Other Sloane pairings I didn’t talk about during the week but that I really love:
-Sloane/Talini: Talini is basically following Sloane around, being reliable and doing exactly what she says without complaining. She has a sense of humor that works well with Sloane. She’s also the only one post uprising who still talks to Sloane and make sure she knows what is going to happen to her. I don’t think Sloane even realized how lucky she was to have her. My personal headcanon is that Talini had feelings for her. First it was a little crush, then it grew into something more… But Talini couldn’t really compete with Kaetus, Kandros, Calix, …
-Sloane/Calix: That one is kinda too sad at times for me to really contemplate. There is a definite connection in Nexus Uprising, but it all leads to… well, character death and trauma for Sloane. She can’t stop replaying his death. Sloane was the only one who Calix still respected and he made her understand that what was happening on the Nexus wasn’t okay.
-Sloane/Addison: I didn’t really talk about it during the week but I have discussed it before on the blog. Their dynamic is much more complicated than it appears at first. It starts hostile but it was definitely possible for them to become friends and more at some point. It just didn’t work out with Kandros being sent away by Addison and the decision made after the uprising. Still, we get this hilarious moment between Tann and Sloane where he asks Sloane to speak to Addison to make her feel better and implies that if Sloane wants more than just a talk from Addison, it’s all fine.
-Sloane/Kesh: Kesh really appreciates Sloane and understands her better than anyone on the Nexus. They get along well. Kesh is exactly the type of person that could make Sloane laugh. And Sloane trusts Kesh. So much that she spends a lot of time during the uprising thinking Kesh would never have agreed to send the Nakmor krogan after the rebels.
Well, she’s wrong. Kesh knew and agreed. She’s also disappointed when she finds Sloane… Though, when Sloane talks to the leaders and points out the fact that everyone should be blamed for what happened, that no one was innocent, Kesh tells everyone (at her own risk) that Sloane is right. It’s just one of those fascinating relationships that I think should be explored more.