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so i hit 1k a loooong time ago and i’ve been meaning to do one of these but i’ve been too lazy haha but anyways thanks to all my followers even if about 80% of you guys are bots. but even so its crazy to have over 1000 people know about my blog. i was curious so i googled what 1000 people would look like and wow thats a lot of people. anyways, shouting out a bunch of friends/mutuals letsgetit

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thats it for now. feel free to follow me on other stuff such as twitterinstagram and add me on discord/kakaotalk because i’d like to get to know a lot of you more. anyways, huge ups to everyone for being with me this far. here’s to another 1k fellas.

ps: lemme know if i forgot any mutuals cuz i definitely did lols

I rly want a league comic thing with highschool au and stargaraurdian au mixed together and like it’s just a slice of life about their life and shit

Like ekko has a huge crush on jinx but he notices that she’s always with lux so he thinks that she might be a little gay. or maybe ahri used to be more preppy but she suddenly disappeared and is now a little more on edge

And I want it to also center on the “regular” highschoolers too like what’s vladamire up to? Or is Darius gonna join the basketball team? Or like yasuo drops off his new adopted daughter taliyah to school. Zed and Syndra drama?? Kayn starting an “I love zed” fanclub that only has two members: Kayn and shen. Poppy and Darius becoming best friends after they tie in an arm wrestling contest. Ezreal transferring to the school and instantly falling head over heals over lux. Miss fortune constantly making sassy remarks at mr. Gangplank during class. Draven constantly getting into trouble and Darius has to go get him. Janna flirting with yasuo even tho in this scenario he’s old enough to be taliyas dad lmao. Bruh I’m starving

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Hey! What accounts would you recommend??💕

Hi! Okay so I have complied a list of my favourite blogs that I’ll think you’ll like! I have also provided their names! (I knew most of their names except for a few..yikes sorry guys haah) also don’t be afraid to message these blogs! They are all super duper nice! Not all these blogs are writing blogs. I have provided writing blogs and just fun blogs that I really like. To all these blogs I have listed below! She may follow you so don’t be sketched out, she’s very sweet and I have been talking to her for about an hour! Okay so I hope you enjoy these accounts as much as I do

@datudolan (Kai)
@wonderfuldolans (Josee)
@artdolan (Emi)
@prettybabyhazza (Eliza)
@dolan-twin-trash (Miranda)
@scuteedolans (Leena)
@overalldolan (Brie)
@thedolangifs (Zara)
@pinksnapbackbullshit (Alyssa)
@crispydolan (Hannah)
@blue-streak-dolan (Cheyenne) (also my bff in this fandom)
@edjjr0401 (Juan)
@baileysdolan (Shaw)
@thedolantea (Marissa)
@grethanscutie (Spiritt)
@dolantwinsbabe (Taliya)
@poeticallydolan (Elissa)
@mardolan (Marian)
@darlingdolan (Jenna)
@ddolanss (Jenn)
@latinodolan (Mar)
@writingdolans (Pia)

These blogs are so amazing! The writing blogs are amazing! I absolutely love all of these blogs and all of the people running them.

I just wanna welcome you into the Dolan tumblr family! We are all super close and all so nice! I hope you enjoy being on tumblr. And I love you. Thank you for the ask cutie 💓💓

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Answer these questions 1-fave twin? 2-what songs do you like the most 3-fave Tumblr blogs

So I’m a Grayson girl but I love my boys equally and I don’t really have a lane, but I think I’d personally match better with Gray (in my delusional-ass mind)

Right now, I really love Stay by Alessia Cara and Zedd, I’m getting back into old school Eminem like, pre-rehab, I love everything on the Dolan Twins Fandom Playlist on Spotify, and I cannot stop listening to Coucheron’s remixes of Tuesday and Headband. I also am obsessed with the Gorillaz new album (going to see them next month YEET), The Dirty Heads because it’s finally summer again and I love love love old 70s music. So that’s my playlist rn.

This isn’t going to be a definitive list, but I love all of you (INCLUDING YOU TALIYA💖)


HOWEVER, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the people who literally help me hold my life together when things get tough, Dolan’s Horny Lil Pancakes 💖✨


And the person who convinced me to start this blog at all, Queen Miranda


(I am so sorry if I missed anyone, it’s midnight and I’m very sleepy)
Thanks for asking!


Guherîna cîhanê û civakê çawa ku bandor li ser her tiştî dikin, bi heman awayî li ser cureyên wêjeyê jî dikin. Bi taybet jî ji nîvê duyem yê sedsala 20emîn ve, pêşve çûna lezgîn a teknolojiyê û pergala kapîtalîst li me pêwist kir ku emê jiyana xwe ne li gor afirandinê, li gor mezaxtinê bidomînin. Lêbelê ev pêwistkirin di wêjeyê de ji nivîskaran (afrîner) bêhtir ji bo xwîneran (mezêxer) derbasdar bû. Mînak wêjevan û matematîkzanê fransî Blaise Pascal, di dawiya nameyeke de -ku di sala 1657an de nivîsiye- meremê dilê xwe bi vê gotinê daye der:

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He liked painting late at night. Even as the Inquisition plodded on and into the deeper, more cruel throes of its battles against Corypheus and his machinations, Solas would find time when he could not sleep to pick up his brush and continue turning the blank walls into something more. Up on the scaffolding, a small brush for detail in his hand, the sound of footsteps broke his temporary reverie. Quiet she could be, but the silence could have been broken by a pin’s drop, much less her movements.

You should be asleep, da'len." The scaffolding gave a soft noise as he turned on it to face her.

I decided not to do 1.6 until everything catches up. Based on what Notch has said it will be a LOT of tool work for the bukkit teams, and all of my bukkit plugins. My texture pack I can probably fix pretty easily though.

I run way too many mods these days to just switch when an update comes along. (zombe’s fly mod, essentials, plgessentials for more commands essentials doesn’t have, worldedit..) So.. I’m still playing on 1.5 today and will be for a little while. There are no new features in 1.6 that I’m really all that concerned about having. (I would be if hatches allowed water/lava flow but since they don’t.. they’re of little concern with my current project.)

Soooo.. Here’s a photo of taliya from the ocean side.