Started some portraits of the cast of Geek and Sundry’s ‘Dread’ Sagas of Sundry miniseries on Alpha as my convention sketches at Raleigh Supercon, and liked them enough to finish the series this week. From top left to bottom right: Ivan Van Norman as the storyteller, Matthew Mercer as Tanner, Amy Dallen as Raina, Taliesin Jaffe as Kayden, Satine Phoenix as Sat, and Amy Vorpahl as Darby.

  • Percy, looking over the diplomatic agreement carefully: This grants an audience for all of us then?
  • Syldor: Yes.
  • Percy, pointing as he hands the parchment back: You're going to have to amend that one name though, just to be fair. It's Lady Vex'ahlia.
  • Syldor, surprised: Lady?
  • Percy, affirming: Lady Vex'ahlia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt.
  • Syldor: *stares at Percy speechless and awestruck*
  • Vex'ahlia: *standing behind Syldor, mouth agape at the news*
  • Percy, with a simple smile and clasped hands: So good sir, despite your relationship with her, do watch your manners.

I’ve been playing Injustice 2 on and off, and am still hilariously terrible at it, but I finally got some epic level 20 helms for The Flash. First priority before putting any of them on: transforming the appearance into one of the other versions that actually showed his face.

For reasons.

Meanwhile, while I’m muttering things at the game like “no, you do not get to cover up Taliesin’s smirk, this is non-negotiable,” I’m also still amused over the fact that Matt had to do full facial capture for a character whose face, as far as I can tell, never gets to be seen. Because…just in case. I guess. Either way, picture me eyeing Deadshot in his full-face mask, thinking, “Matt had to shave for this,” and just kinda chuckling for a while.

taliesin: *rolls a nat20 for initiative*

matt: damn! also i need you to roll a concentration check for your hex

taliesin: what do i have to roll?

matt, grinning at the concept of finally foiling taliesin “nat20 georg” jaffe, who rolls approx 53 nat20s per game: you’re gonna need to roll a natural 20, you took a lot of damage

taliesin: *straight up rolls a natural 20*



Who you should fight: Critical Role cast

Matthew Mercer: you can fight Matthew Mercer. The man is incredibly intelligent but he’s not especially buff. He might surprise you though, lanky people can be wily fighters. It would be an interesting fight regardless of who won or lost. He’d probably thank you for being a fan and help you to your feet if he defeated you. You can fight Matthew Mercer. 

Marisha Ray: Do not fight Marisha Ray! Not only does she know actual marital arts, she used to be part of something called Fight Club where they used melee weapons. Dangerous with her fists or weapons. Do not fight Marisha Ray. (Also if you fight Marisha Ray I will find you and then *I* will fight you because she has enough jackasses being rude to her, and that needs to stop.)

Liam O’Brien: first you would have to catch him. The man runs 10 miles every day for fun so … good fucking luck. Even if you do catch him why would you want to fight him oh my god leave Liam O’Brien alone! (Also if you did fight him, you’d then have to defeat the combined rage of Sam, Laura, me, and half the fanbase charging to his defense.) You can fight Liam O’Brien but at what cost

Taliesin Jaffe: you can fight Taliesin Jaffe. You shouldn’t, but you can. He has the power of Luck Manipulation granted to him by mysterious dark forces. Before you can blink, he’ll have defeated you, probably using something obscure from history. You can fight Taliesin Jaffe, but he’s going to win. 

Laura Bailey: you can fight Laura Bailey but you will lose. Either she’ll take you out at the knees right away, or she’ll wink at you and you’ll fight yourself for her honor. Have you seen Laura Bailey she’s so cool and charming and amazing. You can fight Laura Bailey but you’ll lose. And you’ll deserve to lose, because how dare you.

Sam Riegel: you should absolutely fight Sam Riegel. Anytime, anywhere. Fight him in a Denny’s Parking lot, a grocery store, an arena. Fight this man. Win, lose, who cares? You must fight him

Travis Willingham: you can fight Travis Willingham. If you’re buff he’ll fight you fair. If you’re smol and fierce he might be a little flustered. If you’re weak he’ll probably let you get in one hit before putting his hand on your forehead and keeping you at arm’s length until you wear yourself out. But he’d be nice about it. You can fight Travis Willingham. (Please note if you hurt him, you’ll have to answer to Laura Bailey, and that will not end well … for you.)

Brian Foster: you can fight Brian Foster. I’m pretty sure you’d win too. He self-deprecates so much, he might fight and defeat himself before you could even get to him. You can fight Brian Foster. (But like, maybe you shouldn’t. He beats himself up on the internet enough as it is.) 

Ashley Johnson: no. How dare you even think about fighting Ashley Johnson. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.