Bad Romance Good Friends

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I feel like this would take place after Frozor, these two kids just need a break.

Not for the first time in his superhero career Chat Noir found himself jumping onto Marinette Dupen Cheng’s balcony. The blue haired girl leaned over the railing and gave a tired smile to the cat.

“Hey Chat,” she greeted him, neither of their smiles reached their eyes. “What brings you here tonight?”

Chat shrugged, “Nothing, I was in the neighborhood and the streets have been quiet…” he answered sitting on the railing next to her. She nodded, letting silence fall.

“Everything alright?” she asked, feeling the need to address the emotion radiating about him, he shook his head.

“No…There’s-Some stuff is going on-Remember when I told you I was in love with ladybug?”

Marinette laughed awkwardly, “Yeah…”

“Well-I think I still am-I still am. There’s just…someone else to and I don’t know what to do,” he explained.

“Oh…I get that…I’m kinda-I’m in the same situation…” she trailed off as she ran her hands through her hair. Chat Noir looked at her surprised.

“I guess Cupid hasn’t been kind to either of us.” he chuckled fidgeting with the bell on his suit.

“You could say that,” Marinette agreed, but she shook her head violently. “You know what, come inside; play video games, I’ll get food, we’re not gonna sit around feeling sorry for ourselves!”

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Miraculous Ladybug fanbase, I am more disappointed in you for your treatment of Kagami more than I am with the the youtubers that couldn’t get the full episode uploaded for the past 4 days despite having all the clips ready (still not fixed btw).

I really find it interesting that Kagami has now become the punching bag of the Fandom that people prefer pre-developed Chloé and her PARENTS over her. Think about that for a second.

Second, weren’t Marinette and Kagami supposed to be semi-friends yet. She’s an ice queen tsundere if you wanna go cliche but she’s a lot more open that the trope, especially in this episode.

Third, Kagami had a good point to Adrien, “change targets”. Sometimes in life things don’t always work out: you might not end up in a relationship you want, your major goals are at an end, and you don’t know what to do. Kagami’s right, if you’re stuck in a dead zone, try changing lanes. Even if you’re upset by the romantic implications, she had his best intentions at heart.

Fourth, “I never hesitate”. Now here’s the point where I saw all the backlash. Now before someone types that I’m an idiot, hear me out for a minute. Take off the shipping goggles and ask yourself this question: what is Marinette’s biggest personality flaw? Answers will include shyness, naivety, clumsiness, forgetfulness, having too much on her plate, and second guessing herself. That last part is what applies here the most. She was so focused on deciding between Luka and Adrien that she didn’t bother to confess her outright feelings to one, lost focus and crashed into the rink, and the fact that Kagami went to help her up says leagues. The hatred from this scene would really be worse had Kagami didn’t even bother to help her up and then that’d be cause for concern. But she did, and told Marinette what she needed to hear. Marinette needs to stop hesitating and just confess her feelings to Adrien. Kagami could do it, and so can she. Even Luka caught on to that message towards the end (I love Luka, he’s so cool).

Five, she acts like a hyper competent girlfriend. Endgoal will always be MariAdri but for now, at least she genuinely cares about him.

Sixth, anyone caught onto her perception skills because damn are they good: realizing immediately something was up with Adrien, doesn’t even know Adrien likes Ladybug but unknowingly likes Marinette and caught on while they were skating, noticed Marinette’s hesitations, and admits she’ll be there for him even if he faults up. Girl’s smart.

Seven, if you’re really mad at Kagami to the point you blame her for the akumatization of Frozer: nada, that’s everyone’s fault.

Eight, someone on tv tropes pointed out a flaw in the show where after being akumatized, by coincidence or the protagonist’s nature, they give the victim what they want whether or not they deserved it. Usually I prefer happy endings for everyone but it helps that Kagami and by extension the writers to be aware of that flaw.

And finally, come on guys, Kagami isn’t a terrible character so don’t go for blood until she does something truly messed up.

oh my god

Imagine when the time comes that Adrien and Marinette must give up their kwamis and almost everyone is crying, but Tikki has kept her calm because she needs to talk to Adrien and she takes him aside and sits in his hand. Holding back tears, she sniffles, “Adrien. Take care of her.” And all he can say is, “I promise.”


Then they glance over as Tikki starts crying to see Plagg hugging Marinette’s tear stained cheeks.

The Reveal

Okay… do you guys think the reveal will happen in season 2???? We have two last two episodes left. If it does or does not happen in season two: What are you thoughts of how the reveal will happen?????

I think we as a community are overlooking one very important detail from this scene.

Now, this can be a bit difficult to see because it’s a small detail so for further emphasis I’m gonna zoom in a bit