talk about a handicap!

Dear South Park,

Thanks for saying it was OK to be gay when the US banned the LGBTQ community from being out in the military and the UK had a piece of legislation saying schools weren’t allowed to talk positively about homosexuality.
Thanks for having handicapped characters who are fun, rather than tragic, figures.
Thanks for making people laugh at both themselves and the terrorists after 9/11.
Thanks for showing religious people aren’t all stereotypical bigots or terrorists, no matter what they believe, and that fearmongering leads to blind hatred. Thanks for showing that Scientology is a cult rather than a religion.
Thanks for acknowledging the sheer political frustration of the wasted vote. Thanks for showing gay parents are just as capable as straight ones.
Thanks for admitting white people can never understand the implications of the N word.
Thanks for showing the brutality and evil of conversion camps.
Thanks for portraying Tourettes’ syndrome sensitively.
Thanks for reminding us how ugly the hounding nature of celebrity culture is. Thanks for showing us the bitter self-harm nationalism does.
Thanks for telling cancer victims they should always keep up the fight.
Thanks for showing the scapegoating power of austerity that makes the poor shoulder the problems of the rich.
Thanks for mocking the crazy political conspiracists who ignore real problems in society in favour of ideological bullshit.
Thanks for attacking the irresponsibility of corporations who don’t work hard enough to protect the environment.
Thanks for showing how crushing and painful life with depression is.
Thanks for calling out people who seem to be trying to make positive movements and end up doing more damage to their causes than good.
Thanks for attacking the disgusting systemic prejudice that surrounded Trayvon Martin’s murder.
Thanks for showing how harmful unrealistic body standards are.
Thanks for mocking the transphobia of bathroom bills.
Thanks for trying to warn us how much of a dangerous, shitty little demagogue Trump is.

But most of all, thanks for always showing us there isn’t just one way people think even if the issue should really be obvious. And thanks for always managing to make us laugh while you did. Thanks for 20 years of some of the best satire on television, and here’s to 20 more!

Temptation: Chapter 3 (M)

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Werewolf Jungkook, smut and fluff

Warnings: Dom! Jungkook, public foreplay

Word count: 3,626 words

Chapter 1 | 2 | 3

“Come on, everyone is going to leave without us.”

Jumping in your seat, you looked up to see Jin leaning against your desk right next to you. You blinked a few times, glancing at the screen of the computer facing you then back to Jin’s smiling face and you realised that you must have been so absorbed in the document you were working on to realise his appearance. Looking at the time at the bottom left corner of the computer, you also saw that it was already time for lunch.

However, you hadn’t even made it halfway through the workload you intended to finish by the end of the day, so you turned to Jin to decline his invitation. “Sorry, Jin, I need to finish this by today so I’ll probably eat later.”

“So this is the project that you and Jungkook were working on a few weeks ago, huh?” Jin pushed himself off the table to get a better look at what you were working on.

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Two drops of water - Jacob Frye x Fem! Reader

Originally posted by assassinscreedstuff

I really tried to write something during my depression. So I apologize for the shitty end and all mistakes you find in the story. Just enjoy it, please :3

“I bet you can scare Starrick away with that grim face of yours, brother dearest”, you make your way towards the door swinging around the screwdriver in your hand amused. Alexander just ignores your comment about his bad mood, while he keeps writing in his little book about a bunch of dots and dashes, which result in a message.

The smile on your lips widens immediately as you see who your visitor is. Of course, you let Henry Green and his two companions in. “Ah, blast'em!”, your brother mumbles under his breath not noticing anyone around him.  

“Aleck?”, you call his name to get his full attention. “I have been intercepting nothing but poppycock propaganda about Soothing Syrup and what not. No, I swear to high heavens, if Starrick’s monopoly continues-”, he complains about the current situation.  

“-Aleck! We have guests”, softly you put a hand on his shoulder to make up the harsh undertone in your voice. With raised eyebrows he looks at you then focus his attention at Henry. “I beg your pardon, these are friends of mine. Evie Frye and her brother, Jacob”, the Assassin can introduce his friends finally.  

