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Here’s my very last Tales AMV. I’ve picked in various openings, and the song is the opening theme from a game who have one of the best OST: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. (Game Cube)
That song name is Kazenone, interpreted by Yae.

I hope anyone could enjoy this AMV even if he’s not perfect. ^^


ju-da-su answered your question: Milla is just perfect. What else can we say?

…Didn’t some of the other ones just went off the chart though too (as far as I’ve recalled)? ._.”

Yes, some other characters are “overpowered” in some stats, like Kongwai, Luke or Judith for instance. However, Milla is the first to reach the max in all the stats, even if those are a bit weird sometimes. Enjoy the special illustrations by the way! :)
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“It was fun, so it’s cool” - Mibo

First part of first day’s skit. I love how they all teased Osaka-kun’s casual looks (and it’s even more hilarious when it spiralled into “Let’s strip Osaka-kun and have him wear just Ryohei’s loose overcoat instead” in the talk corner) Proof that Edna isn’t the only one who enjoys poking fun of Mibo <3 <3 <3