tales of the cryptkeeper

Person A is some kind of monster hunter.

One day A stumbles upon a town full of supernatural beings (werewolves, vampires, what have you[could be multiple kinds,even]).

A sets himself to free the town, but the locals seem to not even realize the goings-on there. They keep on acting like everything’s fine and dandy, no matter how much evidence of the opposite A provides them with, which causes A to grow increasingly frustrated.

What A doesn’t realize:

The townsfolk are well aware of their supernatural fellow citizens, but are actually trying to protect them for some reason (maybe they live in a symbiotic relationship).

Possible plots:

-A ends up falling in love with one of the locals (normal or supernatural)

-Townsfolk try to convince A to stop snooping around and leave. When A doesn’t listen, they end up being turned into a supernatural themselves. (<-This plot was inspired by an episode of ‘Tales from the Cryptkeeper’, which I think is great for AU ideas; I may submit some more things based on it.)

This blog is really awesome and one of the reasons I signed up to tumblr. Also, this is my first submission ever, I hope it’s okay.