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Don’t forget to do the event and get your Promise Ring!  Goes great with Shepherd of Six Stars Sorey!  XD  It’s actually a really nice piece of armor with a really useful passive on it, since the passive functions like an additional Link Finisher passive.  What this means is that even though it’s a piece of armor, it also has a really nice ATK stat and can buff your hero’s final ATK, so much so that you might want to consider using it in place of a second weapon if you’re like me and you don’t have a ton of UR (or better) weapons for your mystic arte finishers for your team.  Mind you, when you do this, you may actually get a listed attack total that is lower than a dual weapon set up, but that’s because you’re not getting the Link Finisher-style damage buff from the ring when you’re looking at it in the hero set up screen.

Full numbers behind the cut, I don’t actually want to scare people off with the numbers and equations, lol.

TL;DR/I don’t want to see the calculations:

  • For those of you using Shepherd of Six Stars Sorey, max limit broken with max herbs and a UR+ or better MA: If your second weapon has an attack value that is greater than 657 + 5% of your first weapon’s ATK, go dual weapons.  Otherwise, best weapon and the ring will actually net you higher attack for the mystic, which is important because that’s why you brought him along, right?  Or dual wield rings if you got one earlier.
  • For those of you using Armatus of Fire Sorey, max limit broken with max herbs and a UR+ or better MA: If your second equipment piece has an attack value that is greater than 717 + 5% of your first equipment piece’s ATK, use those.  Otherwise, highest ATK equipment item + ring will net you better results.

Keep in mind neither of the above takes elemental advantage for the weapons into account, so make sure you equip an appropriate element weapon for bosses with elemental weaknesses to get the most out of your mystic arte!

If you’re interested in just playing around with the numbers, here is a link to a spreadsheet for other MA finishers.  (Spreadsheet not mine.)

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