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”It’s looking away that’s going to be the problem…”

*Insert plane crash sound effect as Jack barrels into Pitch because what is personal space*

This isn’t part of the AU but I thought it would be cute if Jack still struggled to get noticed whether he was a frost spirit or a tooth fairy. And while Pitch makes his rounds one night he just happens to run into this spastic, frazzled technicolor mess.

LOL TALK ABOUT RELEVANCY, here’s some BlackIce (DreamFloss?) from a long dead AU ask blog that I liked certain elements from. The designs were great (names not so much). It’s basically an AU from an ask blog that died two years ago where everyone’s powers were swapped. I have more doodles unfortunately because sassy bird dental hygienist was too strong for me.

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In the taleswap AU, is there going to be a storyline(like, following the movie except in AU form or...) or is it just the AU(there's not really a big storyline just the idea and the askblog and you just go off from there)

Oh boy, to be honest I do have a plot even before telling Ciritus about it, but since now we are both working on it, she shares some possible ideas and I see what can be added, modify or take out from it :3

So in conclusion: THERE’S PLOT but not based in the movie, just taking some movie and book elements tho

and there should be fanfics soon….

Sorry for the delay, we were experiencing... "technical issues"

Due to some unfortunate series of events, we have to delay the GRAND OPENING for our little cyber corner, we had some internal conflicts along our way, especially when it came to the our own introduction: the  options to choose were either a BIG PARADE as Pitch suggested, or a more TRADITIONAL VIDEO ENTRY.

But as eager I am to do the introductions, we have to resolve this as… grow ups, if the term can be applied to two of our members, well, at least we have come to the agreement that we are likely to update on Wednesdays and Saturdays!!

Stay tuned to see the questions we have answer so far in our absence! 

anonymous asked:

So in Taleswap, it was Pitch the one who fall for Jack first?

Actually both have been interested on each other, Pitch is like the Benedict of the spirit world due to his oldest guardian/army general status so Jack kind of grow up listening about him… while Jack is a rare male sister of flight making him quite an elusive sight so… yes, Pitch developed an interest on him on their first meeting. Their attraction was mutual since the start lol

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So Jack and Pitch are already a couple in the plot or is more like a relationship development?

why being in a relationship would mean no developement? part of the plot is how they resolve about that commiment, and the outcome of said changes on them too… beside fighting the evil 8V

slice-and-dice-me  asked:

Hey I was wondering, would it be alright if i did fanart of ur cute au, its the cutest thing ever! c:And i will credit u of course! <3



We are still developing the rest of the concept art for the others, but you can work with the ones we have reveal so far

I am so excited…

Fanart… of our… AU….