talia takes shit from no one

Thoughts on if Damian had been a girl:

Worst case scenario:

Talia and Ra’s make no secret of the fact that they’re disappointed she’s a girl. She has all of Damian’s training and an inferiority streak a mile wide. She’s not revealed to Bruce because she’s not seen as valuable leverage, and she has no interest in her father because she sees him as weak. Until Cassandra defects. She sees that as betrayal and asks to be the one to take her down but when Bruce Wayne announces he’s adopting Cass she snaps. She’s doesn’t just try to kill Tim: she succeeds. Damia* becomes Cass’ unhinged nemesis.

Medium case scenario:

Talia wants Ra’s to accept Damia as his heir. When he refuses she starts questioning her own internalized misogyny. She decides to make Damia her heir and the League is split into two different factions (like it was so cohesive before). Damia is dangerous but less egotistical than Damian because she doesn’t get the insane hypermasculine primogeniture shit from Ra’s. She occupies a lot of moral grey area like her mother but perhaps ultimately has a similar arc to Damian, being a part of the Batfam, but on her own terms.

Best case scenario:

Talia sees a daughter as useless in her father’s crusade and in her attempts to manipulate Bruce and drops Damia on the manor doorstep as an infant. Bruce gives her as normal a childhood as possible. Alfred strategically refuses to do night feedings and diaper changes at his age and Bruce is forced to step back from the cowl (because they can’t really bring in a stranger to nanny and everyone they know already leads a full double life). The family thinks this is brilliant because Bruce was getting older and was riddled with injuries. Also they love Damia and spoil her rotten.

Anyway, those were my morning commute thoughts.

*Not tied to that name, it seemed like convenient shorthand. Also, it means “untamed” whereas Damian seems to mean “one who tames” or at least that’s what cursory googling tells me.

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batman villains and the pets they would have??


  1. harley: obviously she has bud and lou but also has huge amounts of pets in most canon so she would like open up a shelter and just take on everything
  2. ivy: considering she has a thing against all living things except plants i don’t think she’d get a pet unless she was with harley and even then she’d probably have something that would help her plants like bees (yes ivy as resident gotham beekeeper)
  3. selina: i mean, come on, selina should have hordes upon hordes of cats in every canon (every stary cat in gotham has been to selina’s house at one point)
  4. joker: tbh joker should not be allowed near animals at all he’d just end up blowing them up or killing them like he does with everything else
  5. jon: massive fucking crow for dramatic effect of course and maybe something low-maintenance like a small dog
  6. harvey: tons and tons of kittens. kittens in his boots, kittens in his suits, kittens in his gun collections. selina will do nothing to help and just takes pictures and posts them on her instagram.
  7. eddie: i could see him having one of those big fluffy white cats like an old Bond villain. spins around on a swivel chair, “i’ve been expecting you Batman” *strokes menacingly*
  8.  oswald: steals penguins from gotham zoo on the weekly, owns one of the biggest aviaries in gotham
  9. ra’s: i dont buy the shit morrison tried to feed us that ra’s and talia would gas damian’s pets if he brought any home like??? part of their mission is to preserve the earth and nature by any means necessary. the league of assassins probably has a country or island stashed away somewhere that’s just full of animals
  10. bane: a massive dog like a great dane or a bloodhound that looks terrifying but as soon as bane’s like “who’s a good boy?” it just tackles him to the ground and licks his face
  11. victor: doesn’t want or need pets but harley’s convinced he’s lonely so she just shows up at his door one day with a box full of puppies

Starkiller Science: Chapter 15

Summary: An evening that was to be spent training you in the Force is suddenly cut short when Kylo’s rage toward Stratoveer boils over.

Characters in this chapter: you/reader, Kylo Ren, Dr Talia Minoross, Finn, General Hux, Captain Phasma, Dr Amena Sayeed, Dr Talia Minoross, Captain Ardeus Stratoveer

Ships: Kylo Ren x reader, Hux x Dr Talia Minoross

Word Count: 3946

Playlists:Youtube, 8tracks

A book was leaned against your door a few mornings later, a page ripped from the flyleaf in the back and folded like a bookmark into its centre. You pulled out the note, reading Kylo Ren’s atrociously bad hand-writing.

When would you like to have our first training? -KR

A tiny smile played at your lips upon seeing the letter, and you placed it and the book into your purse as you made your way down the hall and toward your office.  You would have to find a nearby Storm Trooper to deliver a message to him once you were settled into your work for the day.  Finding a Trooper for the job wouldn’t be difficult; it would be convincing them to risk their lives in speaking to Kylo Ren that would be a challenge.

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