The Witches Ladder

Witches ladders (also known as witch’s ladders) are a type of knot magic that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are commonly made by braiding or knotting cords together while incorporating other materials that represent the intention of the creator. Witches ladders can be easily customized for every practitioner and used for nearly any purpose, making them a very versatile and convenient talisman to create. Witches ladders can be used for purposes like attracting or manifesting things, creating a more positive environment, warding off negative entities or energies, protecting yourself or others, or banishing certain behaviors or individuals, just to name a few.

To make a basic witches ladder, you will need:

- Several cords of equal length in colors of your choice

- Whatever materials you choose to weave into the cords (such as feathers, bones, herbs, hair, flowers, seashells, ribbons, beads, hag stones, sticks, crystals, keys, charms, etc.)

Optional but helpful:

- Tape

- A ruler

Some other ideas: You can incorporate pieces of paper with sigils drawn on them, drawstring bags filled with herbs or crystals, or personal symbolic items that have been made from clay or another material. If you are making a witches ladder for an individual, you may wish to include a taglock (a personal item that is strongly associated with the target) to further bond the person to the talisman. Taglocks may include hair, jewelry, etc. Depending on your practice, you may wish to incorporate numerology into your witches ladder by using a specific number of knots, number of cords, or number of items used.

For my witches ladder, I used thick dark green yarn, twine, seashells, goose feathers, ribbon, a pine cone, and a sand dollar. I chose to arrange my goose feathers with the smallest ones at the top and the largest ones at the bottom. I also decided to make a double witches ladder purely for aesthetic reasons, but you can stick to one or make as many as you want.

Creating the witches ladder

1. Start by gathering your materials and getting your cords ready to knot or braid. It may help to tie the cords together on one end and tape the knotted end to a table or another surface. I found that doing so helps to prevent the cords from getting tangled in the process and it helps maintain a nice tension while braiding.

2. As you braid or knot your cords, begin adding your chosen materials. You may wish to recite something or chant as you are doing this, but it is not necessary. Depending on how many items you are using, you may wish to space them out evenly. For this, a ruler may come in handy. In my own experience, I have found that certain materials such as feathers, herbs, flowers, and certain bones can be difficult to braid around. It may be helpful to braid the cords first and then insert your objects into the braid later on.

3. Continue braiding or knotting until you have made your witches ladder as long as you would like it. To finish your witches ladder, you may choose to simply tie off the cords, or you may choose to add something extra to the end. I chose to add a pine cone and ribbon to one of my witches ladders, and a sand dollar to the other. Finish off your witches ladder however you see fit.

4. Hang your witches ladder. You may wish to hang it near a doorway in your home, near your bed, or even outside. The best location for your talisman will depend on both it’s intended purpose and your personal preference. If you have cats or other mischievous pets, it may be a good idea to hang your witches ladder up high or out of their reach.


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This is Selenite! It is named after the Greek word “Selene,” which means moon. It has a moonlike glow when polished. This is one of those special few in the crystal realm that doesn’t require charging. 

Selenite has such a cool property in that it can be used to cleanse your other crystals and stones! Awesome! Just lay the crystals in need of cleansing on top or touching a piece of Selenite for about 15-30 minutes and let this gorgeous crystal clear them! It’s able to do this because of its unique ability to clear blockages or pathways of energy.

Selenite vibrates with a rather high energy. This makes is a great stone for the mind! Some of the lore states that if you and your partner are fighting, exchanging a Selenite stone will bring peace to the relationship.

And lastly, this interesting healing stone is a very powerful protection talisman. It is said to protect the wearer from outside dangers and protect the home when placed in a prominent location.

This particular piece is available here.

Дубъ является однимъ изъ моихъ любимыхъ деревьевъ. Это очень сильное, въ прямомъ и переносномъ смыслѣ, дерево. Не такъ давно я посадилъ рядомъ съ домомъ три дуба. Ихъ я вырастилъ изъ желудей. Ратую за озелененіе планеты! А этотъ рисунокъ я сдѣлалъ вчера въ своей волшебной книжицѣ, въ “гримуаре”.
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Thomas Karlsson - The Qliphothic Tunnels, “Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic”, 2009.

Twenty-two tunnels, dark counterparts of the twenty-two tunnels on the Sephiroth, pass between the ten Qliphothic worlds. The tunnels have been known under different names, such as Schichirion, which means ‘black’ or Necheshiron, which means ‘snake-like’. The names of the tunnels used in the illustrations above are those which have been most commonly used by contemporary western dark magicians and were published in 1977 in ˝Nightside of Eden˝, the Qabalistic classic by Kenneth Grant. The names of the tunnels also denote those entities that rule the tunnels, in the same way that Lilith and Samael are both Worlds and Demons. The paths and the tunnels are thought to correspond to Tarot cards and Hebrew letters in various ways. Kenneth Grant has based his correspondences on the Tarot, as developed by Aleister Crowley.

In this system, the Emperor corresponds to the path that extends between Netzach (or the Qlipha A’arab Zaraq) and Yesod (Gamaliel), while the Star extends between Chokmah (Ghagiel) and Tiphareth (Thagirion). The system that is represented above is based on an older and more traditional placement in which the two examples above are exchanged. Thus, the cards and the paths follow the chronological pattern around the tree with the first cards at the top and the lower ones further down.

Viking Gold and Quartz Magic Pendant, 8th-11th Century AD

This pendant is one of series of quartz amulets that have been discovered from the Viking world, with an important group being found on the island of Visby, Sweden. The exact purpose of these amulets is not known but they have been found in female graves and it has been suggested that they served a magical function for use by seers, known as Völur or fjölkunnig, meaning “plenty of knowing”. Völur practiced seiðr, practices which encompassed shamanism, sorcery, prophecy and other forms of indigenous magic. Historical and mythological depictions of völur show that they were held in high esteem and believed to possess such powers that even the father of the gods, Odin himself, consulted them to learn what the future had in store for the gods.

The difference between Amulets and Talismans

The main difference between the two are what they are intended for. An amulet is typically charged solely to protect the user from something, be it evil or negative energy, bad luck, anger, or one’s own thoughts. While a talisman is charged with the intent of attracting something to the user, that possibly being money, luck, love, positivity, or knowledge regarding a decision.


Rare Egyptian Rock Crystal Sphinx Ring, New Kingdom, Rammesside Period, 19th-20th Dynasty, 1295-1069 BC

To date, there are virtually no examples of rings with three-dimensional representations of sphinxes on their bezels.

It is likely that this was believed to possess protective qualities, given that the ancient Egyptian sphinx was quintessentially one of the most powerful, protective creatures in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

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—Luck and success charm—
Green pouch
3 apple seeds
1 oak leaf
Cats eye

Make on a Thursday

—Tea for relaxation—

1 tbsp chamomile
1 tbsp honeysuckle
1 tbsp catnip

Thoroughly mix the ingredients then add 1 tsp of mix per cup of hot water, then let steep for 5 minutes then sweeten and consume.

By Samantha P