Imagine Lexa taking her promise never to betray Clarke again seriously for the rest of their lives, even in the little things that probably don’t matter, because she’ll always remember the last time it happened and the haunting look in Clarke’s eyes as she held the blade to Lexa’s throat, ready to get revenge for her betrayal.

Fifteen years pass, the Ice Nation rebellion is nothing but a distant memory, and the Commander of the Thirteen Clans and the legendary Wanheda are living a happy life in Polis with their son. He’s seven years old and he’s heard all the tales from times past; twelve clans uniting, people falling from the sky, civil war. He knows that his mothers hold a lot of power, that there are many people who have tried to kill them and that without them, the world that he knows would be in complete disarray, that many of his close friends would never have been born because their parents never would have made it through the war. But to him, they are just Mom and Nomon, and he loves them more than anything else in the world.

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I Get Tired of This Phenomenon

Trans women: produce work explicitly for/by trans women

Cis women: produce work to “showcases the diversity of the trans community” containing 10 FTM/DFAB people of various stripe & 1 high-femme trans woman


Tucked between the Native American and Antebellum South collections in the Tennessee State Museum is a section dedicated The Frontier. Ah, The Frontier, an era that as far as I can tell existed as one of the few moments in white human history where the main undertaking was simply “not dying”. It’s a sentiment echoed by the legion of folk remedies and “old wives’ tales” born out of this time. There’s even an homage to these remedies on a wall in The Frontier exhibit with tinctures, questionable pliers and knives, and enlarged excerpts from the medical books and journals encased in glass.

How To Cure Your Consumption By Laying In A Ditch and Other Witch Home Remedies


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Mr. Perfect

Tale as old as time this argument has most likely been the biggest argument I have heard, “Riley only loves the concept of Lucas.” 

The writers brought in a new love interest for Riley, did they not? They literally brought in Mr. Perfect. Charlie was Riley’s ideal guy. He said all the right things and did all the right things to sweep her off her feet. But even after the big ask in Semi Formal her face said it all as she realized it wasn’t Lucas. She turned him down, well made up an excuse to why she couldn’t go. At the NY party Charlie knew everything about her but she never smiled until Lucas intervened. On the rooftop Riley said “everything you said makes sense Charlie.” “Is that enough?” “No, you said it. In order to have a good relationship you need more.” A good relationship consists of head and heart. Charlie made sense because as stated before he’s her ideal guy but you also need heart. And Riley already gave her heart away. If Riley was in love with a concept, if she was just swept away by everything Lucas stood for and not Lucas, then it wouldn’t matter that Charlie was the one asking. She would have said yes. But no it did matter because Riley has genuine feelings for Lucas. At the end of the day none of the grand gestures or the fact he knew so much about her matter because the simple fact is that Charlie is not Lucas. 

Yes, I get it, a lot of people believe they don’t have a strong connection or friendship. They broke up not because they didn’t like each other but because they wanted to save their friendship and work on making it stronger. They also had an unofficial relationship. Are they forgetting the library episode in which they connected, on a heart and soul level? This was the start of their friendship which has since grown into something deeper. Since then they have stated repeatedly said that they love talking to each other, They love each other’s stories. Lucas is one of Riley’s people to talk to. They have had major off screen development. The bucket of shoes. The fact Lucas just comes in through Riley’s window. The fact that Lucas knows the little things about Riley,“You mean popcorn and chocolate” “and she doesn’t even know she did” Lucas“what’s her favorite snack?” Charlie”gummies” Lucas”yeah but what-” Charlie”red” Lucas”yeah but what does she-” Charlie”she bites their heads off so they’ll feel less pain…” So we can infer they have been on movie dates. Then the fact that Riley knew he loves Cuddles Bunnies and watches it everyday. Not to mention that they were alone together in the Haunted House. Just because we haven’t seen it does not mean it didn’t happen.  

The point is the image of Mr. Perfect was shattered in Secret of Life. For everyone who says, Riley will figure out they aren’t right for each other, contrary to your perception of the characters that couldn’t be further from the truth. Riley discovered through her brief relationship with Charlie it doesn’t matter if he says and does all the right things, if he is this perfect prince charming Riley has always imagined, because if he’s not Lucas then it doesn’t matter. That is what Riley learned from being with Charlie. It only reaffirmed the feelings she has for Lucas.

Riley had Mr. Perfect. She could have chosen to be with him. If she was so in love with the concept and not the person, it wouldn’t matter who the person was. She would have gone with Charlie at the drop of the hat because he’s everything she always wanted. But as stated earlier none of that matters because, at the end of the day, all that matters is the person she is with and that person is Lucas.