Almost a bit embarrassed about his rude behaviour Alexander lays away his book and pen to jump out of his chair. Swiftly he dances around his chair to stand right next to you, “Um… Alexander Graham Bell.” A slight smile on his lips as he crosses his hands behind his back, “And this is my lovely sister-”

“- [Y/N] Bell”, you tell the siblings your name yourself. “Linguists, inventors, and technical experts”, Henry adds to your names. “Too much praise, Henry, I’m almost blushing”, you make a dismissive gesture with the hand which is still holding the screwdriver.

“Aleck, [Y/N], I have something of a favour to ask of you-”, Mr. Green continues to talk. “Can you fix this?”, Jacob takes a few steps closer. Well, the man is definitely not beating around the bushes. The Indian Assassin seems to suppress to roll his eyes, while Evie lives her annoyance with every fibre of her body.

“That’s a nice little toy you have there. Nothing easier than that”, but before you can reach for the rope launcher, Aleck already has his hands on it. Both of you know he is a bit handicapped due to his injured hand. And still it doesn’t stop him.  

“Aleck”, your brother turns around pretending not to hear the warning undertone in your usually with sarcasm laced voice. “Hm… Looks like the casing is cracked”, Alexander looks around for the screwdriver in your hands. “Aleck…” Not caring at all about your protests he grabs a wrench instead. What a stubborn man you have to deal with.

Your brother gets creative with holding the rope launcher lacking a second hand to use. “Oh, it comes apart”, this time you are a bit faster than him taking a hold of the machine as it falls on the table. It wouldn’t take long to get rid of the problems, if you wouldn’t have another technical expert looking over your shoulder.

“You need to loosen-”, Aleck starts to give tips but you cut him off by pointing the screwdriver at him, “I swear if you end this sentence, your left hand won’t be your only injured body part.” He raises his arms in defence smiling, “Go on, sweet sister. I could have used one of these to fit my fuses on top of Big Ben.”  

You can feel four pairs of eyes on you. Especially Aleck’s, who would love to take care of the launcher himself. But he knows you will make your warning true. “Aleck and [Y/N] are installing a new telegraph line for our Free Press Association”, Henry explains for what you two need the fuses. “To combat the Starrick Telegraph Company”, your brother adds happily.

“If we can mend the fuses connecting independent lines from Big Ben, Starrick will be weakened”, he loves to talk about your projects, “Only, we are somewhat at a handicap.”  

You turn around toying a sassy smile on your lips, “We? I only see your injured hand, brother. Here, I removed the mechanism so it may works with your bracer. Easier to handle during a fight or whatever you are doing in your free time.”

You hold out the launcher for one of the twins to grab. “We’ve got a feisty one here. I’ll put it to use immediately”, Jacob won’t let pass a chance like this. He turns around as Evie stops her brother right in time, “Jacob, wait. Mr. Bell, allow me to help you with your fuses.”

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Ableism In Journalism: Media Buzzwords (And Why They’re a Bad Thing)

Every now and again, I’ll come across advertisements and articles in the media about people with disabilities. In fact, reading an article on the Playbill website is what prompted me to write this. These articles tend to, more often than not, use very specific words and phrases when referring to the disabled people themselves. Of course, I’m talking about terms like ‘differently abled’ and ‘handicapable’. I’ve even heard, from a friend of mine, that ‘twice exceptional’ is one of the terms now.

I don’t know who first coined these terms, cringe every time I see them. Not because they’re embarrassingly cheesy (which they are), but because they are a form of censorship. Like creative dubbing in movies to replace expletives with other words to make them safe for basic cable channels, these terms are used to replace ‘disabled’. This promotes the notion that ‘disabled’ is a bad word. In turn, it also promotes the notion that disabled is a bad thing to be. That, like the expletives in those movies, disability is something that is improper and inappropriate for certain audiences. This harms not only the people being referenced in these articles and ads, but the disabled community as a whole. It makes it look like we’re unfit for the public eye unless sugarcoated and sprinkled over with a heavy dose of inspiration porn.

So, please, every business who has ever used these terms- Please stop. It’s embarrassing and annoying.


3 years ago (I think? They for some reason took off the date and time from my screen capped status) I had a pretty terrible day at a convention.

I worked pretty hard on my red Sonja costume and was so excited to finally get into making Armor costumes. I figured she was a good start!

I made the costume entirely by myself and was pumped to show it off. Not even really thinking of how sexual a costume it was, just that I was excited to be someone that I liked. Maybe it was my privilege that made me think I was safe in wearing it to a convention, but I had done sexy costumes before then and have never been physically assaulted or violated.

