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The Patron of the Arts: Meloetta

In Ancient Unovan folklore, Meloetta is one of the most frequently recurring characters…some of the stories of this Pokemon predate the stories of the Original Dragon. Known as the eternal performer, people worshipped this Pokemon and credit it for creating Unovan traditional songs and dances.

Unlike other Unovan legendaries, Meloetta is not associated with any of the Unovan Houses, largely because it was commonly considered to be a kindred spirit of the common folk. Indeed, many of the oldest Unovan songs were meant to be sung to lift the spirits of people who were either working or traveling on the road.

While the “Aria form” of Meloetta is the most common depiction of the Pokemon, certain parts of Unova show its “Pirouette form” instead. Regardless of what Meloetta form, all of them claim this Pokemon to have the most beautiful voice in the world.

There is one folk tale I have made up for this Pokemon, which is under the cut.

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