tales of the gay

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You're post reminded me of a New Kids on the Block interview where they were talking about back in the day and the interviewer said something like, "Did you have girlfriends back then?" and one of them said, "Hell no. Why would we want a girlfriend when we could have had any girl we wanted? I mean we might have dated a couple of people for short periods but it wasn't public knowledge. The only one of us to have a known girlfriend was Jon, but he's gay so..."

Ahaha, tale as old as time - make sure the gay one has a girlfriend.


Magilou’s prolly the sorta gal who likes grabbing Velvet by the bootycheeks to pull her in for a hug. She likes koala huggin’ but hasn’t gotten over the fact Velvet can cradle her scrawny butt in the palms of her hands with ease.

Also lemme pretend Velvet would like tugging on Magilou’s ears whenever she’s being a little shit okay bye these two took over my life and ruined it


“i knew you’d come.” / “well, you’re helpless without me.”


I love that everyone in Elysia is pretty much a big supportive family that knew that one day Mikleo and Sorey would decide to go on an adventure together and everything was just so natural that they didn’t even care, like:

Yeah, we all knew the two lovebirds would decide to just run away together into the sunset one day, you big nerds. Try not to get too distracted making out in the ruins.” 


did anyone say more skating crossovers?

well who cares, here’s more —couple pose edition, and a few ships i care about.
also i rewatched hamatora with the ermin recently (just finished the last episode yesterday) so i’m overflowing with angsty niceart feels. send hugs?


my aesthetic: the faces rhys makes when he’s hugging vaughn