re all commanders of our own destiny.”

—  An excerpt from’s article covering TEDxSHHS