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  Frans week - Day 6 - Winter   

@fransweek                                                                                                                                                                                           ok real talk? this is my favorite. Echotale is my favorite AU and I cant even start saying how it gave me such spirit and determination to believe in the power of a good story vibe and amazing characters that take a tale into a new and interesting adventure, and that’s why Echotale got 2 fanarts from my Frans week series , I have a lot to say about it but ill stop on the note the we had a rainy days in the last few days and feels so right <3
thank you @yoralim for being amzing

Edit - doin color fixing and more for my favorite drawings~ so yay~ right colors!

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Cars 2 - Tall Tales CLOWN PITTIES Deleted Scene

It’s… interesting

was rewatching some Zestiria skits and came across the one where the guys were discussing weaponry, e.g. size versus technique, having two weapons for specific functions versus one that combines both, etc. etc.

and then, we have Sorey….


theblackabyssofme  asked:

This is probably a really pointless question that has been asked before (so feel free not to answer lol), but what anime (animes?) would you recommend and why?

!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, that is NOT a pointless question! Friend! FRIEND!!! I have been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me for anime recommendations!!

Like, 90% of the reason why I even have this blog is because I watch So. Much. Anime. And I kept wanting to talk about it with people, but there was no one I could talk to about my deep love of anime, and how much I wanted to recommend them things, but no one cared about my anime recommendations, so it was like, “oh, ok, fine, I’ll just go obsess quietly in this corner of the internet for a while…”

So, THANK YOU. Gosh, I will try and contain myself but I was really so excited to be asked. (You are probably already regretting asking the question. Sorry.)

But I watch so much anime that I literally have recommendations in any genre. You want to watch something that will break your heart? Got one for that. You want something that’s just funny and dumb? Got that too. Mecha? Historical fantasy? Shoujo? Shounen? I have them all!!

I’m going to try and limit my recommendations to my top four. And I’m going to offer up a wide range, just for fun. I’m also staying away from sports anime, because at this point, I just assume it’s a given that I recommend all the Sports Anime Ever. (I apologize ahead of time for the length of this post).

The most important thing to me with anime I watch is the story; as a big reader in all genres, it is not often I am surprised by where a story is going, and one of the reasons why I love anime so much is because their stories do surprise me, all the time. All the anime I recommend here have incredible stories and amazing characters. So here are the top four anime I recommend, based on my deep love for them, how much I wish they had a bigger fandom, and also how often I rewatch them:

1) Tiger and Bunny.

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If you like: One Punch Man and My Hero Academia, you should really watch Tiger and Bunny. I was so excited to see it on my dash.

Why: It had a new take on the Super Hero trope that I hadn’t seen before. It also has an amazing cast of well-developed, interesting characters. And it has one of the most inclusive casts I have ever seen in any show: kickass ladies, kickass people of color, kickass canonically gay characters—and all of them were well-developed, complex people. The story itself had a lot of interesting twists and has a really refreshing look into the Revenge Motive. The villains are all kind of fascinating too. Plus, Kotetsu and Barnaby are married af, and that’s always nice.

(Also, I just watched the Movie for the first time last night and I’m still sobbing. I have never seen such a respectful focus on a genderqueer character in a movie/show where being genderqueer was not the focus of the movie/show.)

2) Princess Tutu

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If you like: Fairy tales, or you’re interested in story-telling, you really have to watch this anime.

Why: I periodically rewatch this anime because I just love it. So. Much. It really is like watching a new fairy tale. It’s also an amazing metafictional look into what it means to tell a story, and what it would be like to rebel against the story and the role that is written for you. And it’s probably the only anime I’ve ever watched where the ships I shipped in the beginning are definitely not the same ships I shipped at the end. Also, you should watch this AMV, if you’re not convinced.

3) Erased

Originally posted by kidomarus

If you like: Time travel, or complex psychological dramas, this anime is for you.

Why: Yes, I am slightly biased, because I just wrote a fanfic about this show, but I really do think it’s amazing. I think in so many stories we are used to hearing, the story is about how things started out Right and then they all went Wrong. And this anime is the story about how things were Wrong, and one man does everything he can to make them Right again. And I really like that.

4) Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by goku-z

I saved this one for last because it’s going to be long. Largely because I just re-watched it and I have ALL THE FEELS. And I’ve been wanting to talk about it.

If you like: Pure, fluffy, romance. This is the anime for you.

Why: This is the story of how Two Cinnamon Rolls Too Pure, Too Good For This World, fall in love with each other. And their salty asexual friend who will shank anyone who gets in the way of his cinnamon roll friends’ love.