I was doing interviews for nerd caliber and someone who was clearly interested in my costume and my body in a creepy was was circling us like a shark. He was making me uncomfortable, and also getting in a lot of our shots while we were interviewing, so we moved. The first time we just moved away.
The second time he came back, I asked the man who was holding the camera to ask him to leave us alone.
I do not know what he said to the creep, I never asked. I imagine it to be something like “hey buddy, can you leave us/her alone?” No clue though. I know it wasn’t harsh enough for him to actually leave us alone.

So I was interviewing and like… 5-10 minutes go by and the guy walks up to me and lifts up the front flap of my outfit and exposed my vagina to all of the convention.
Some things to note. It’s not anyone’s business what was under my red Sonja costume. I was wearing underwear, but that was a part of my body that I didn’t intend to show in public, and that’s a part of my body that I intentionally covered when I left the house. I even made my own underwear for the costume with deer skin lace to hold up some mesh-y fabric so that I would feel more comfortable, but the deer skin lace looked like it belonged. I even made her costume cover way more of my body than hers.

But you know what? It doesn’t matter what I was wearing. Girls (and boys) still get touched without consent. I had someone tell me that I cosplayer that I don’t get along with got groped and she was just wearing a kigu. I checked them and told them it doesn’t matter what she was wearing. If a psycho wants to touch you, you can literally be completely covered. It’s not about that.

So anyway. This whole thing that happened to me was before I started getting naked on the internet, like 🤔🤔🤔 either a half a year or a full year difference. It actually was a huge reason in me creating “Minerva quill” (may she rest her soul) I didn’t want people to interact with me the way that that guy did. Anyone who approached me at a con and knew what I did online was extremely cool about it, but then times kinda changed and I felt comfortable bringing microkitty in the mix.

Regardless of if someone is naked online, you don’t get to touch them without asking or disrobe them in public without consequences.

Something I don’t really talk about is that the guy who assaulted me had some mental handicap that required him to have an aid. Who left him. If you have enough of a disability that you can’t be trusted around women, your aid shouldn’t abandon you for a panel. Again, there were girls wearing less than me, BUT ITS NOT ABOUT THAT. He fixated on me and made a terrible and traumatizing decision to expose someone without any form of consent.

And I get a lot of shit for having the guy arrested and kicked out of a con, but I didn’t press charges, I wasn’t even summoned, the cops were treating me like this was such a non issue to them and that was dehumanizing.

You don’t get to touch people.
Most of us know that.

But this fucking guy. This “fan” (he didn’t even have my page liked) reminded me of this terrible experience today.

And want to know the worst part? I don’t do sexy costumes at cons anymore at all. Every single time my legs are out (Diane, misty, Wonder Woman, Robin) those are tights. I edit my photos to put a little Gaussian blur on them and use a layer to take out the lines that make then all “tights” looking. Sometimes you can totally tell, sometimes not so much. I don’t do sexy costumes anymore at cons because of people like this commenter.

After sharing my experience and speaking up, I was horrified to see how many people were saying that I deserved it and cheering on the assailant, saying I went to far to have him taken away in a zip tie.

After sharing my experience, I don’t regret it, I regret they way I talked about it, because I was overwhelmed when posting and didn’t get everything out the way I should have.

I just wanted to point this out and tell my story again because it’s been 3 years and people still torment me over it by saying that me being lewd or naked means I’m asking for it. To which I say, go fuck yourself.

Dragon Age 4

I’ve heard rumors that Cullen is going to supposedly be a playable character in the new Dragon Age. It’s most likely not true, but I would love for that to be true. Like, new headcanon:

After Lavellan lost her arm, she stayed Inquisitor, but kind of took on Cullen’s role as a Commander as he has to take on her other duties since she was handicapped.

Maker, I need to talk to someone about Dragon Age.

anonymous asked:

Eric talks about how he is racist, makes lots of sexist and homophobic comments, and talks about killing anyone that's mentally handicapped. In your opinion, do you feel like Dylan really held these same views as Eric?

