So I’ve finally started making gifs from some of the character animation I did for Psyop’s Dishonored: Tales from Dunwall animations! I wanted to isolate a few of my favorite sequences from the rest of the backgrounds/effects to show what they look like on their own. 

This is a little zoomed-in segment of one of my favorites. It’s from the Episode 3 dream sequence. Poor lil Piero gettin’ tumbled around. So much fun!!


HEY Y'ALL GUESS WHAT!! The Dishonored animations I worked on at Psyop in NYC this summer have finally been released by Bethesda– So I can finally post them here!

This is Chapter 3 in the series. I’m posting this one first because it’s the one I was involved in most heavily, animation-wise. I did a ton of the character animation, including most of the dream sequence towards the end when the guy flies around and stuff. It was such an awesome project to work on!!

Chapters 1&2 are also available on Youtube, and I can also post them later. So yeah!! Super stoked about this because it’s my first professional animation work!


 In case someone hasn´t seen these beautifully animated Tales from Dunwall

Pity that there isnt something like this for Dishonored 2

Dishonored reference dump #4

More recent tweets, from August 11 and 12*. Part #1#2#3, #5#6

Admiral Havelock: ‘one of the [dev] notes hints at a domineering father (also in the navy) and an 'artistic’ brother seen as weak’ most other detail can be found reference in-game.

The YOU CANNOT SAVE HER letter: not written by anyone, 'part of the Void is that it draws from your mind and that influences the environment’

Delilah and Jessamine’s falling out: 'i think that’s documented better somewhere, but they got caught doing something as children. jessamine was shielded, delilah was blamed, whipped, her mother sacked…their lives tumbled’. Occurred long before Delilah was taught by Sokolov. tumblr post here.

The boy from Tales From Dunwall was marked because he had the potential to be pivotal to history, 'or in a position to affect many people or major events’, related to events in the short.

Jessamine and Corvo’s relationship kept hidden because of 'decorum, non-aristocrat, pregnancy out of marriage, etc’ Commonly assumed that he is the father of Emily.

£ sign found in game unintentional, not used for Dunwall currency. 'different coins from the different Isles, plus coins only traded by certain factions; changing across eras’. Faction-specific currency secretive and informal.

*for me. for the rest of you, they’re tweets from the fuuutuuure.