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Tales of Asteria - Recollections of Eden PV2 [Eng Sub]

Translator: Kotowari
QC/Subber: DimensionSlip


Extra Missions for 5☆ Characters
Duration: 3/24 (Fri) 5:00~

Extra Missions will be added that can be cleared for various rewards, such as gald and exp books, with a final reward of a 5☆ character of your choice. Each mission is cleared by clearing all Daily Missions.

The rewards for each Extra Mission are:
1 Time  = 30,000 gald
2 Times = 40 4☆ exp books
3 Times = 50,000 gald
4 Times = 20 3☆ arte exp books
5 Times = 100,000 gald
6 Times = 3☆ limit break gem
7 Times = choice of 5☆

※ As of right now, you can only choose one character to summon. Additional missions/characters may be added in the future.

For new players and players returning after a long period of inactivity, all quests will cost ½ AP for 14 days.

Character details under the cut.

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Summer Festival ヾ(^∀^)ノ

mightykombat  asked:

Here's an aside for you: I bet Lloyd and Kyle have the funniest "MY DAD COULD BEAT UP YOUR DAD" arguments

This was a cute prompt so I drew something for it.


Duration: 3/14 (Mon) 16:00 - 3/30 (Wed) 15:59

To help with the co-op battle event, an all water special gacha will be opened for a certain amount of time. There is a chance to get 5☆ Mikleo, 5☆ Kanonno Grassvalley, 5☆ Ludger, 5☆ Veigue, 5☆ Kanonno Earhart, 5☆ Ange, 5☆ Sophie,  5☆ Colette, and other 4☆ water-type characters from this special gacha.

※ The first spin for the event period will also only cost 3 Asteria Stones instead of 5. It is also separate from the normal LE special gacha.

Here’s my very last Tales AMV. I’ve picked in various openings, and the song is the opening theme from a game who have one of the best OST: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. (Game Cube)
That song name is Kazenone, interpreted by Yae.

I hope anyone could enjoy this AMV even if he’s not perfect. ^^


Café Costume Special Gacha
Duration: 5/31 (Tue) 22:00 ~ 6/17 (Fri) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ “Awakening” enabled Kanonno (Café Costume), Ludger (Café Costume), and Colette (Café Costume) from the special gacha, as well as 5☆ Jade (Café Costume), and 4☆ Rowen (Café Costume).

(More on Awakening here)

Character artes and skills details under the cut.

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Just to be consistent, transparent images of the main characters used in Tales of Asteria’s second chapter website.


Tales of Kizna『テイルズ オブ キズナ』( I◡I )

Characters:Pasca Kanonno(TOW),Kanonno Earhart(TOW2),Kanonno Grassvalley(TOW3),[(TOS)Lloyd Irving,Colette Brunel,Zelos Wilder],[(TOA)Luke fon Fabre,Guy Cecil,Tear Grants],[(TOV)Yuri Lowell,Flynn Scifo,Estellise Sidos Heurassein],[(TOG)Asbel Lhant,Sophie,Cheria Barnes].

“Last Memories cards”