So, OK. I have read a lot of romance, either in shoujo manga/anime or in YA lit, or chick lit, or just unrepentant romance novels. And my biggest, biggest problem with romance (especially in shoujo manga and YA) is the fact that I almost always hate the love interest hero. Because I just hate, hate the trope of “beautiful, mysterious man who is an asshole, but everyone falls in love with him anyway.” And I hate that these women keep falling in love with beautiful men who are assholes to them. And I also kinda hate how there’s never really a reason why the beautiful asshole likes this woman in particular? It’s always like, “Oh, this girl. She’s different than the rest.” Because of course everyone is in love with the beautiful asshole, but only the heroine Can Win His Heart.

Takeo completely subverts that trope. He is set up as a guy who is not good-looking, no girls ever fall in love with him, but he is just genuinely kind. He’s nice to everyone, he’s 1000% respectful towards women, and he’s always happy to help anyone in need.

Originally posted by hyouka

I also love Yamato, because you never wonder why he would fall in love with her in particular. She is pure sunshine, but at the same time, she is also very assertive, and that is *so* rare in romance stories. This girl sees her man, wants her man, and does everything she can to *get* her man. Like, damn, Yamato. Girl knows what she wants. And I just love how she is always the one to make the first move in their relationship. I also love the fact that she clearly has a libido and openly lusts after her boyfriend. It is amazing how often women aren’t allowed to feel sexual attraction in their own romance stories.

This show also challenges the idea that established relationships are boring. And the idea that a good romance story has to have a lot of drama before the couple can get together. These two refreshingly love each other, trust each other, trust other people, and communicate their concerns when they have them and it is just So. Nice. Not to have needless drama in a love story.

Originally posted by hyouka

Equally important, I love asexual best friend Suna. One of the things this anime does is that it emphasizes that Takeo’s friendship with Suna is as equally important to him as his relationship with Yamato. And I just wish that was emphasized more in romance? Because it really seems that in a lot of other romance stories, True Love is the most important thing, and everything and every one else can go to hell. But Suna’s platonic love for Takeo is as defining as Yamato’s love for Takeo, and Takeo’s love for both of them is the most important thing to him.

And I’m going to have to stop myself there, because I could seriously go on and on and on about how Ore Monogatari!! Is the best love story ever and I could keep going. (And I want to, I waaaant to) but this post is already long enough and I apologize to everyone on my dash.

Thank you again for asking! Please ask me for recommendations! I have so many!! Also, if you want to recommend me anything, please do so!!

green shoots on mountain tops

summary: we’re all born with it. for some, they consider it the thing society was built upon. it’s meaning can be manipulated, twisted, even ignored by some, but there’s no denying it’s existence. 
pairings: Chloe Bourgeoisie/Alya, mentions of Marinette/Adrien.
a/n: fuck off and let me have my gay. okay, with that out of the way, this is just a small rendition of the “soulmate tattoo” idea that’s cropped up in fanfictions and tumblr the past year or so, and I really wanted to give my hand at it. hope you all enjoy! (notes: I’m aware that their Academy doesn’t have dormitories, but for the sake of the story, this is slightly AU anyway, they do.) 

She is seven, and suddenly becoming very curious of the mark on her wrist.

Everyone has one, her mother says. It’s common for the human race. She says it’s a link to another soul that is destined to become her equal in every way. Her mother says, “we’re all born with it. for some, they consider it the thing society was built upon. It’s meaning can be manipulated, twisted, even ignored by some, but there’s no denying it’s existence.”

None of these words makes any sense to a small Alya, who’s more concerned with how boring her mark is. Her friend Marinette has a drawing of a ladybug forever flying–and Alya loves ladybugs. Alya’s mark is just a small plant blowing in the wind on the edge of a cliff. 

They say the marks stop moving when someone finds the matching mark. 

Alya becomes one of the children who forgets and moves on to other things, with little time for trivial things like love. 

She is twelve, and lucky to be alive.

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No Good Deeds is #1 at The Box Office!

UPDATED, SATURDAY, 7:33 AM: As Disney/Marvel celebrates Guardians Of The Galaxy‘s $300M domestic milestone this weekend, Screen Gems is getting a nice reward from newcomer No Good Deed. The $13.8M-budgeted film from director Sam Miller is expected to pull in anywhere from $24.5M-$25M for the three-day weekend, marking producer Will Packer’s third No. 1 opening film of the year, after the success of Ride Along which bowed in January and Think Like a Man, Too this summer. Screen Gems’ No Good Deed, which also was produced by Lee Clay, stars Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson. Elba, who has also been the lead in three No. 1 box office bows now, was in Screen Gems’ thriller Obsessed which opened to $28.6M in April 2009 and went onto gross $68.2M domestically. Henson, who was nominated for best supporting actress in Benjamin Button in 2009, is part of Packer’s Think Like A Man franchise. If this picture plays like Obsessed, it will be profitable for Sony. By the way, I saw Henson in Bernie Weinraub’s stage play Above the Fold and she gave a terrific performance.