So I’ve finally started making gifs from some of the character animation I did for Psyop’s Dishonored: Tales from Dunwall animations! I wanted to isolate a few of my favorite sequences from the rest of the backgrounds/effects to show what they look like on their own. 

This is a little zoomed-in segment of one of my favorites. It’s from the Episode 3 dream sequence. Poor lil Piero gettin’ tumbled around. So much fun!!



In the Mind of Madness, Bethesda’s third and final episode in their Tales from Dunwall web series, introduces the character Piero.

Piero is a key figure in the city of Dunwall and while his role is unclear, he is an important part of Corvo’s story; he is the maker of the mask that Corvo wears.

With the Empress dead, plague spreading, and Dunwall crumbling, Piero began having visions of children succumbing to the plague.

Driven by the children’s sorrow, Piero crafted his greatest creation: a mask to protect the wearer from the plague. Eventually this mask would be given to the Outsider and in turn, to Corvo.

If this three part series is any indication, the final game is going to be masterful. This final episode was full of so many allegorical images, like the children in body bags as pawns, that I literally have goosebumps from excitement.

Dishonored will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 9 (US) and 12 (EU). Pre-order on Amazon and receive the Backstreet Butcher Pack.

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