When a typical leaving party was interrupted by Supernatural.

So the other evening we had a leaving party for my friend (joannadreamer) before she went to music college.

It didn’t finish as expected.

The lights in the room started flashing and I shouted GET THE SALT! GET THE SALT! and no joke. Jo came back with a silver knife and the salt. 

She was wearing a cross necklace, so after a suggestion from me, she went and got a glass of water and put her necklace in the glass. She then flicked everyone with the ‘Holy Water’.

After one of our friends flinched at the water, we laughed and made her sit on the floor while we formed a circle around her and after passing the exorcism chant round, I then had to read it out in latin and the lights stopped flashing.

Moral of the story: Always have your Supernatural survival kit handy.

In case you can’t read it, here’s the story

During Junior year of high school, our high school history teacher was explaining the senior class’s project (they would have to make a TV show about a zombie apocalypse and how the government would have to rebuild itself). He was explaining that even a low budget TV show with proper writing, acting, and brilliant cinematography anything could be possible.

He used the “Blink” episode as an example to show, explaining that the cinematography was used to create creepy, bizarre and downright fucking scary creatures that are The Weeping Angels.

It was a short day, the second to the last class of the day and it was raining outside. Nobody wanted to do anything really so watching this TV show was a good excuse to take a nap or chit chat with friends. Me and my friends, however, were always very attentive to our classes and so we eagerly sat back, got comfortable and prepared to watch the show.

Apart from our teacher and his stepson, nobody else had ever seen  an episode of Doctor Who much less heard of it. So we had no idea what we were in for.

I still crack up and shiver whenever I think back on that day. Because during each scene that an Angel would show up, the class collectively would gasp and shiver and scream together in unison. The blackout seen was the worst: people were screaming “DON’T BLINK DON’T BLINK DON’T BLINK!!!!” and “SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!!" and pretty much freaking the fuck OUT.

That was the episode that started it all.