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Rare Egyptian Rock Crystal Sphinx Ring, New Kingdom, Rammesside Period, 19th-20th Dynasty, 1295-1069 BC

To date, there are virtually no examples of rings with three-dimensional representations of sphinxes on their bezels.

It is likely that this was believed to possess protective qualities, given that the ancient Egyptian sphinx was quintessentially one of the most powerful, protective creatures in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

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Swamp Witch’s Charms: Lily Ring, Hand Carved Oxidized Silver Lily Leaves and Moss Agate Gemstone
by Moon & Serpent

Three lily pads floating in water.

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The lily symbolizes purity, divinity and fertility and is mostly attributed to goddesses (like Britomartis of Crete, Hera and Venus).


Folk names: Gug (ancient Assyrian), rainbringer (American Indian)

Energy: Various

Planet: Various

Element: Various

Powers: Healing, protection, health, beauty

Magical uses: Jasper is a common stone, an opaque variety of chalcedony, which is a form of quartz. Found in a wide range of colors- red, brown, and green being quite common- it has been used in magic since the earliest times. 

Generally, jasper is worn or carried to promote mental processes and to restrain dangerous desires or whims that could lead to hazardous situations. 

It is also a protective stone, against both physical and nonphysical hazards. 

A piece of jasper held in the hand during childbirth guards the mother and her child. It is also worn to relieve pain, especially during childbirth.

Perfectly carved arrowheads of jasper are worn to attract luck to its wearer. 

Each color has its own corresponding magical nature and uses. 

Red jasper (energy: projective, planet: Mars, element: fire): Red jasper was engraved with images of lions or archers and carried to guard against poison and to cure fevers. A fine protective stone, it is utilized in defensive magic, for it sends negativity back to the original sender. It is also carried or used during healing and health spells. Red jasper is worn by young women to promote beauty and grace.

Green Jasper (energy: receptive, planet: Venus, element: earth): This is a healing amulet and health talisman. Ring green candles with green jasper to promote the body’s healing or to ward off ill health. Wear to halt hallucinations and to promote restful sleep. It is also worn to become more sympathetic towards others’ emotional mental states. 

Brown Jasper (energy: receptive, planet: Saturn, element: earth): Wear brown jasper for centering and grounding, especially after heavy magical ritual, psychic, or spiritual work. If you tend to live with your head in the clouds to the point of endangering your physical life, wear a brown jasper. 

Mottled jasper (energy: projective, planet: Mercury, element: air): Wear a mottled jasper for protection against drowning. It is said to be especially potent for this purpose when carved with an image of an equal-armed cross, representing the powers of the four elements, of foundation, of control. 

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)

door  asked:

what are your favourite rainy day/sad day go-to things? Book or movie or fic or soft old t-shirt etc

  • BOOKS: any of the discworld books, howl’s moving castle, bridget jones’ diary, a favourite georgette heyer (cotillion, the talisman ring), think of england by kj charles
  • MOVIES: amelie, the brothers bloom, a recording of the legally blonde musical, meet the robinsons, ocean’s eleven, pretty woman, the road to el dorado
  • FICS: pretty much anything by astolat, but especially house proud and a matter of inconvenience. early returns. spin. corridors of power.
  • OTHER: baking something, endless cups of tea, enormous harvard medical school hoodie, warm socks, music by heather dale

All of these pieces (and more!) will be available in my next shop update which I’ve pushed back one day to this Monday at 8PM EST. The three rings are the newest additions that were all completed today: mother of pearl cut by @arroks_rocks - size 9, natural Kingman turquoise - size 8, and natural rare brecciated Carico Lake turquoise - size 6. I have a special cuff almost complete that I can’t wait to show you all tomorrow, but for now I’m off to relax. Wishing you all a wonderful night. 🌙💍

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New Books: The Black Pullet & The Magus

My mom sent me an Amazon gift card for Christmas and this is what I spent it on :D

[The Black Pullet: Science of Magical Talisman]

First surfacing in France in the 18th century, The Black Pullet is a guide to the construction and use of magical talismanic rings. With the use of these rings, people attained extraordinary powers. Perhaps the most wonderful secret revealed is the power to produce the Black Pullet, otherwise known as the “Hen with the Golden Eggs.” Unlimited wealth was granted to the person who achieved the creation of this incredible Hen.

