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When Moffat and Gatiss turn queercoding into a joke, don’t acknoweledge their own queerbaiting and reduce the matter to people “fantasizing”, they give me a reputation for being delusional.

When you give me and other queer people a reputation for being delusional, you pass that reputation onto what we have to say about queer rights.

It doesn’t stop to people believing that I am crazy to think two characters could get together in a TV show. When I talk about being attracted to girls, being agender, trans people not being perverts, the validity of poliamory, not f/m couples parenting, etc. people are going to think that those opinions are crazy too. Spoiler, this is already happening in my life.

fun ways for the show to show that simon lewis isnt straight

(without upsetting canon)

  • a casual mention of a past boyfriend
  • a pun
  • clary mentioning a past boyfriend
  • simon saying “btw im pan”
  • a pun about pans
  • someone talking about being attracted to Jace and simon saying “same”
  • Congratulating alec on having such a good first boyfriend and continuing to tell him about his first boyfriend
  • casual mention of a boyfriend followed by “I’m pan i thought that was obvious” followed by a flashback to all of simons many gay moments
  • a gathering of the gang where simon says “oh btw i have a crush on every single one of you”
  • pointing at a pan saying “me”
  • Congratulating Alec on his epic coming out and continuing to tell him about his own coming out
  • kissing a random boy at a club
  • Sitting his sister down to tell her about being a vampire but she misunderstands and says “simon you already came out as pan remember?”
  • casual mention of a crush on a boy
  • saying “oh god remember when i thought was straight”
  •  “i cant believe i ever thought i was straight”
  •  “straight people are so weird”
  • “i dont understand the straights tbh”
  • going to a clave meeting and saying “wow i have never been in a room with so many straight people this is exhausting”
  • have him enter the room banging pans together shouting “DID YOU KNOW IM NOT STRAIGHT”
  • Chanting “any gender im a fan, did i mention im totally pan”

toys are weapons, weapons are toys

Actually reading the book right now (muttering “No, Kevin” on every other page). He keeps haunting me aah
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hunk is obviously that One Friend™ that everyone lowkey(highkey) has a crush on
so the paladins have two different groupchats
one is the Spade Squad™ and has all five of them
and the other is the Hunk Appreciation Squad™ and it doesn’t include hunk and that’s where they all talk about the cute/attractive things that hunk does

🌠Space Squad™🌠
lance: you gUYs you will not beLiEVE what hunk did today
lance: he put his hair in a ponytail while we were training
lance: I’M SO GEY

a minute later:
💛💛Hunk Appreciation Squad™💛💛
lance: fUCK

🌠Space Squad™🌠
hunk: ummm… thank you?

hunk asks them about it later
“soo.. do you guys like, talk about how hot you think i am behind my back?”
everyone else: UmMm *sweats*


shimokaji | otomate party 2014 disc 4

Honestly I hate being nonbinary/genderqueer.

We live in a 100% binary world, where if your dysphoria is bad enough, doing almost ANYTHING will make you feel like shit and like you’re misgendering yourself.

Need to buy clothes? Choose from two binary sections. Need to go to the bathroom? Better pick which one you pass as. Filling out a form? Gotta choose a binary gender. Want to find a community for something online? Better hope its not specifically separated into “boy” and “girl” communities. Want to call yourself an aesthetic™ term like prince or princess? Haha fuck nope, not for you, peasant.

You sit in a hall for a talk and they address the crowd “ladies and gentlemen!” You want to talk about attraction and people will ask you “do you like boys or girls?” You wanna get involved in gender activism, its men vs women. You meet someone new, and they ask for your pronouns, you have to pray they don’t argue over the validity of yours. Wanna get something as simple as a magazine subscription? They make you put “mr, mrs, or ms.”

You want therapy to help you deal with it all? You better goddamn hope your therapist not only supports being trans, but recognizes your gender as valid rather than a “phase” or god forbid, a symptom of something else. You want hormones or surgery to help your dysphoria? Lmao might not happen unless you pretend you’re binary trans gender. Want a solid support group and community? Wish really hard that your local trans community won’t chase you out for being “fake or confused,” or “making the community look bad,” or being “actually cis trying to sneak into the community.”

We live in a world where, to most of society, we don’t exist; and to the rest of it, we might as well be only an afterthought.

And I hate it. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to just check off “male,” or “female” on a box and have it be true. How many times I wanted to be able to check one off for a sign up like a fucking Pandora account without feeling like I was lying, misgendering, and betraying myself.

