I’ve just finished the Tali story arc and SO MANY FEELS RIGHT NOW. I’M CRYING SO FUCKING HARD. HOW DARE SHE DO THAT TO ME? Ok, maybe she had a point. She was the last quarian alive, after all. But as much as I love her as a character, I do not regret giving authenticity to the geth. Specially after the Legion story arc. The quarians were wrong and they should have retreated AS I TOLD THEM TO

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Tali from Mass Effect c: Regardless of canon imagery I’d like to think of her as having a really humanoid face just like the Asari so here’s just me putting a face on her canon design, because I super dig her suits too

  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots
  • big, layered PSD file
  • full videos of the drawing process from start to finish

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