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Got weddings I am his/hers, and s/he is mine, from this day, till the end of my days. 

Marriage customs vary considerably between the lands and major faiths, i.e. followers of the old gods, the Faith of the Seven, R'hllor, and the Drowned God. All appear to be religious ceremonies between one man and one woman (who should not be more closely related than first cousins), involving the exchange of vows in the presence of particular sacred witnesses e.g. a septon, a heart tree, or a priest/ess. It is followed by the feast, where the bride and groom eat and drink with everyone and finally, there is the bedding.


The Nine Free Cities are the daughters of Valyria that was. 

Each of the Free Cities has its own history and character, and each has come to have its own tongue. These are all corruptions of the original, pure form of High Valyrian, dialects that drift further from their origin with each new century since the Doom befell the Freehold.


                  “Does death only come for the wicked, and leave the decent behind?”                                                                                                     “No.”

people give so much shit to robb for marrying talisa/jeyne and breaking his promise to walder frey but lyanna broke her promise to robert and ran away with rhaegar and look where that got them and yet those same people call it the greatest love story in asoiaf like double standards much


Game of Thrones meme: [ 7 scenes ] - Catelyn Stark talks about Jon Snow

“After a fashion. I prayed for my son Bran to survive his fall. Many years before that, one of the boys came down with the pox. Maester Luwin said if he made it through the night, he’d live. But it would be a very long night. So I sat with him all through the darkness, listened to his ragged little breaths, his coughing, his whimpering.”
“Which boy?”
“Jon Snow.”


Game of Thrones vs Ao3 tags  Part 10/??