Hozen see, Hozen do!

(Hosted by Xen’aji)


  • Grooker
    • After a few failed questions, the Hozen decides to speak up when Talimor offers him some food. Grooker explains that he left his family group because they have changed, they don’t act like themselves anymore and have become much more ruthless, though he wouldn’t specify why or how.


  • After that, the group debated with one another, should they bring Grooker or Pebble on the adventure? Eventually, they settled on the little Grummle before starting their journey.
  • During their trek, the group happened to stumble upon a Grummle camp, recently ransacked and barren. There, the group found a Locket and a pack filled with sweets.Pebble identified the locket, explaining to the others that it was his father’s despite it being completely empty. Jia found scraps of a picture, though it wouldn’t yield anything.
  • Once the investigation was finished, the group made camp and settled themselves a good distance away from the destroyed camp, keeping one eye open as they slept.
An Unexpected Enemy

(Hosted by Xen’aji)

With the team safe from capture and Pebble’s family recovered, the team had a destination to look into. There was only one place for them to properly look for and it was probably the most dangerous, the largest clan of Hozen in the valley.


  • When they finally found their way to the Hozen camp, there wasn’t a creature in sight, the buildings and grounds were entirely empty and unnaturally quiet. Typically, camps are highly populated with elders and children, even if they had used every possible soldier they could use.
  • First, Verris would find a large amount of food in one of the houses. The door was ajar slightly, the fruit and vegetables almost spilling from inside. It was obvious that these were stolen goods, the majority of them were not even from Pandaria.
  • Second, Talimor found a home filled with trinkets, treasures hozen would keep on their person or locked away somewhere. For some reason, these were out for all to see, all out on the ground.
  • Jia would find a messy room, a box of food still warm sitting on the ground, armor splayed across the floor and a messy nest. It looked like its inhabitants hand left in a hurry, not able to even put on all of its armor before it was forced out the door.
  • While the others looked for clues, Sange found a suspicious trial leading inside a cave.
  • The cave had two paths, one leading up while the other led downwards, the team decided that they would explore the lower level. Unfortunately for them, there was a trap set in the way, a flurry of arrows finding purchase in their flesh while others dodged just in time. For some reason, this was the only trap set.
  • When they finally made their way to the belly of the cave, the Collective found themselves before a shrine, a massive pile of explosives on its table, stacking at least three meters high. As the group debated on what to do with it, a goblin appeared.
  • She sat high on a large Hozen’s shoulders, match in hand as she spoke. Her name was Izzy and she specialized in making all things that explode. She explained that hozen were extremely easy to convince and with the aid of her creations she was able to get on their good side and even had them do her bidding.
  • Before she could throw the match into the explosives, Talimor shot an arrow towards it, hitting it right on the flame. The accuracy would surprise the goblin and her horde of hozen, instructing them to run, the collective coming right after.


  • With Izzy placed in a safe spot, three hozen would approach the team, each one bigger and stronger than the last. It wouldn’t be surprising if there were some on the team who hadn’t seen them nearly half their size but this didn’t say them in the least.
  • The entire team fought against the three, though luckily for them it was a one sided battle. Jia and Sange downed the first one, Zanahlaji the next and finally Valdyrim managed to knock out the last one.
  • With the large hozen out of the way, the team searched for Izzy, finding her only at the last second as she flew away on her goblin glider kit. The collective would catch up to her though, only to feed her mushroom infused chocolate to ease her into speaking with them with the help of Jia’s mantid form.
  • After all was said in done, Xen’aji took the little goblin back to The Grummle Bizzare for the bounty and Cartian portaled away the explosives.

With the explosives dealt with and the goblin escorted safely to the authorities, The Renegade Collective gained a handsome amount of gold, about five thousand all together with supplies and food. From then on, there was little more to report, the hozen started to relocate back to their homes, there was an extreme drop in attacks to traders, and the route finally opened back up again. To the merchants, The Renegade Collective earned a great deal of respect and would come to them with any future issues they would have. At least that was the impressive they gave them. Good job everyone, the campaign was successful!