Dylan acted racist at times especially when in Eric or other friends’ company but he wasn’t a racist bigot to the core. When I say this, I’m not trying to negate the fact that he participated in bigotry. It’s just a bit more complex, a little bit of a contradictory combination of a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ in answer to this question.  . First, we need to look at the background of Dylan and where he grew up all of his life.  Suburban Colorado, Littleton more specifically, is a rather homogenized, rampant strip malls amongst neighborhood sprawl consisting of  predominantly conservative, mainstream WASPs.  On top of that, the culture was heavily influenced by Christian churches peppered about with various denominations most especially the ‘born again’ fundamentalist groups.   It’s an ‘inside the box’ type environment which, as a whole, considers the embracing of diversity or difference, as a foreign concept. Having been born and raised in the area, Dylan was already much more of a conditioned product of this isolating, limited environment.  In comparison to Eric who had only lived in the area a few years, Dylan was more culturally indoctrinated in an unconscious sort of way because he primarily interacted mostly with kids and adults of his same culture and race.  Other than the metropolitan Denver area, it’s highly doubtful that gay people lived openly in the suburbs. 

On the other hand, Dylan was brought up by liberal, well-educated parents. Dylan’s parents likely raised their son to embrace equality, to be inclusive and accepting of others who were different or struggling with deficits. At some point, his mother’s career revolved around working with disabled children. I do believe I read somewhere that Dylan had even accompanied her to work on occasion. He was aware that his mom helped challenged children with disabilities. So, there was this kind of mixed-message dichotomous foundation that Dylan grew up with in regards to be exposed to diversity and also being comfortable embracing people different from himself.

Dylan’s parents came to the conclusion that their little boy was intellectually advanced and so pulled him from regular public elementary school into CHIPS, the gifted program, where it was reinforced to him by the educational staff on a regular bases that he was 'unique’ and 'special’. But, by middle school years, Dylan was thrust back into the average public middle school which stood out in stark contrast to the sort of distinguished coddling he’d been accustomed to in CHIPS. He was no longer groomed with those subliminal messages of 'important’ nor was his abilities showcased as they had been before. Dylan eventually got the undercurrent message that he was markedly different in all the wrong ways than his average peers within public school. He must have, somewhere along the line, concluded he was deficient because it was difficult for him to fit in, to be accepted and embraced as part of the acceptable majority. He equated uniqueness with being no more than strange. He was special in that nerdy, awkward, computer geeky loser sort of way. On a visceral level, Dylan felt himself a stranger in a strange land, a 'minority’ of sorts caught adrift.

In his journal, Dylan observes that everyone knows everyone except he is like an “outkast”. He takes stock of his ineptitudes: “Me looking weird, acting shy, doing badly in any and all sports.” In growing up “gifted”, Dylan was put in the spotlight, showcased as relevant for that promising tuture contribution, yet, from regular public middle school onward to high school, it was a slippery slope of a slowly diminishing, eroding sense of self-worth. “I was made human without the possibility of being human.” or “I’d rather have nothing than be nothing.” His poetry sounds like Pinocchio lamenting that he was made to look like a human boy but was cursed with not actually, truly being human. Outwardly among his peers, Dylan tried to fit in and managed acceptance within the school’s already predetermined social caste cliques; he made it in with the 'geeks’ as per usual and then within that low-end spectrum of that, the 'fringe’, those militant or artsy wierdos.  Dylan adapted in his demeanor in any way that would afford him 'sameness’ with his fringe peers, something he wanted more than anything: to be equal, to be normal, to be included. So, yes, he freely exorcised the usual slang and racial slurs that was / is, unfortunately, the typical crass lingo of middle/high schools.  It’s all too easy to conform to the derogatory in every day conversations with peers:  'let’s dub the freshman fags’ or 'hey, nigger’ or 'what a fuckin’ retard that star wars geek is.’   It’s the usual rampant teenage dude speak that obviously is still very much a part of school culture today as a way to brandish machismo and ego boost.  So, yes, Dylan went right along with the racial slurs as many do.   For the most part, it almost becomes a sort of mindless adopted language. If you had asked Dylan if he literally meant every single one of those derogatory comments, he’d probably shrug with indifference. It’s just what is senselessly done in High School, and Dylan adapted and conformed with the rest in his struggle to feel worth something in a sea of affluent, often favored, popular students. Even Devon admitted that the racial slurs were an everyday occurrence at Columbine and so she didn’t really see that Eric and Dylan were markedly more prejudice than the next TCMer, or jock or preps. It’s a bit banal like, say, car alarms that are super sensitive and go off for no good reason and so since everyone hears them on a regular basis, who the hell is paying literal attention to the noise? It just happens. Of course, just because it’s a common practice doesn’t make it any less harmful and potentially abusive to those on the receiving end. Dylan was called a fag often and regularly. He calloused over with all those insults with thee solution to externalize and dump the pain, to cast it off on on to someone else the he and his peers deemed of lower status. Anything to fit in - to be the same and not feel deficient.

