tales of the ink

Who told you only the soft could be good mothers? That mothers could not be dragons in disguise? That women who teach their daughters how to preserve themselves by breathing out lightning were any less than wild, magical things when teaching their young about war and love’s terrible lies?
—  Nikita Gill, Mother Maleficent

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by the way Geno looks like is gonna die hhhhhhhhhhh

sans by Toby Fox

swap!sans by @popcornpr1nce

swapfell! by @Kkhoppang

outer!sans by @2mi127

horror!sans by @sour-apple-studios

geno!sans by @loverofpiggies

fell!sans by @underfell(???)

fellswap! sans by @blackggggum (是你吗大大::>_<::>

dust!sans by @ask-dusttale (???)

ink!sans by @comyet

all the follow sans’es human version by me.


Undertale Au Motivation


Starting off with a big one all the main Sans I Voice all in audio here to life your spirits up!

Featuring! (in Order of Appearance)

Ink Sans by @comyet

Blueberry by  Popcornpr1nce

Fell Sans (Au Comunity)

Gaster Sans by @borurou 

Reaper Sans by @renrink

Cross Sans by @jakei95

Error Sans by @loverofpiggies


Sans by Toby Fox

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Närcon was so much fun. A week ago I attended a convention in Sweden. It’s mostly an outdoor convention and it’s so dang fun XD We met so many new friends and had a BLAST!!! I will credit as many as I can think of. But the “second Swap!Papyrus” I don’t know who it was, so friends… fill me in!


@dreamieh​  as Error!Sans (Character by @loverofpiggies​ )

@zerelixon​  as Ink!Sans (Character by @comyet​ )

@dyingstararch​  as Underswap!Papyrus 1 (Character by @popcornpr1nce )

@missladytale​  as Underswap!Sans (Character by @popcornpr1nce )

Emmi-Lee as Dream!Sans 1 (Character by @jokublog​ )

@nuggetdotgoldien​ as Dream!Sans 2 and (Characters by @jokublog​ )







‘He loved you.’

She nodded, “Yes, he did. But, he didn’t love himself. He saw himself as a bad guy, a guy who destroyed the good and ruined everything in his path. So, he forced himself to do just that. To ruin us, destroy what we had.’

‘Would you go back?’

'Yes.’ Because as sick as it was, even if he chose to break her again, she would do anything to have him one more time.