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How long did it take you to learn Korean ?

LOL, I’m really far from knowing korean fluently, I know the grammar and how to read, I know words, so I can understand phrases, plus I watched a lot of k-dramas, also if you can read, you can just google words, so kinda easy when there are captions, when you search words, you remember them with the sentences (th best way to learn any new foreign words), and you see the grammar and so on, but I’ve been doing so since I was 16, so idk im just accustomed to korean i think, but no, i dont really know korean that much

tbh I’m finding it kinda hard to believe PriPri is going to end at twelve episodes bc there are things the show has introduced and has yet to really use.

For example, the woman Beatrice remembers after her voice box malfunctions in episode 3–is that lady her mother? An assistant involved in her father’s experiments? Both?? We don’t know bc Beatrice has never brought her up again, not even when she bonds with Dorothy in episode 6, but I feel like PriPri’s writing has been too good for them to hint at something like that only to never address it again. If that woman isn’t involved in episode 12, then her appearance in Beatrice’s memories could have been foreshadowing a plot they would develop in a second season.

Another point that I’ve been wondering about is Cavorite poisoning. They introduced it in the very first episode for crying out loud, but it hasn’t been mentioned again. How does one get poisoned by Cavorite? What are the symptoms besides radioactive-green eyes and a personality change? Could it kill the person if left untreated? When it was first mentioned, I assumed Ange would later get poisoned bc of how much she uses the C-ball, but even when the ball’s Cavorite broke in episode 3, she wasn’t hurt by it. If they weren’t going to talk about Cavorite poisoning ever again, then why not have Amy Anderson be sick with literally anything else or injured?

Well, this has gotten longer than I intended. I’m not trying to nitpick PriPri–it’s one of the most enjoyable anime I’ve ever watched, and I’ll probably have a soft spot for it always–I’m just writing out some things that’ve been bothering me and hoping for a second season. Maybe I’m being too hopeful, and the next episode really will end the series for good. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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I don't mind the wired mic at all but I am scared that he may trip and fall and I can just imagine him trying to catch his fall with his hands and fuck up his wrist even more, I'm being dramatic but I don't want anything to happen to him 😩

Yeah my extra loving ass is thinking the same

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do u know where can we watch the knowing brothers subbed in english?

I usually watch the show on  kshow123, but subs are available after one or two days? i think, idk how it’ll be with bts

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you know what i dont understand? why harry doesn't have a wireless microphone

It’s not fitting for songs like Only Angel and Kiwi esp. During Kiwi at iHeart he had to lift up the wire and move it at certain times whilst singing. He made a little ‘uh-oh’ face lol. So it is a little hinder when he wants to dance around, and I don’t get why he has it when he can get rid of that problem so easily. But idk. If he wants to have wired mics then okay lol. 

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OMG YOU LOVE BOTH SANAMI AND HINAMORI?? I THINK I LOVE YOU NOW. Do you also ship HitsuHina? Even if you don't, I really loved the fanart you made of them. If you find the time, and would like to, I hope you make more, and of course I also really love all of your Sanami art. ^^

One of My fav Character is Hinamori and Yup! I do ship HitsuHina xD tho the time when I hype on Bleach many years ago I wasn’t actively drawing fanarts so I don’t have many fanart of Bleach let alone HitsuHina :’D

maybe one day I’d draw them again, and thank you so much!

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C, would you describe Harry's stage style as a little androgynous? Or is it aimed toward a certain time period? I love it, I just don't know what inspired it haha (I do catch some classic rock idol vibes though)

A little androgynous at times, but mostly very classic rock. British. Very 70′s rockstar-ish.