And then there’s Eric, a kid that had multiple uprooting from several schools like that of revolving door. Each time he started a new school, he was by default, slammed back to the very bottom of that pecking order 'food chain’.  His lack of height, slight build and his noticeable chest deformity translated into a self-perceived sense of inadequacy, an engrained unconscious sense of feeling physically defective. He was angry at always being the perpetual minority each time in starting as the new school as that'weird’ outsider. Eric took that self-hatred and turned it around at others, focusing that scrutinizing lense off himself and on to others, the actual 'minorities’ in his country, the retards, the stupids of the world. He displaced his feelings of unworthiness onto others and leveraged his self-deemed superiority. Eric tinkered with racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, neo Nazism ideas - hey, whatever worked - use any means necessary to boost the status from the bottom of the food chain to at least the lower-middle of it. Dylan by himself was one thing but combined with Eric, Dylan easily slipped into the 'gang or pack mentality’. And if it was Dylan and Eric and maybe someone else like say Chris -all making fun of or threatening the mentally challenged “retard” student, well then, it’d be an even more potent, asserting sense of high. It becomes their gang of self-acceptance against a vulnerable deficient, minority. What better way to make one another feel better about themselves, to boost their egos in their own self perceived deficits than to embrace the same racist, bigoted mindset within the group and reinforce one another in that moment? The more the merrier.

So, there is Dylan as a decent individual, the laid back dude working sound and conversing and collaborating with Alejandra Marsh in theater production. But there is also a naughty, relishing Dylan, the dude that sits there in the Commons with Eric and writes up a list of all the racial slurs they can think of for the Mexican 'spics’ unbeknownst to Alejandra who was, in fact, Mexican. Dylan and Eric would chat among themselves and make those derogatory jokes about the 1% African American students at their school and how they spoke ignorant ebonics. There is the best of Dylan that has been with his mom at her job and has seen what she does to help the handicapped - there is a core part of him that knows from values instilled that this is correct way to be. There is also the worst of Dylan that hates that fact that he feels himself is forevermore an ostracized minority within Littleton, a deficit, an unworthy nothing, a piece of chewing gum on the underside of a jock’s gym shoe, and so he finds it all too easy to give in. to relish displacing his own sense of unworthiness on to other scapegoats, minorities. There’s Dylan threatening Adam Kyler, a special education student who probably represented as unattractive as Dylan felt about himself, and so he gets his kicks out of intimidating him. Almost anyone will do, and in so doing, boosts his feelings of self-worth and superior ranking. I tend to think that you’ll find a great deal of racism in an exclusive, affluent culture like Littleton which helps to propagate sheltered kids who are not exposed to the diverse world outside their little milk toast world. So, no, while I don’t think Dylan held the exact same intensity of racists beliefs that Eric began to acquire, Dylan definitely did participate in on the racism along with Eric as a means to elevate his self-worth. Dylan acting by himself, was a completely different snapshot.


When I’ve told the story of my brother to people in the past, they don’t know how to respond. This is probably because they can’t even imagine anything so awful and unsettling happening to anyone. I can see the immediate desire to sympathize in their faces, their heads often cocked down, trying to come up with some words of satisfying assurance after being hit with something they can hardly wrap their heads around.

I can hardly wrap my head around it, and I’ve lived it.

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I am so sick of Tumblr’s braindead and ignorant morons. I hate how this “reverse racism isn’t real” has become so widely accepted here, and how white people are mocked. They have no lips, no culture, they fuck animals, they are all racist, etc and other equally ignorant remarks that get thousand of reblogs. What’s the saddest thing is that other white people are so goddamn pathetic that they actively participate in the mocking of their own race in an attempt to lick black people’s asshole and appear sympathetic. It’s no surprise that most of them are dumb Americans who couldn’t point Denmark or Slovakia on a map but think they have a say in how other countries are run. But then, God forbid you generalize blacks or muslims, who are poor innocent souls that wouldn’t harm a fly.

