Coconut Oil & Quiet

AO3 // Masterpost | Hair-washing fluff before the squad pops off in Virmire. 

“What…are you doing?”

“Washing my hair,” Zisys says, looking over to where Liara watches her curiously. Virmire is covered in water, so it is only a matter of finding a little puddle of it- and testing to make sure she’s not about to wash her hair with human-munching microbes- and setting up her little shampoo station. Kirrahe had given them two hours till assault, which pisses Zisys off. She wants Saren dead and this whole ordeal over with, but her wants are currently on Kirrahe’s schedule.

Anyway, her hair feels like tacky gum and smells like metal, and she wonders how Ashley gets away with washing her hair so little when she complains how quickly it gets oily.

And Zisys has always wanted to wash her hair with alien water. Just to say she did.

“Can’t go into battle grimy,” she offers when Liara only looks more confused at the notion.

“I’ve wanted to ask more about your grooming habits, but I thought it impolite.” Liara comes closer to where Zisys squats, taking care not to step on her clothing; she’d stripped down to her athletic bra once she was convinced she wouldn’t get some skin rash from being an alien to this place. The water feels fine, it even feels crisper than regular water, and her shampoo suds up the way she likes, soap tinged light, faded pink and smelling like passion fruit. Nice shampoo actually starts to smell bizarre when she goes too long between washes, especially when she has to wash and lotion up with the standard space fare once her stash runs out.

She opens the bottle and inhales fruity goodness; today, the smell of the soap is a welcome one. She doesn’t even mind that some of it slides down her back and arms as she piles all of her hair atop her head, scrubbing down to her scalp, or that most of the salarian soldiers give her funny looks as she rinses it all away with cold water.

Liara’s hand darts out to swish the suds around in the puddle; Zisys has no clue if it’ll bother her skin or not, but she’s not the scientist.

“How often do you do this?” The asari considers the bubbles on the tip of her finger.

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Tali from Mass Effect c: Regardless of canon imagery I’d like to think of her as having a really humanoid face just like the Asari so here’s just me putting a face on her canon design, because I super dig her suits too

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