[The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy]

The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer; being a Complete System of Occult Philosophy is a handbook of the occult and ceremonial magic compiled by Francis Barrett and published in 1801. This book facilitated the modern revival of magic by making information from otherwise rare books readily available. It may have influenced novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton and occultist Eliphas Levi. More controversially, it has been identified as an influence on Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, in Reed C. Durham, Jr.’s speech “Is There No Help for the Widow’s Son? ” Reproduction of 1801 Edition.

I really wanted this copy of The Magus. All the copies I’ve found online are fine, where the actual text is concerned, but the plates of the talismans and other drawings are always pretty subpar (at least, for me). This copy of The Magus really was worth the price for me - the plates are reproduced very, very cleanly. I’m extremely happy with it.

Likewise, this copy of The Black Pullet has very nicely reproduced illustrations. They’re not as clear as the illustrations in The Magus, but they are definitely clearer than the online versions of The Black Pullet I’ve managed to find.

becketz  asked:

Hello! Apologies if you've posted this before but I noticed you are a fan of Georgette Heyer. I've just started reading her stuff and was wondering what your favorites were?

  • The Talisman Ring – my forever favourite. hijinks! schemes! some of the best characters! two adorable romances!
  • False Colours – IDENTICAL TWIN ADVENTURES. enough said.
  • The Masqueraders – CROSSDRESSING ADVENTURES. also enough said.
  • Power and Patch – a shorter but totally enjoyable book about someone transforming himself into a dandy to teach his love interest a lesson, and turning out to have a TOTAL KNACK for it.
  • Frederica – all SIBLINGS all the time. possibly this is the one where someone dramatically gets stuck in a hot air balloon.
  • Sprig Muslin – just…deeply enjoyable in all ways.
  • The Quiet Gentleman – I read this for the first time recently! it’s a thoroughly lampshaded gothic novel where the beautiful girl coming to a strange old house full of creepy relatives is, in fact, a beautiful and genre-savvy young man. highly recommend.
  • Cotillon – NOTE: this was the first Heyer I read, and I probably shouldn’t have read it first. it’s amazing and I love it, but it’s a fond subversion of some of the tropes she embraces in her other books, so it’s probably better to read those first.

Hexenring ( Fairy Ring, Rond de Sorciers ), Fly Agaric Mushroom Ring by Moon & Serpent Etsy 

 Instagram: @moonandserpent

Hand carved in oxidized silver, this ring consists of fly agaric mushrooms grew in fairy ring (elf circle) pattern around a green grass gemstone. A magical talisman out of Fungi Kingdom!

Conjure balls

These balls of wax are a popular magical amulet. They can be made for any magical intent. {love balls : including love herbs and other talismans such as wedding rings, lock of a loved ones hair, or a scrap of clothing} , (luck balls : lucky charms, dice, magnetic horseshoes, and herbs), they can even be used for curses. These are known as goofer balls, and these are made of black wax and include nail clippings, hair, and a piece of an enemy’s clothing- what ever you can obtain. The goofer balls are placed in the yard of the intended victim.

The balls are always made of a wax base which can be purchased from a store, or melted candles can be used if one wishes to use a particular symbolic color. As the wax hardens, it is molded into a round shape and the appropriate charms, symbols, or talismans added.

[spellcraft, hex craft and witchcraft
By Anna Riva ]

anonymous asked:

can you tell me about any spells or rituals for gaining entry to someplace you might not be entirely allowed?

Here are some that I think might be useful:

Spells to unlock doors:

PGM XIII 734-1077?
“To open doors by use of the Name: “Open, open, 4 quarters of the cosmos, for the lord of the inhabited world comes forth. Archangels, decans, angels rejoice. For Aion of Aion himself, the only and/transcendant, invisible, goes through this place. Open, door! Hear, bar! Fall into two parts, lock! By the name AIA AINRYCHATH, cast up, Earth, for the lord, all things you contain, for he is the stormsender and controller of the abyss, master of fire. Open, for ACHEBYKROM commands you!” [Say ACHEBYKrom 8 times; [it is] the name of Helios.”

