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More Fig Chatter!

I have lots of questions to get to, but first a quick thing:

for those that were wondering what’s going on with my heath, right now it seems I won’t be able to get to see a doctor until mid January at the earliest due to insurance issues, so i won’t know for sure what’s going on until then. Fingers crossed that everything turns out to be ok. I’ll let you all know what’s up as soon as I know what’s up. ^_^’ Thank you all so much for your kind words and patience!

And Now On to the Q/A! :)

Sure! It’s called Orenda and i just poked around at the custom settings a lot! :)

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23.07.16 Its been two days too long since I uploaded a picture but because it’s the summer holidays I’m not doing any proper studying! This is a sneak peek to the stationery haul I’m doing next week! Coming up is a driving test masterpost as well! My mum and I have been cutting back some bushes at the front of my house and I want to put them in my flower press. Also, I bought this books of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales from a charity shop and it has “Christmas 1953” written on the inside.


After the details about the legion of clones that followed Ahsoka during the Siege of Mandalore were revealed at Ahsoka’s Untold Tales panel at SWCE (watch it and weep) I got a bunch of requests to add an Ahsoka-inspired helmet to my Redbubble clone helmets collection. I added three, because, common, it’s the clones! We know these guys would mix things up a bit among themselves somehow :>  


Gravity Falls Season 2 (2/2)


Harry Potter pop up shop by the designers of the movies

Whatever you do...

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug turning down Chat Noir in favor of Adrien

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Chat Noir detransforming into Adrien and sitting on the banks of the Seine or something and fiddling with his ring

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Hawk Moth feeling the teenage angst and akumatizing the ring and therefore Adrien

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Adrien as an akumatized villain

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug facing down akumatized!Adrien and realizing he’s A D R I E N A G R E S T E and totally flipping out

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug panicking when she realizes Chat Noir isn’t turning up to help her

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Ladybug tearing through the streets of Paris looking for Chat Noir and eventually realizing he’s not there

Whatever you do, don’t imagine the big reveal happening when Ladybug realizes that the reason Chat Noir isn’t showing up is because he’s been akumatized


(But go ahead and imagine akumatized!Plagg because that would be so freaking adorable.)

The second printing of “A Tale of Two Rulers: Volume 1″ has just sold out from my etsy shop!

  • -I will order more  in about two weeks, (but the printer took months to finish my order last time, so it may be a while. )
  • -Please let me know if you’re interested in one so I have an idea of about how many more to order!
  • -All the books that have already sold will be shipped out by Thursday at the latest.

Thank you all so much for supporting my work! TwT


DAI Locations - The Black Emporium

It is a myth, of course, nothing more.

Tales of a mysterious underground shop run by an immortal—perhaps undead—proprietor who peddles impossible and implausible goods have circulated for decades among the templars. Now and then, a zealous or curious knight will go looking for the place to no avail. Stories place the Black Emporium in Kirkwall’s Darktown, the sewers of Val Royeaux, in the back of an empty boathouse in Llomerryn, at the top of a tower in Marnas Pell, and hidden beneath the skirts of the giant statue of Andraste at the Merdaine.

No reputable source has ever found it and none ever will, because it does not exist.

You will, of course, hear the standard justifications: it appears only to the worthy, it appears only to the invited, it is hidden by blood magic, it exists only in the Fade. Rubbish. There is no magic that can hide an entire shop full of trinkets from the eyes of a Seeker of Truth. And I am not just saying that because I searched for six months and didn’t find it; shut up, Tristan.

—From a letter by Seeker Benedict to Divine Justinia V.