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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Nobody, Judith comes and goes as she pleases, with Ba’ul as her constant companion and Brave Vesperia as her comrades

friendship them with:  Ba’ul, and the party

general opinions:

Ah yes, Judith, the Ms. Fanservice of Vesperia, and she knows it.  Gotta admit, I love the introduction we get to her at Ghasfarost - it’s such a great 5 minute introduction to her character as she catches on to Yuri’s idea and goes along with it.  I especially love how we get the guard’s POV for that shot with Yuri and Judith punching the poor guy in unison, lol.  I love the banter-y bash siblings-y friendship she has going with Yuri, and I remember her very specifically showing off her assets in her introductory skit.

She’s kind of an interesting character for me, because here she is, a character who has a very clear conflict with another party member (Rita), but while they both want to solve the same problem, they don’t approach it the same way.  And it’s not like they haven’t exchanged blows before, as Rita has tossed a few Fireballs her way while Judith was just known as the masked rider on the dragon mount.  I think one of the things that speaks the loudest about how their relationship has grown over the course of the game is that they talk to each other during the last night in town cut scene for Vesperia.

I also like how she doesn’t hesitate to call out Estelle when Estelle clearly hasn’t found a direction for what to do with herself and the Brave Vesperia in the middle of the game.  Judith’s not exactly antagonistic about it, but she does do it in a way that encourages Estelle to think and prioritize and figure out just what she wants to do with her life, which is a major part of Estelle’s own story arc.  In some ways, while Yuri is the one that gets her out of the castle and into the world, and Rita is the one who helps ensure Estelle has a place in this new world they are building, Judith’s the one who really helps Estelle come into her own and figure out herself.

But hey, let’s not skip the elephant in the room here - believe it or not, after everything I’ve actually said about Velvet’s default costume and how much I didn’t like it, I actually like Judith’s, impractical chainmail bikini (or maybe it’s just really stiff cloth?  It’s hard to say when it comes to Tales, lol) and all.  What makes the costume really work for me, though, is that Judith knows it’s a sexy outfit, she pulls it off with attitude and confidence to spare, and she’s not above using that to get the job done.

Speaking of her attitude, I really like that she’s a grown ass woman traveling the world on her own, with the confidence to match.  She’s confident, she knows what she likes, she knows how to deal with admirers (*cough*Raven*cough*) and she’s damn good with those pole arms.  She’s nobody’s love interest, she doesn’t have a husband/boyfriend waiting for her, she doesn’t fall in love with any of the party members … and not once does the story treat her as lesser for it.  And that’s probably the one of the big things I love about Vesperia overall.


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the super wonderful @saroku commissioned a cute lil ristelle for the equally lovely @venaforte !!! and it was such a pleasure to draw, thank u for commissioning me the quality femslash………………….

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