Kotobukiya has just released images of some of their Tales of Festival 2015 goods! These will be for sale after the event on Kotobukiya Direct and in the Tales of Shops.

  • Tales of Friends Rubber Strap Set Vol. 3
  • Tales of Friends Reflector Wrist Bands
  • Tales of Friends Clear File Set M / N
  • Tales of Friends Can Badge Collection Vol. 5

Hey, it’s easier than lying all the time. Look, I’m not trying to be a hardass. Trust me or don’t trust me. Just let me help. ❞

Happy Birthday, you secondary piece of trash. (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

tales of xillia characters out of context
  • a 15 y/o med student who is pals with a god who isn’t actually a god except when she is
  • a 20 y/o chef/babysitter who regularly destroys the entire world
  • a 16 y/o girl who hangs out and is texting buddies with a greasy 27 y/o who shot her once while trying to murder her best friend
  • a socially isolated 12 y/o whose only friend is that voice in her head that won’t shut up about tits
  • I’m not a king who’s a king you’re a king
  • a 32 y/o guy doesn’t know how to use a phone so he has his 63 y/o butler/military strategist/prime minister do it for him
  • a 21 y/o who worries heavily about her soup-making skills