And then in trot these little fuckers in the discourse who have the fucking GALL to tell me I don’t face anything particularly for being nonbinary. That nothing I face is possibly different than what binary trans people face. That I don’t have a right to label the easiness of being binary in a binary world, because “that doesn’t exist.” They demand how dare I make up a word to differentiate between what I face for being trans, and what I face for being nonbinary specifically. I can hear “special snowflake” and “transtrender” accusations underneath all their thinly veiled mockeries over the very idea that I might have a different experience deserving recognition.

And I hate myself a little bit more.

  • vax: canonly bisexual, liam’s used the word explicitly
  • vex: canonly bisexual, laura hasn’t used the word explicitly but has said as much on twitter
  • keyleth: canonly has a thing for vax AND vex according to marisha on twitter - marisha isn’t sure exactly what keyleth is at this point because keyleth’s still trying to figure herself out, but she likely isn’t 100% straight
  • scanlan: canonly not-straight, sam hasn’t used any exact label for him beyond that but scanlan matches up with pansexual pretty well and has alluded to encounters with women AND men before
  • percy: has talked about how kash was attractive and how kash’s odd eyes “work just fine for [percy]”, likely on the bisexual spectrum/not-straight
  • grog: clearly has a preference for women but has a bit of a crush on groon and he wasn’t opposed to the attention kerr gave him (his sexuality is literally “people who can kick my ass”)
  • pike: hasn’t talked much about romance outside of her mystery crush and developing feelings for scanlan, but she was described as “flushed” when vex hugged her naked, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m 100% here for bisexual bad bob zimmermann but guys 


Richard Bittle didn’t know being bisexual was a thing growing up. he grew up thinking he was a pervert and was glad he fell in love with a woman. He knew what happened to guys like him in locker rooms and he wouldn’t ever wish that on anyone. 

he watched Jr grow up and was worried about him. maybe he was just feminine but  that didn’t stop Dick from worrying and then Jr is playing hockey and well that’s better than Figure skating but playing football didn’t mean he wasn’t gay [i imagine Richard Bittle would use the f-slur to talk about his attraction to other men] 

and then Jr goes to college and Richard remembers college, he remembers the boy who was on the cheer squad he was older, said he would help Richard. Richard only really remembers the fear of his football team finding out. he hopes Jr has someone better than that. 

when Jr brings Jack home Richard almost forgets to be polite at first. Jack is older Jr older than the cheerleader was. but then he sees the way Jack and Jr look at each other. and he knows that Jack would never let Jr worry about that fear like he had. 

Richard Bittle is sitting in front of a computer, and looking at his son who is visibly terrified. it doesn’t feel like he is here when Jr starts talking. about him being gay, the hockey team knows, he has a boyfriend, do they want to meet him. and all of a sudden Jack Zimmermann is squeezing in to the picture with Jr. and he’s not looking at Richard and Suzanne he’s looking down at Jr. pulling him close. it’s not until Suzanne nudges him that he realizes his son is crying. 

“ ‘course we love you son, no matter what. you don’t forget to invite Jack down for Christmas” and Richard watches as Jack leans down to whisper something to Jr and then Suzanne takes over the conversation. 

Jr. Spends Christmas with Jack and Richard misses his son more than he ever thought he would. Jack comes down for the Fourth again. Richard sizes him up and nods when he hands him a beer. “be good to my son.” “I plan on it sir” and that’s all. 

Richard watches his son tell the world he is in love with Jack Zimmermann. he watches the world be kind to his son but he watches the world be cruel to his son as well. he’s met Robert Zimmermann before but asking him for advice now felt like the first time. 

“it’s hard when your son is in the spotlight, but you have to let him know he’s got a safe place to come back to”  and Richard takes that to heart. he takes safe space training enough that he’s given a sign for outside his office “ Safe space” it declared  with a rainbow over it. he learned about all sorts of different orientations and genders He learned he was bisexual, and  most of all he learned that he just needed to love his son.

just bisexual Richard Bittle 

you know what makes me really happy? girls talking openly about liking girls. like you have no idea how many girls i’ve met that talk about how pretty other girls are, they sometimes even talk about how attractive some celebrities are and that it makes them question their sexuality in a serious way. girls talking about how beautiful girls are just makes me really happy.


Kevin Khatchadourian from We Need to Talk about Kevin

or, The Adventures of the Absurdly Attractive Adolescent Antisocial Mass Murderer and his Mother

I’m so here for aces and aros talking about their attractions. I love hearing aces say “they’re so attractive” and aros saying “I’m in love,” and knowing that these statements don’t invalidate their orientations one bit. I’m talking about graysexuals and demisexuals and anyone on the spectrum, but also about aces and aros who just love the way someone looks or want to be friends. You all are so cool and your attractions are great.

*skateboards in

because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

*skateboards out*