tales of la


I’m tryna find a way back home
If it takes until I’m skin and bones
I’ll find a way to fix these broken pieces
And let go.

Cerca di amarti al
punto tale da regalare
la tua felicità a
chiunque incontri sulla
tua strada e al punto tale
da chiudere la porta in
faccia a chiunque provi
a togliertela senza motivo.
—  Massimo Bisotti

I went to see Beauty and the Beast and I enjoyed it a lot. I especially enjoyed this version of the Beast like 100x more than I was expecting. He has a very handsome face and voice and personality, which didn’t really come through in the 1 trailer I watched.

I was charmed that the person who wrote the movie seemed to really know their shit about different versions of the story - there were several nice references/homages to Robin McKinley’s versions, in addition to the refs to the Alan Menken/Disney animated movie. I feel like there was a certain feeling like Howl’s Moving Castle as well at one point - I think it might have been the teleporting magic.

I might go see it again and write a big post about it more detailed.

I need an Identity Reveal that goes like this
  • <p> <b></b> *chat and ladybug discover each others identity*<p/><b></b> *adrien discovers marinette has a crush on him*<p/><b>Adrien:</b> FUCK<p/><b>Marinette:</b> Is something wr-<p/><b>Adrien :</b> IVE BEEN COCKBLOCKING MYSELF<p/></p>