I can’t understand why it’s so difficult to find videos of mostly extinct ancient bowed lyres on Youtube! ^_~  However, I have scored in the talharpa deparment.  This is great.  

“The talharpa is a four-stringed bowed lyre from northern Europe. It was formerly widespread in Scandinavia, but is today played mainly in Estonia, particularly among that nation’s Swedish community. It is similar to the Finnish jouhikko and the Welsh crwth, but without a fingerboard.” (Wikipedia)


Slängpolska from Sörmland, bowed harp


A bowed harp / bowed lyre built and played by Swedish Lidskjalf

The “Talharpa” or “Talgharpa” is a lyre but played with a bow.

The instrument goes back to at least the 1300s in Scandinavia.

There is a player of the instrument depicted in Nidarosdomen,Trondheim, Norway proving that.

Today the instrument is more common in Estonia (especially within the Swedish community there).

Lyres where around during the viking age but it is unknown whether they where played with a bow or not.