taleswap au


”It’s looking away that’s going to be the problem…”

*Insert plane crash sound effect as Jack barrels into Pitch because what is personal space*

This isn’t part of the AU but I thought it would be cute if Jack still struggled to get noticed whether he was a frost spirit or a tooth fairy. And while Pitch makes his rounds one night he just happens to run into this spastic, frazzled technicolor mess.

LOL TALK ABOUT RELEVANCY, here’s some BlackIce (DreamFloss?) from a long dead AU ask blog that I liked certain elements from. The designs were great (names not so much). It’s basically an AU from an ask blog that died two years ago where everyone’s powers were swapped. I have more doodles unfortunately because sassy bird dental hygienist was too strong for me.

anonymous asked:

In the taleswap AU, is there going to be a storyline(like, following the movie except in AU form or...) or is it just the AU(there's not really a big storyline just the idea and the askblog and you just go off from there)

Oh boy, to be honest I do have a plot even before telling Ciritus about it, but since now we are both working on it, she shares some possible ideas and I see what can be added, modify or take out from it :3

So in conclusion: THERE’S PLOT but not based in the movie, just taking some movie and book elements tho

and there should be fanfics soon….

anonymous asked:

So Jack and Pitch are already a couple in the plot or is more like a relationship development?

why being in a relationship would mean no developement? part of the plot is how they resolve about that commiment, and the outcome of said changes on them too… beside fighting the evil 8V