tali zorah cosplay


Tali Z’orah cosplay

Costume is finally done! :D
Helmet was sculpted and cast in resin. The face plate was vacuum formed and tinted purple in a ipoly dye bath.

Armor bits are leather, resin casts or worbla over foam.  The prop gun is foam.

Quarian swirl fabric and hexagon fabric were custom printed spandex from Spoonflower.

I will be debuting her at Dragon con next month! :D

Hey guys! 

Me and my crew** are doing a calendar for the 2018 year! Eep! I’m posting this little bit because I was wondering if any of you had suggestions for stuff you’d like to see in the calendar :) 

Whether that be notes, pairing requests, sending me reference to fan art, anything! We have some ideas, but I just thought I’d open it up to you guys cause I love you so much <3 and you’re all so creative and amazing!


** Not pictured Jack and James 


Is this a new romance option? I guess when Tali was on her travels, she found some bots. Stealing kisses from the fabulous doctor and the screamer~

These two fabulous transformers cosplayers are my wonderful friends ask-dr-knockout and tyrantofthefirmament !