When Ferguson happened everyone was saying how all white people are racist and evil, but if we look at the statistics black on white crime is much higher than white on black. People here who talk about “Black genocide” because of a few deaths are mentally handicapped and I refuse to believe otherwise. Everyone posts about the same shit over and over with the staywoke hashtag, but I’ve never seen anyone give attention to crimes committed by black people, cause on this website, that would be “racist”. No one knows about Delbert Belton, a war veteran that was beaten to death by black thugs. No one gives a fuck about the racist remarks of the Black Panther’s leader, who encouraged its members to “kill all white people and their families”. And dozens of other crimes we don’t hear about. But reverse racism isn’t real right? “You can be prejudiced, mean, etc towards white people but you cannot be racist” Please go deep throat a katana. 

Then we have the muslims. Chapel Hill happened, and everyone lost their shit and cried again that white people are evil. No one mentioned the three terrorist attacks of France, Lebanon and Tunisia because that would be islamophobic and “But not all Muslims are terrorists!!!”. All white people are racist crackers, but don’t you dare generalize Muslims. They also mock Christianity and say it promotes homophobia but then go back to defending Islam cause we all know how supportive it is of homosexuality and women’s rights, don’t we?

It all has become so polarized that it’s perfectly okay to reblog posts with kill all white people/men/etc but if you happen to point out the flaws of these lowlives Tumblr praises you’re the bad one, and you should kill yourself, as so many lovely SJW’s suggest.

If you’re a person that shares the ignorant beliefs I mentioned before please don’t breed, as this planet is degenerated enough already. 

Les Mis Headcanon 29

Joly is an amputee and has Grantaire decorate his prosthetic leg - his favorite was when Grantaire painted it to resemble a robot’s leg.    

He also has a variety of canes gifted to him by his friends.  He loves the overly ornate dark wooden cane with a silver snake handle Jehan gave him the most.  

Bossuet and Musichetta always get angry on his behalf whenever they go somewhere that isn’t disabled friendly.  

Enjolras listening to Joly’s ideas about how to make their rallies and protests more handicap friendly.  

Combeferre and Joly talking about the gruesome history of amputation with fond smiles.  

Bahorel carrying Joly whenever he’s too worn out to walk.  

Courfeyrac always giving people who make fun of Joly shit.  He’s beaten people up before.

Marius not even realizing Joly was an amputee until it was summer and he came to meetings wearing shorts.  

Eponine and Cosette decorating Joly’s canes with stickers.   

cartoon-caity  asked:

That ask of Izuku having burn scars reminds me of a HC I have. What if Izuku has a bit of hearing damage? It's not something easily linked to Katsuki, sometimes people just get hearing loss naturally. Also I imagine Izuku would know that it's most likely from Katsuki's quirk but he keeps this to him self, Katsuki never knew. I would imagine Izuku has some sort of hearing aid, one that was implanted surgically and is invisible, BNHA looks pretty technologically advanced. (1/2)

Maybe the class finds out when they where training and it broke. (2/2)

(Concerning this post)

(Sorry for the late reply, cait!)

Well, I’m not sure about Izuku having a hearing damage – sure, he spent a lot of time with Bakugou, getting nearing his quirk and his explosions, but… I, personally, do think that if one got a hearing damage from the use of such a quirk, then it wouldn’t be Izuku, but Bakugou himself. He is the one with the quirk itself, he is the one closest to it at all times.

Think about it: A person’s quirk awakens with the age of four. We don’t know exactly how the quirk manifests – if it’s suddenly, or a slow process. But either way, it would be possible that Bakugou couldn’t control his quirk completely at such a young age. Now it would make sense that, one day, while playing, Bakugou activates his quirk accidentally, causing some hearing damage with the resounding Bang. He’s not deaf or anything, but he can’t hear as well as others.

Now, Bakugou is not one to talk about his own weaknesses’ or handicaps. So no one knows about it, not even Izuku. Bakugou just talks louder than others (which surprises no one, since that guy always seems to yell) and has to concentrate a bit more than others to understand what is being said around him. So it takes very long for someone at U.A to notice his little problem.

