tales of suspense 63

Just to put this out there for other Cap fans, this week (8/16/2017) Marvel is re-releasing the first ever Captain America comic and the Cap story from Tales of Suspense #63 in honor of what would have been Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday this year…

As we all know Jack Kirby, aka the King of Comics, was Cap’s co-creator and also a real-life Captain America who fought in WW2 in the Army in Company F of the 11th Infantry Regiment and served as a scout, it was while scouting that he found and helped to liberate a concentration camp. During his service he, unfortunately, came down with severe frostbite and almost lost both legs. Afterwards he was honorably discharged as a Private First Class and was awarded a Combat Infantryman Badge and a Bronze Star Medal.

The price of this comic honoring Kirby and one of his greatest creations is $1.00 for anyone interested in acquiring it.

GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend: Meta

In the wake of the #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend tag, I’m pretty cheesed, as a fan of both Captain America the character and the Captain America fandom writ large. I would love to tell you precisely why I am so annoyed.

Unlike many other comic book characters with sidekicks, Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Bucky Barnes (Bucky) were introduced at precisely the same time, and, putting aside retroactive continuity (here after: retcon), there has never been a moment in Steve Rogers’ canon when Bucky Barnes was not the most important person in his life.

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chromatographic  asked:

"Because of this, and to keep his identity secret, Iron Man told Pepper and Happy that Tony had gone on a long trip, he didn’t know where. They immediately believed Iron Man had offed their boss and called the cops on him. It was pretty epic" Sam. Sam. SAM. TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS. PLEASE. TELL US. I NEED TO KNOW. BECAUSE THAT INDEED SOUNDS EPIC. (Tony why didn't you just CALL them on the phone like a semi normal person?)

I was actually mixing this issue up with a slightly earlier one (the lab coat image is from 1965, the murder accusations were 1964) but it was canon at the time that Tony always wore a full breastplate because of his bum heart.

Essentially, for the “Iron Man killed Tony Stark” plot, Tony got into a fight with a supervillain that damaged his heart further. He believes that if he removes the armor he may die, and he’s not willing to risk it. 

So, Tony’s been “absent” for about two days and Pepper and Happy are freaking out, and they are super-pissed at Iron Man because he’s very casual about the whole thing considering he’s Tony’s bodyguard. He says he doesn’t know where Tony went, just that Tony said he’d be gone a while. Pepper and Happy are suspicious, especially since Happy has never really liked Iron Man and thinks his “secret identity” bullshit is kind of sketchy. 

Tony decides to write them a note in his own handwriting to reassure them. He writes the note, then goes to get some cash from his safe, and that’s when Pepper and Happy AND THE COPS show up. They think he’s robbing Tony’s safe, but he’s like NO LOOK I FOUND A LETTER FROM TONY STARK AND IT SAYS NOT TO WORRY ABOUT HIM.

Which the cops think is great, until they dust it for prints and, because Tony was wearing the Iron Man gloves, of course there are none. 

Iron Man makes a break for it, now under suspicion of murder, but returns a little later to prevent Hawkeye (who is under Natasha’s sway and thus a semi-supervillain at this point) from robbing his warehouse and doing Pepper harm. The issue ends with Tony still on the lam for his own murder, but Pepper more willing to trust Iron Man now. 

Anyway, Iron Man fucks off to fight the Mandarin for a couple of issues, while Pepper and Happy believe Tony has actually been killed (it’s complicated). Tony eventually manages to a) defeat the Mandarin and b) build a transistor with “triple the power!” to implant in his chestplate, meaning he can take his armor off.

Finally, since he was probably getting pretty ripe in there.

And then he saunters the fuck into his office like no big deal and announces to Pepper that he was in Boston, getting engaged to some random debutante who lives there. Because Tony Stark! *jazz hands*

This can all be found in Tales Of Suspense #s 60-63, 1964. Fair warning, much of the suspected-murder plot sidetracks for Tony’s big battle with the Mandarin, and this being comics in the sixties it’s super duper racist, so you’re probably better off just reading the summaries on the Marvel Wiki. 

But yeah. Tony Stark: needlessly complicating his life since before he had his own comic book title.