PGM XXXVI. 312-20
“Charm to open a door: Take from a firstborn ram an umbilical cord that has not fallen to the ground, and after mixing in myrrh, apply it to the door bolts when you want to open a door, and say this spell, and you will open it immediately.
Now this is the spell: ‘Open up for me, open up for me, door bolt; be opened, be opened, door bolt, because I am Horos the Great, ARCHEPHRENEPSOU PHIRIGX, son of Osiris and Isis. I want the godless Typhon to flee; immediately; immediately; quickly, quickly.’”

Both of these come from the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) Translated by Hanz Dieter Betz

Ldsahrj6tur (lock breaker):
Lay this sign on the lock and blow into it. [The runes read Troll oll taki i mellu, taki i djofu[ll] so braki, which translates: All trolls reach into the lock, the Devil reach into it, so that it will break.]”

From The Galdrabok: an Icelandic Grimoire by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D.

“To Pass Through a Locked Door
Where the lock is filled with rust
And all the keys have long been lost,
And time has warped the heavy door
Against the place it fit before,
And no one can remember now
What joys or sorrows it could show,
Then you must tap its silent boards
Once, twice, and thrice, and say these words:
Whatever lies
Beyond this door
Let me enter
Without fear,
Or else with lever,
Saw, and axe,
I’ll serve the wood
Until it breaks.”

From Crone’s Book of Magical Words by Valerie Worth

Characters to be engraved on the inside of the ring.

"With the talisman and the ring (Figure No. 12) you will be able to open all locks, no matter what secrets have been employed to shut them; you will not need a key. Simply by touching them with the ring and pronouncing these three words: Saritap, Pernisox, Ottarim, they will open of themselves without difficulty.

This comes from the grimoire The Black Pullet

A Spell to Turn People on Their Heels:

‘Away from here, away from there
Away to take you anywhere
Out from Iron, out from stone
Out from here, away,

Spells to Become Invisible

“On Midsummer’s Eve gather some fern seeds between eleven and noon. Whenever you carry it you will be invisible. But you must take care not to lose any of it, else you will not regain your proper shape.”

From Witches’ Potions and Spells by Kathryn Paulsen

PGM VII. 619-27

*From the Diadem of Moses: Take the plant snapdragon and hold it under your tongue while lying asleep. And rise early and before you speak to anyone recite the names, and you will be invisible to everyone.
But when you say them over drinking cups and give it then to a woman, she will love you, since this spell has power over everything: “ARESKILLIOUS THOUDALESAI KRAMMASI CHAMMAR / MOULABOTH LAUABAR CHOUPHAR PHOR PHORBAO SACIHI HARBACH MACHIMASO IAO SABAOTH ADONAI.”

From the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) Translated by Hanz Dieter Betz

 Characters to be engraved on the inside of the ring.

"The talisman and the ring (Figure No. 10) will make you invisible to all eyes, even those of the spirits. Only the Great Being could be witness to your steps and your actions. You will penetrate everywhere into the bosom of the seas, into the bowels of the earth, you can likewise survey the airs,  and no action of men can be hidden from you. Say only: Benatir, Cararkau, Dedos, Etinarmi.”

From the grimioire The Black Pullet

"Imagine Kili giving you his ring and talisman, then kissing you with all the love he has before he goes to battle."

ntnzln || imagine

“She worries. She think I’m reckless.”

If it were according to you, everyone in the company should worry about Kili’s recklessness. You already know a great war is about to come and as one of the heirs to the line of Durin, Kili must go into battle. You sighed heavily. You hear laughter and you looked up to find the source.
Just in front of you is Kili toying with his brother, Fili. The sight of him laughing sends flutters of warmth spreading through your chest. It is irritating to love someone this much, you thought.

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Handmade bronz bird skull talisman ring by me. I make my rings hand carving them like tiny sculptures with the lost wax casting method. One of a kind, each of them.

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