Perhaps his parents mention it when Aizawa and All Might go to talk with them. Perhaps Recovery Girl notices when she patches Bakugou up after some training. Either way, once they do notice, there is no holding it anymore – first of all, Aizawa gives the boy some harsh reminder that He as their student is supposed to tell them when something is wrong, All Might worries about the boy, and Recovery Girl just shuts both of the teachers up and proceeds to prepare some of the newest and best hearing aids available. Bakugou insists that, if he really has to get a thing like that, that it’s at least little and unsuspicious, so that no one can see it.

When he gets that, he finally gives in, grumbling, protesting, saying that he could have went on without such an aid.

(He never tells anyone how much better he feels when he is finally able to hear his classmates and teachers and family talk and joke and laugh around him.)

Sorry, I just took your idea and turned it around completely. I hope you like this a little bit, though! ^^’

Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 37

Read on AO3.
Part 36 here.
Part 38/final chapter here.

Summary:  Look, man, sometimes a dream… is just a dream. I read that on the back of a milk bottle, once.

Words: 2800

Warnings: Shattered dreams.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: AHAHAHHAA ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT WHAT WILL HAPPEN!? !I am glad everyone tolerated my super-long chapter and that we are in favor of Reader-chan standing up for herself! YEAH Reader-chan! Everyone is so proud of you. :D I love y'all so much!! Your encouragement and engagement with my story is far more than I could have ever asked for. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! <3

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I’m aware that Nathan Prescott has fucked up

his situation is fucked up
he doesn’t want to be in it
he called his father fucked up
his father is pushing him to do this shit

when I say “do this shit” I mean he’s trying to make him drug girls

Nathan doesn’t want to drug girls
it’s possible that he drugged Kate, I seriously think he wanted to help, but he probably was made to take her to the dark room
Jefferson did the rest from there
Nathan has been abused
Nathan is being manipulated 
Nathan has been drugged and posed with a potentially dead girl on him
Nathan can’t open up about things or it could risk his or someone else’s lives
Nathan has been abused and manipulated for a long time 
Nathan feels trapped
Nathan thinks everybody hates him
Nathan gets hate off of the whole town for being rich, or for the works of his father alone 
Nathan parties to take his mind off of all the shit he has been through, just as Chloe smokes and drinks
Chloe is a victim too, of different things but similar in some ways
Chloe has lost her father
Chloe possibly has been hit by David a few times
Chloe has had her best friends/possibly girlfriend disappear in her life
Chloe has felt like no one is there for her
Chloe has been drugged

They’ve been through some similar things and some very different things

Chloe acts out sometimes, she is a teenager who is still growing and developing with all the shit she’s been through. She can be aggressive and as we all know, she can try to steal money from handicapped people, Kill Frank and his dog, talks about how she would like to drug people, blames everyone around her for everything that has happened in her life and of course, plans to murder Nathan as well as taking a loaded gun to the school.

Their situation is completely screwed up, Chloe isn’t a bad person, she has good intentions (most of the time) but we’ve seen her more vulnerable side and seen more of her story, she is a victim herself and some of the shit she’s been through is horrible. She isn’t perfect, although 90% of the fandom thinks that she is and then instantly hate on anyone who likes Nathan, claiming that he’s a rapist/murderer (he didn’t touch anyone or do anything like that, it’s even said in unused dialogue) 

Chloe is not perfect. She acts the way she does because of the way she grew up and the things she has been through. it’s normal for teenagers to act out.
Nathan is not perfect. He acts the way he does because of the way he grew up and the things he’s been through. it’s normal for teenagers to act out. 

If they both didn’t act out, it would mean that Nathan is okay with what is going on, Nathan could happily drug girls and do all sorts of messed up stuff if he wanted to, but then he wouldn’t have meltdowns and he wouldn’t be as messed up because he would actually want to do it. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to do anything of that nature and doesn’t really have much of a say in it. Chloe would also not act out if she felt like her life wasn’t going to shit and that a lot of bad things have happened to her.

Chloe acts out from the things she has been through. She is not perfect. She is not bad. She fucks up, like everyone does. 

Nathan acts out from the things he has been through. He is not perfect. He is not bad. he fucks up, like everyone does.

