Lmao just dying at the realization of the relationships my characters have with deities in their world.
Supposedly they should be respected and revered and all that jazz.

In reality it’s more like
- spirits babysat a kid and taught him how to read and use magic and kind of just benevolently haunted him
- adopted another and facilitated him falling off the wagon of alcoholism
- has a strained relationship with a mortal son and is barred from entering a third of the continent
- has a daughter who is done with the spirit shit and just thinks her mom is flaky
- has a “great you’re here what the fuck do you want this time?”
- *threatens the goddess of secrets for not giving him information*
- a king hired one and she’s on the payroll
- sit down and shut up and sit through this boring meeting also pose for a statue because people want to worship you
- “i am not a god i am a sheep herder!” 🐑
- “ i swear if you start praying to me i will murder you”
- blackmailing the goddess who you helped kidnap
- bribing deities
- grounding a god

Tali from Mass Effect c: Regardless of canon imagery I’d like to think of her as having a really humanoid face just like the Asari so here’s just me putting a face on her canon design, because I super dig her suits too

  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots
  • big, layered PSD file
  • full videos of the drawing process from start to finish

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Who's Who on Mass Effect 2
  • Shepard:Glorified galactic babysitter
  • Miranda Lawson:The equivalent of that kid who get's straight A's but never studies seriously Miranda not all of us are genetically engineered
  • Jacob Taylor:Kanye West in space
  • Mordin Solus:geneticist who somehow knows the dirt on everyone. How do you know who I'm dating Mordin? it happened five minutes ago
  • Garrus:literally your best friend in the whole fucking galaxy
  • Jack:The most Tsundere person to ever come from something other than an anime
  • Tali:A huge fucking nerd, but YOUR huge fucking nerd
  • Grunt:your actual murderous child
  • Samara:THE CODE
  • Thane:Cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure
  • Legion:the cutest robot sniper pet in the galaxy