I want to just keep on saying this so people can understand 

If you hate on Nathan for the shit he’s been forced to do/accidentally done, you might as well hate on Chloe, I mean let’s face it, Chloe accidentally KILLED herself in episode 2. She could have accidentally shot Max. she was drinking alcohol and using a loaded gun. but when she does it, it’s totally fine and okay? She did it for fun (Shooting the bottles) 
Nathan carries a gun with him for his own safety, possibly also a side effect of having PTSD (If he has it, which I would not be shocked if he did) 
he has pulled a gun on someone and accidentally shot them, he also pulled a gun on Warren when he was being beaten. 

I like Chloe. She is just as human and as valid as anyone else.
I like Nathan. He is just as human and valid as anyone else.

They’re very different, but in a lot of ways ..quite the same.


I gotta kid. Jane. A terrific kid. Beautiful little girl.

She’s gotta lot of problems, though. She’s handicapped.

She’s in a wheelchair. See, and that’s why I concern myself with the weather so much. Sunny day, she can sit outside in the garden. Rainy day, I gotta leave her cooped up inside.

I worry about the future…But you can’t do that.

“That scene where he talks about having a handicapped child - we could just be dead at that moment. Because it’d be too much schmaltz, it could be really bad. But they way they handle it with each other, and they just completely stripped it down so there’s no anything in that scene, they’re just saying things.” ~Kelly Marcel (Screenwriter)

Anchoring Whistling in the Wind


At the annual meeting of the United States Golf Association in Pinehurst last month the PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem and PGA of America President Ted Bishop asked the Executive Committee to delay the implementation of Rule 14-1b prohibiting anchored putting strokes.

Their presentation proposed a “grandfather” period to provide amateurs more time to adapt to putting with a conventional stroke. Professionals and amateurs playing in competitions using the Rules of Golf would have to comply in any event so the request was only applied to recreational players.

In any event the USGA said, “No,” the Rule will be implemented on Jan. 1, 2016 without exception according to a letter from Bishop to his members released yesterday. When the Rule was announced both organizations came out strongly against it as something that would hurt the game and its potential for growth.

What has been lost in all the posturing and rhetoric is Rule 14-1b will not have any more attention paid to it than the other Rules of Golf unless the average golfer chooses to. Put another way, on any given day you often see multiple mulligans, a Judge Smails “footwedge from the rough, bags with over 14 clubs and gimme putts of a length that if you had that much Manhattan real estate you’d be rich.

All of these are against the Rules of Golf but at the end of the round the scores are still put in the GHIN computer for the calculation of handicaps…talk about a system that’s dysfunctional. And by the way, nobody knows for sure but far fewer than 20 percent of golfers — maybe less than 15 percent — have a USGA handicap. So a rule banning anchored putting strokes for recreational players is another case of golf’s ruling body whistling in the wind.

Or maybe it’s whistling past the graveyard as participation in our game continues to shrink and the USGA continues to fund programs that don’t produce significant results.

Reddit is better than tumblr

Not because of all the sjw bullshit. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I go on tumblr is to go laugh at the sjw bullshit. Where else do you get to hear people run around screaming about how all men are potential rapists, and only white people can be racist, and bisexual people don’t exist? Comedy gold.

There are a ton of reasons I prefer reddit to tumblr, but the biggest on is that it has a downvote system. When troll posts pop up on this blog, talking about how mentally handicapped people should be murdered or stuff like that, they get spread around by people reblogging just to say how offensive and terrible it is. When someone tries shit like that on reddit, it gets downvoted into oblivion and far fewer people are forced to see that pop up on their front page.

Celebs at the Globes talked more about that time Trump mocked a handicapped person than the 4 black people who kidnapped, scalped & stabbed a handicapped person. 🤔

🙏🏼 To every American follower over 18 I beg you to vote 🙏🏼

‼️Please do not boycott the election.
You’re not making any difference by not voting, or voting for for some unrealistic third choice.‼️
If you feel both candidates are bad, please vote for the less bad one, that doesn’t mock handicapped people, talk about grabbing people by their genitalia… the one who cares for affordable college education, is pro-abortion and lgtbtq+ rights. Who has political and juridical experience.
‼️Just get out there and please please vote.‼️
It’s your right AND duty to vote.
Vote for the sake of people all over the world that don’t get to vote. Do it or you may regret it later on!